The Idolizers – ‘Riot Radio’ (Rum Bar Records) With a burst of energy this new choon released as part of the labels ‘New Believers in Rock n’ Roll’ Rum Bar campaign. The lead track from their album ‘Concretins’ which promises to be a must-have – full of bangers if this is anything to go by.  Just what you want to kickstart the recovery and soak up those rays of summer sunshine. Bright energetic and with a strong hook ‘Riot Radio’ leans on Da Brudas for the energy and the riff but there’s more to it than just tipping the hat to the Ramones.  It should be on the radio as you drive to the beach but you’ll have to do with buying it instead.

Buy Here


The Hip Priests – ‘No Stranger To Failure/ Sounds A Lot Like War’ (Ghost Highway Records) The purveyors of the beautiful noise are back and as things promise to revert to some sort of normality the universe is reset. A double A side single sees one side belt out ‘No Stranger’ it’s off like the ghost of Lemmy is amped up to eleven and the Gods of thunder give their instruments a right good seeing to. Of course, I love it and can’t wait to hear it live and shake the foundations of whatever venue will welcome them back.  I love Von Cruz vocals on this one. Flip it over for ‘Sounds A Lot Like War’ and the ante has just been raised, what a belter.

Every single released sounds like a battle cry and a reason to give a fuck about Rock and Roll again. My faith in noisy punk rock n roll is reaffirmed and it’s another reason to get excited.  Get hold of a copy as soon as it’s released or you might regret it.  pressed on coloured vinyl it’s the bands 30th single! and the artwork is by none other than Hard-ons very own Ray Ahn.  Facebook


The Manges feat. Giuda – ‘Tootsie Rolls’ (Ltd Col 7″) (Damaged Goods Records) Yeah it’s handclapping one finger piano riffing rock and roll.   The Manges play Ramones-style punk rock and they are still doing to be fair but it’s not all they do so having played with Giuda and hung out with them this seems like a no-brainer. A glam stomping  Hand clapping smiling rock n roll song. Massimo from the Manges had this to say –   “One of our favorite songs for our new album is called ‘Tootsie Rolls’, and it kinda stands aside from the rest of the album, being a more pure rock tune. On this one, our producers could totally work on their favorite arrangements and structure, to the point that we ended up having two versions: one, the album song, and two, a remixed version featuring members of Giuda, called ‘Tootsie Rolls – Part II’. What a treat!”  He’s not wrong!



Alvin Gibbs & The Disobedient Servants – ‘State Of Grace’ (T & M Recordings) A new single from Alvin and more evidence of his superb songwriting abilities as three brand-new songs on gold and blood-red splatter vinyl is released.  In a picture sleeve exclusively designed once again by Gaye Black (The Adverts), a four-page colour lyric insert but is limited to 500 copies only.  Joining Alvin once again is Subs drummer Jamie Oliver and Ruts DCs Leigh Heggarty.  The title track leans on Gibbs previous employment with Iggy and I could also see this nestled as one of the best track if it were a Cheap & Nasty song.  Cool verses and toe-tapping chorus its a top tune.

‘Too Bad She’s In Love’ has got some real grit going on as we steam towards the chorus.  Great chorus and one I want to play over and over a real earworm of a song.  I love the way Heggertys guitar wraps itself around Gibbs vocal as it heads to the chorus.  Closing off this most excellent single is ‘Brother, Sister’ a jarring jabber of a rhythm offering something different to the other two tunes proving once again that there is some fantastic music being created out there – Buy it!  Bandcamp


The Culture Industry – ‘141′ (Riot Records)  Punk as fuck! Coming over like if Nirvana were from Australia and drank too much beer instead of facing their sneakers. ‘DK Stance’ is another slice of fire that’s more spat out than gently poured into the speakers.  Love that bass punch they have going on it really suits the sound. ‘Middle Aged Kids’ now there a phrase I could level at so many people and there’s nothing wrong with that and once this tune gets going the lyrics might be a bit cliched but the music is excellent and its a good tune. Fuck em all indeed.  Swearing might not be big or clever but who cares?  I’m sure The Culture Industry don’t give a flying fig but they can certainly knock out a decent slice of punk that’s a given. Facebook





SMASHED GLADYS – ‘Go To Hell’  (Golden Robot Records) Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, SMASHED GLADYS formed in 1984 and then headed to New York City. The band was headed by vocalist Sally Cato and was snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam/hair metal scene.

Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and in memory of her, Golden Robot Records bring you new material which they were recording as demos for their 3rd album. This the  2nd single, “Go To Hell” will see the light of day on the 31st of May, giving fans further insight into the unreleased material.  Following on from the crunchy guitars of that second album this is more of the same and just a great hard rockin tune and Ms. Cato sure did have a great voice that really suited the music perfectly. Find Smashed Gladys – Facebook /Twitter  Pre-order/pre-save “Go To Hell” HERE




Roxy Girls – ‘Roxy Girls Are In The Drink’ (Moshi Moshi Records)   Like a throwback to a time when singles from alternative bands and post-punk bands could dent the charts the complicated-sounding rhythms of ‘Like A Bouy’ come across as something between an abrasive Smiths and XTC. A chaotic mix that punctures the air behind a melodic vocal with harmonies galore and then it’s done rather abruptly.  This Sunderland band know what they want and how to deliver it.  ‘Roxy Girls Are In The Drink’ is out 27th August – Pre-order HERE

Charlie Harper & The Sub Machine – ‘Panic’  (Time & Matter Records)  Double A-sided, yellow vinyl release, adorned with a picture sleeve designed by Charlie himself, the single also boasts a double-sided colour lyric insert, each copy is individually hand-numbered and the release is limited to 300 copies only so you’ll have to be quick on this one. ‘Panic’ begins with a piano intro but don’t let that fool you as the snare hits it takes off. Features Marlon Payne on Guitar & Piano, Victoria Smith on Bass & Marley Perez on Drums.  The tracks ebb and flow is excellent as the heaviness of the verses pounds it does drop with a marching rhythm and Harpers Reverb laden vocal its engaging and intense and rather bloody good. ‘Post War Punks’ is perhaps more Subs like with its solid riff and Harper’s delivery is on point even if it did make me hungry whilst listening to its sandwich order list. Hurry whilst it’s still available – Here



Randy Savages / Razor Kids – ‘Split EP’ (Different Class Records) Randy Savages serve up a stellar pair of tunes opening with ‘Seagulls’ in all its big, loud, triumphant riffing with a tidy hook on the chorus and a melody that makes this something of a power-pop banger to be fair but hold on, their second offering is the sprightly ‘Delinquents & Dropouts’ as it puts on its collective shit kickers and gives this tune a good old rinsing.  Excellent tune from a band I want to hear more from.

Flip it over and Razor Kids do their best to duff up those Savages as they pound out their pogo tastic Ramones like ‘Abusive’. These Portuguese punks make a pretty noise as they chew out the rhythm they soften the riff with some sugary sweet backing vocals that work really well. Their second offering of ‘Perfect HArmony’ much like Randy Savage’s pair is the strongest of their two offerings with its understated lofi number its one-note guitar solo is pure Thunders and I love that.  It wraps up a very impressive EP from two quality bands I need to hear more of.  Get it!  Buy Here



Johny Skull Knuckles – ‘Shang-A-Lang’ (self Release)  Free music anyone?  Hell yeah! get yourself some of this.  Skullknuckles doffs his hat to the sad passing of Les McKeown. Johny has always wanted to do a cover version of this track and now seemed like such a fitting time. Johny said “It has actually turned out a lot more poppy than I had envisaged so at some point I may record a “punkier” version but this will more than do for now. I hope you think I have done the song justice”. Absolutely he’s done it justice.  Get it Here





The Riot Vans – ‘Scary Faces’ (Disobedient Records) Post-punk noisemakers the Riot Van release their first single after the ink dries on their deal with Disobedient Records and its a cold angular stabbing slice of post-punk with its jerking and grinding verses but that makes way for the blast on the chorus that’s like a loud blast of heat.  I’d imagine this would be a great tune to blast out in a packed club with sprung flooring.

Check it out here

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify – Apple Music – Bandcamp

Dez Dare – ‘Dum Dum Dum’ (CH!MP RECORDS) Taken from the album ‘Hairline Ego Trip’ out this coming June Dez does Lofi Punk rock with added scuzz and a dash of alternative indieness Native of Victoria Australia Dez has done his years service playing in Warped and has released this frantic buzz saw riff-a-rama under lockdown to add chaos and noise to every avaialble corner.  check out the video below.

It conveys his strong distaste for nationalism. “I want to push against entrenched views, closed borders and minds of large groups of the human race. There are a lot of fights happening at present around the world from climate to right-wing hysteria to unfettered capitalism and we need to work together as an animal of the same kind rather than separated by space, colour and tradition.”


Suzi Moon – ‘Call The Shots’ (Pirates Press Records) Who?, if I were to tell you she’s the ball of energy behind Civet & Turbulent Hearts then it might make sense.  Pirates Press aren’t dummies and releasing this EP they know their stuff and anyone who’s seen her live knows what a performer she is. Kicking off with ‘Special Place In Hell’ its a real firestarter of an introduction but as good a song as this is this EP gets better and better.

For a debut solo record, this is setting the bar high with a slice of energy and thunderous tempo its got the lot.  Great sound, playing and memorable chorus. I love it but ‘I’m Not A Man’ is like she’s channeling the spirit of Texas Terri Bomb and the attitude of Wendy O Williams whilst having the cool of Joan Jett.  Honestly, it’s that good possibly the best track I’ve heard for a while at the singles club I love it.  It sounds so easy and like Moon is having the best of time with her Rock and Roll and then to cap it off with the attitude soaked rocker of ‘Nuthin’ To Me’ this is excellent stuff and if this is an indication of what’s to come then bring on an album of this stuff we need to hear it!
Find SUZI MOON online: Instagram / Facebook / Youtube


The Chelsea Curve –  ‘All in Time’ (Red On Red Records) a new single every month from this sensational band, culminating in a full-length album this coming fall! The Chelsea Curve bring their love of the sound and style of the 70’s mod scene and smash it up with the guitar leanings of their respective pasts. Linda Pardee (Orbit), Tim Gillis (Frigate), and Ron Belanger (The Winter Project) came together when Linda said no to being in Ron’s new band and instead asked him to be in her new band along with Tim. Accurately described as the sparks that fly when The Jam meets Husker Du, the trio blasts out bracing retro mod pop with hooks aplenty.

Follow The Chelsea Curve here: FacebookInstagram . Bandcamp

Buy Here


Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes feat Joe Talbot – ‘My Town’ (Self Release)  New single from Carter is barbed wire wrapped in a velvet glove plenty of aggression yet melody and a decent hook on the chorus.  With the humming synth throughout it’s an intense number that burrows into your ear and will have you craving it over and over – trust me.  Also, a great move getting Talbot on guest vocals as he suits the attitude of the lyrics perfectly – A banging song! Facebook  download it here


The Cocktail Slippers – ‘She Devil (Shout IT Out Loud)’ (Wicked Cool Records)  Norwegian rockers, The Cocktail Slippers, are releasing a brand new single digitally and on limited edition 7″ vinyl.  Both tracks are originals and are a taste of what’s to come. The lead track is a commercial slice of subtle Glam Rock – real glam rock with platform boot firmly planted in the 70s they do elsewhere but here this is their most commercial stab so far.  with killer harmonies – a real earworm of a tune and one we highly recommend. The flip sounds like the Go Gos jamming on some Blondie and has a pop smooth sound.  Not as good as the other side but hey it’s a grower, not a shower.  Pick it up Here
Clowns – ‘Does it Matter?’ (Fat Wreck Chords) “Does It Matter?’ is about breaking the law, says Clowns vocalist Stevie Williams. the hook-heavy raucous number that demonstrates the prowess of their current lineup. Now completed by drummer and founding member Jake Laderman, vocalist Stevie Williams, bassist/vocalist Hanny J and guitarists Rod Goon and Cam Rust.  On first blast, it’s not as raucous as previous offerings and might take some getting used to but it’s Clowns and they get a free pass because of previous recordings and live shows. I’m hoping it’s a bit of an earworm and the more I hear it the better it gets.  Just bring the album out already and get touring we need bands like Clowns full of menace and with a whole load of piss and vinegar in their performances be it on record or live. 
JIZZY PEARL’S LOVE/HATE – ‘Soul Mama’ (Golden Robot Records)  Lifted from his album that we won’t get until 2022.  Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate are up and rocking.  His vocals have always been capable of melting steel and he’s lost none of that power.  ‘Soul Mama’ is a retro trip back to when the metal Gods such as Zepplin roamed the earth with a laid-back beat its groove-laden with a raw and purposeful guitar lick all making way for Pearls commanding vocal.  
Pre-Save/Order ‘Soul Mama’ HERE
The first new album in 20 years is finally here. Those fine people at Dead Beat Records made it happen.  It features guests John Easdale, Rikk Agnew and Paul Roessler.  Eleven songs with a veritable Melting pot of styles is what’s on offer, so turn up the stereo,  sit back pour a cold one and lets go.
‘Ain’t It Summer’ sounds like Cheap Trick and the first thing that stands out apart from Paul Roesslers swirling keys are the layers and layers of harmonies on what is effectively the smash hit of the summer that never happened. it really is like a cool summer evening with the saxophone blasting out in the distance but not quite what I was expecting but ‘Fast Fucked & Furious’ is the rocket ride I was expecting.  Maybe they fucked up the running order I dunno.  Mayers vocals are as sharp and rockin’ as they ever were as he takes this sucker home but not before the guitars get set to melt their fretboards on the solo and from there on in the song is out of control.
Chillin’ or kicking back slightly ‘Bad Vacation’ has got a great hook with the riff and vocals working in tandem on the verse and when the sax joins in I’m sold – I love that setup and this is turning out to be a great tune. ‘We Are The Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)’ is like a rouged up slice of power pop with the opening riff sounding like Neil Young and Crazy Horse jamming on a Wildhearts track.  Seriously it’s got those ingredients in the DNA.
We have some Rikk Agnew going on on ‘The Rejected’ as the boys fire up the Rock and Roll hotrod and take it out for a spin with a cool melody and vocals from Geoff Yeaton as well as his fantastic saxophone. I think when they wrote ‘Rumblin’ Train’ the title kinda wrote itself because the beefed rhythm section is like the sound of a freight train steaming down the track barely in control and its not Casey Jones honking on the rip chord tootin’ as it speeds down the track its a wide-eyed Frank Meyer with the devil’s horns raised high screaming for all he’s worth ably flanked by Duff as he rips out the guitar licks – great stuff.
They turn up the smooth old school classic rock for ‘Let Me Out’ in contrast ‘One More Drink’ is a punk rockin’ power poppin’ drop of nectar from the Gods of Rock and Roll.  It’s the more you play the better it gets kinda record.  Stick with it kids and the rewards start to filter through one by one.  You can stomp your feet to ‘Warzone’ which might well be the weakest track on offer here but it has some sparkling guitar licks and saxophone honkin’ which saves the cliches that otherwise might have gotten overwhelming. The record is closed off with ‘Switchblade Knights’ where they introduce some proper Ian McLagan boogie piano for good measure and sign off a bloody decent record.
In places, it soars like a phoenix from the ashes of what they used to be.  It never drops below an excellent record and when it does veer into a little cliched territory its got a saving grace that gives the song a free pass be it the vocal, a guitar break or saxophone honk – The world is a better place with bands like the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs in it releasing records and making a worthwhile noise.  Now do yourself a favour and go get it because when they’re gone you’ll regret it but I hope it isn’t another couple of decades until the next one.
Facebook / Buy it at Bandcamp
Author: Dom Daley

In a time when the pandemic had shut down every possibility for artists playing live, Electric Boys wanted to do something different.

On April 8, Electric Boys was located at the Vallentuna theatre. The smoke was lying heavy thru the red/green lights on stage. Oriental carpets and lava lamps were decorating the stage and this is when band invites you to an exclusive show of both new and old songs. We will be taken on a musical riff-journey with Conny Bloom – vocals & guitar, Andy Christell – bass, `Slim` Martin Thomander – guitar and Jolle Atlagic on drums.

On this night, Electric Boys wants to pay back to those who mean the most – their fans! Follow us on a hybrid experience where YOU will stand on a virtual red carpet at the Sonika Studios.

Talk directly to the band over the chat forum, ask questions, be a part of an exclusive merchandise raffle and you´ll even be able to request songs played spontaneously by the band. There will be a few other surprises as well.

This is not just an ordinary live stream, but something out of the ordinary. This is an intimate, exclusive moment where the band and the viewers will spend time together as the rest of the world is Ups!de Down.

You don’t wanna miss this….!



To get tickets and info about payment, click on the photo above and log in after that just follow the steps;

1.Sign up

2.Log in

3. Rock Out

4. Join us on: 14 May at 6:30 pm (Swedish Time)

5:30 pm – London

12:30 pm – New York

9:30 am – Los Angeles

2:30 am (next day) – Sydney

If your timezone is not here use the Swedish one and convert it to where you are in the world with the converter that you can find here.

Mutant voodoo blues noise is a great description of your music and a pretty good one at that – sure it’s obvious that the Gun Clubs Jeffrey Lee Pierce looms like a shadow over Saint but there’s more to this artist than that.

It’s been over two years since the debut album on Heavy Medication, and now Warsaw’s Jack Saint is back


Its dark,  Tom Waites meets Jim Jones dark as is obvious on “Reap What You Sow” from the outset.  The swampy ‘Worry Blues’ is edgy and experimental as the devil in Saint bellows from the vocals with the needle in the red, their Gun-Club-meets-Beasts-of-Bourbon vibe is darker and heavier than before, as the band mixes it up with new sounds and new textures. but even before that, the record opens with the smooth Jazzy ‘Hair of my True Love is Ice-Blond’ something even Nick Cave has dabbled with.  Sprawling over five minutes long is a brave opener and you realise straight away that you have to go on this journey with Jack Saint or it’s not worth bothering.


It’s raw and in your face. the more Cramps like ‘Moving On (Freight Train)’ is a bit of a stomper and the more experimental ‘Music Against Nature’ is a messed up hybrid of styles that does and doesn’t work so much as it staggers like a late night with Olly Reid.  One of the best tracks is the bruising ‘Severence Till You’ again stuttering and staggering with its heavy guitar sounding like an artillery volley before falling back into the groove.


The album closes with the Fuzztones like keys and guitar funk attack and a head explosion of an album is done.  I did enjoy it and will dip in and out over time I’m sure of it.  Late-night absynth induced experiences might help make sense of this record more than just playing it on some streaming site it was made to be indulged after dark and I like that and so should you.

Order yours from / Bandcamp
Author: Dom Daley

When Randy Rhoads joined the Ozzy Osbourne band at the end of 1979 he not only helped to transform the career of the ex-Black Sabbath front man, he also helped to redefine the metal scene of the 1980’s and has been a prominent influence for hundreds of guitarists ever since and well after his tragic death at the age of just 25 in 1982.

Randy Rhoads by Ross Halfin celebrates his time with Randy and Ozzy Osbourne both on stage and off with hundreds of beautiful, largely unseen images from those early years. Measuring 240mm by 340mm this 280 page coffee table book contains hundred of beautiful images and features an exclusive introduction by Ozzy Osbourne and an epilogue by Rhoads fan, guitarist Tom Morello.

Randy Rhoads by Ross Halfin

The book will be available in three editions:

The standard book: 
240mm by 340mm, 280 page hard back book with printed cover and cloth slipcase £99.00

The Deluxe Signed Leather Edition
240mm by 340mm, 280 page hard back book with blue leather cover, lenticular and white leather slipcase. Numbered 1 to 500
Personally signed by Ozzy Osbourne and Ross Halfin £299.00

The Super Deluxe Edition
297mm by 420mm this 280 page hard back book with blue leather cover, lenticular comes in a special blue slipcase and outer presentation box with three numbered giclee prints. Numbered 1 to 150
Personally signed by Ozzy Osbourne and Ross Halfin £666.00 each. This edition is physically larger than the previous two editions.


The pre-sale starts on Wednesday May 12th at 3pm and the book will ship at the end of August 2021.

“Little babies in bathrooms getting high…”  So begins the fifth single of Hamilton’s 1221 project in an arrestingly ‘did I just hear that right?’ moment.
But before you’re shocked by such imagery, let Hamilton provide some context.
“This song was a gift from my friend, fellow Texas-based artist and all round great guy, Bob Schneider. He’s a true artist, and has a real gift as a songwriter. The lyrics are about how we often revert back to being babies throughout our lives. Bob and I have been friends for a lot of years. He was the first music friend who made me feel like it was ok to be 100% myself. A kindred spirit, and a fellow weirdo. I’m am forever thankful for Bob’s kindness, support, and friendship. I’ve always looked up to him as a songwriter. So, when he sent me this incredible track for ‘1221’, I was honored. Not only is ‘Babies’ a killer song, melodically… I found the lyrics deeply interesting, and powerful.”
Hamilton has already treated us to a brace of choice covers on what – month-by-month – is bringing us his next album. But this Bob Schneider song isn’t actually a cover?…
“This isn’t a cover, no. This is actually a song Bob has never recorded for an album. For him to trust me with his song, and be proud of the version I created is a VERY big deal to me.”
We’re assuming that’s (younger) you on the single’s cover art – what exactly is happening there?…
“I found a box of old photos, and this one really stood out to me. It’s all a bit odd. But I was a weird kid! Haha. Yeah. That’s me on the cover. The photo seems to really fit the vibe, and the off-kilter lyrical content of ‘Babies’.”
With UK producer Dave Draper once again at the helm, ‘Babies’ is evocative of the Country vibe central to Hamilton’s 2020 chart topping EP ‘Incommunicado’ (also Draper produced). A certain twang may be customary with a singer/songwriter from Texas, but how does a producer from deepest Worcestershire tune into that Americana sound so well?
“It’s strange how good Dave is when it comes to Country and Americana. He’ll go from producing the Wildhearts to dropping Cliff Richard lyrics to referencing Hank Williams. He’s like a mad scientist! Not only do I love working with him, I think he’s the best Producer out there right now.”
Expanding on the theme, Hamilton enthuses: “I love that the UK’s Americana scene is thriving. It’s humbling to have become embraced within it. The folks at Americana UK are super supportive and I was thrilled to be invited to play Maverick Festival last year. Here’s hoping that can go ahead now in September. Everything crossed.”
Hamilton was recently heralded by Spin magazine as one of the ‘Best Lesser-Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’.

 I guess it was edging ever closer so a decision had to be made sooner rather than later but every cloud has a silver lining and get your diary out and pencil at the ready.







This time last year the organisers of Rebellion, the world’s largest punk festival, were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel the four-day event due to the global pandemic. A year on and the dedicated Rebellion team are absolutely devastated to confirm that yet again, the hugely-anticipated event, due to take place this coming August 6th – 9th with legendary artists such as Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Undertones, Tom Robinson and Stiff Little Fingers, at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool, is no longer able to go ahead.

Despite the intention, desire and willingness of Rebellion, the venue, the bands and the local businesses for this year to go ahead, it has become increasingly clear that due to circumstances beyond the festival’s control, it can’t. With no clear guidelines from the government in terms of insurance, guarantees, policies on re-entry, testing and potential vaccine passports, the festival simply can’t go ahead.

Rebellion has been open and transparent throughout this pandemic and were hopeful (but cautious) about this year but required a few essential things to be confirmed for the event to go head. The feeling is that music festivals are being ‘timed out’. No one is saying they CAN’T go ahead, but nothing is in place yet that means they CAN either. That is why the last few weeks have seen many independent festivals take the tough decision to cancel.

All of this, combined with the ongoing global travel restrictions means that Rebellion would not be able to put on the event that they desire, and their audience expects. The Rebellion family is global. Around a third of the people that attend are from overseas and with no touring bands (many agents and bands from overseas have pulled their European tours and rescheduled them for 2022), it would simply not be the festival that Rebellion wanted to stage.

But there is some good news. Rebellion 2021 has been moved to 2022. Both 2020 and 2021 tickets will roll over to 2022. For those of you wanting a refund, visit the website where full details are published. All day tickets will be refunded automatically.

REBELLION 2022 is 4th – 7th August. So put that in your diary! Some surprise headliners have already been confirmed, plus many reconfirmed that were due to play this year. And don’t get rid of your hotel or B&B bookings for this year just yet as there is still hope that some kind of scaled back event this year is possible. Watch this space.

Tickets for 2022 will go on sale on Monday August 9th.

The RETURN OF REBELLION 2022 is going to be massive! The exciting news is the council have agreed for the festival to have the area of the promenade right in front of Blackpool Tower (Tower Headland, on the ‘comedy carpet’). This is an amazing space for an outdoor stage. A straight walk down from the Winter Gardens. Rebellion can double the capacity with this area and have some fantastic plans to make both sites amazing.

To better times. And a colossal Rebellion 2022!


For full statement read here: www.rebellionfestivals/news  Head to for more information.


Twitter: @rebellionfest  Facebook:  Facebook



Like a note from a friend in exile or a stone in your shoe, depending on your tastes, Luke Haines is back with ‘Setting The Dogs On The Post Punk Postman’. If nothing else, certainly a contender for title of the year. Always prolific, he seems to be relishing the enforced solitude of late, after last year’s ‘Beat Poetry For Survivalists’.


This is another strong set of songs, if anything even more satisfying. After only a few plays, I’m enjoying replaying it. As ever, it is unlikely to win him new fans, but I doubt that he cares either way . Which is exactly as it should be for any artist. As Luke has said before, art itself has no actual value, so just satisfy yourself (I paraphrase). Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.


You may already be familiar with ‘Ex-Stasi Spy’ and it’s video. The album/cd cover has brief explanations for each song, in an oblique way. “A comedy caper in a Trabant set in 1983”. It matters little, just enjoy some time in Luke’s world. The raucous “U-Boat, Baby” follows. Is this really “the second part of a trilogy…”? Only Luke knows.


‘Never Going Back To Liverpool’ tries to patch up some differences with the past. Complete with Beatley backing vocals, it makes me think of the only time I played a gig there. Didn’t go well.

‘When I Owned The Scarecrow’ has a vibe from ‘Rock And Roll Animals’, with the now expected recorders. Or maybe it’s a synth? No sign of ‘recorders’ on the notes. I think about these things too much.


‘Ivor On The Bus’ is a lovely tribute to Mr Cutler, a previous neighbour of Luke’s. Julian Barratt adds narration to ‘Yes, Mr Pumpkin’, appropriately, ‘Two Japanese Freaks Talking About Nixon And Mao’ possibly sounds exactly like you would hope. ‘I Just Want To Be Buried’ is a “singular entendre poem”, and as such is a righteous celebration of lust.


‘Andrea Dworkin’s Knees’ recalls a possibly accurate brief encounter with the writer, ‘Landscape Gardening’ is “a surgical procedure disguised as a song”, gently addictive, while the title track ends on a pleasingly sinister note. Essentially, no one else writes like Luke Haines. If you know, you know. And, in that case, you will buy this.


*Tuesdays, 2-4pm GMT, you can listen to Luke on Boogaloo Radio. It’s righteous stuff.


Author: Martin Chamarette


UK rockers, STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS, have announced tour dates for their second studio album “MAJOR LEAGUE SON OF A BITCH”, which will be released in August via Heavy Rocka/Cargo Records. The album sees the introduction of Carl Donoghue and Lance Skybaby to the all new 13 tracks.



Aug 27th – Melbourne Rock Club, Mofest
Aug 29th – Crazy Cowboy Festival 6
Sep 02nd – Trillians, Newcastle
Sep 03rd – Nightrain, Bradford
Sep 04th – Bannermans, Edinburgh
Sep 10th – The Waterloo, Blackpool
Sep 11th – The Facebar, Reading
Sep 17th – The Patriot, Crumlin, Wales
Okt 01st – The Old Salutation Inn, Nottingham
Okt 02nd – Mogstock, Record Junkee, Sheffield


First up this week we have the new track from the forthcoming DeRellas album.  A rework of a familiar track sounds excellent it’s taken from the album ‘Something’s Got To Give’ which should be with us very soon.


SUZI MOON, the newest member of the Pirates Press Records family, has just released her second single for “I’m Not A Man.” The song comes from Moon’s upcoming Call The Shots 3 song EP, the debut solo release for the former CIVET member and TURBULENT HEARTS frontwoman.  but there’s no video yet so check this banger out


Finally how about some dirty hard rock in the shape of Sea Of Snakes.   “Ride the Line” via Metal-Temple. The song is from their recently released album “World On Fire” which came out via Metal Assault Records.