“Little babies in bathrooms getting high…”  So begins the fifth single of Hamilton’s 1221 project in an arrestingly ‘did I just hear that right?’ moment.
But before you’re shocked by such imagery, let Hamilton provide some context.
“This song was a gift from my friend, fellow Texas-based artist and all round great guy, Bob Schneider. He’s a true artist, and has a real gift as a songwriter. The lyrics are about how we often revert back to being babies throughout our lives. Bob and I have been friends for a lot of years. He was the first music friend who made me feel like it was ok to be 100% myself. A kindred spirit, and a fellow weirdo. I’m am forever thankful for Bob’s kindness, support, and friendship. I’ve always looked up to him as a songwriter. So, when he sent me this incredible track for ‘1221’, I was honored. Not only is ‘Babies’ a killer song, melodically… I found the lyrics deeply interesting, and powerful.”
Hamilton has already treated us to a brace of choice covers on what – month-by-month – is bringing us his next album. But this Bob Schneider song isn’t actually a cover?…
“This isn’t a cover, no. This is actually a song Bob has never recorded for an album. For him to trust me with his song, and be proud of the version I created is a VERY big deal to me.”
We’re assuming that’s (younger) you on the single’s cover art – what exactly is happening there?…
“I found a box of old photos, and this one really stood out to me. It’s all a bit odd. But I was a weird kid! Haha. Yeah. That’s me on the cover. The photo seems to really fit the vibe, and the off-kilter lyrical content of ‘Babies’.”
With UK producer Dave Draper once again at the helm, ‘Babies’ is evocative of the Country vibe central to Hamilton’s 2020 chart topping EP ‘Incommunicado’ (also Draper produced). A certain twang may be customary with a singer/songwriter from Texas, but how does a producer from deepest Worcestershire tune into that Americana sound so well?
“It’s strange how good Dave is when it comes to Country and Americana. He’ll go from producing the Wildhearts to dropping Cliff Richard lyrics to referencing Hank Williams. He’s like a mad scientist! Not only do I love working with him, I think he’s the best Producer out there right now.”
Expanding on the theme, Hamilton enthuses: “I love that the UK’s Americana scene is thriving. It’s humbling to have become embraced within it. The folks at Americana UK are super supportive and I was thrilled to be invited to play Maverick Festival last year. Here’s hoping that can go ahead now in September. Everything crossed.”
Hamilton was recently heralded by Spin magazine as one of the ‘Best Lesser-Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’.