Legendary, Grammy Award-winning US singer, guitarist and songwriter Shooter Jennings has announced a series of European tour dates in June 2022. A mix of headline shows and festivals, the live shows will be a mix of material old and new and are set to be some of the must-see shows of 2022.

Full Shooter Jennings 2022 European tour dates are as follows:

Fri 10th June 2022​Stockholm, Sweden @ SthlmAmericana Festival

Sat 11th June ​​Oslo, Norway @ Oslo Americana Festival

Sun 12th June​​Copenhagen, Denmark @ CPH Americana Festival

Wed 15th June​​Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny HEADLINE 

Thurs 16th June​London, UK @ The OmearaHEADLINE

Fri 17th June​​Tunbridge Wells, UK @ Black Deer Festival

Sat 18th June ​​Vitoria, Spain @ Azkena Rock Festival

For tickets and further information – https://shooterjennings.com/tour

Over the last two decades Shooter Jennings has established himself as a prolific singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. He has released eight solo LPs, countless EPs and founded his own label and multimedia outlet, Black Country Rock, to hosting his “Shooter Jennings’ Electric Rodeo” on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country channel and the creation of acclaimed BBS Door games.

Jennings has also produced iconic artists as Jamey Johnson, Duff McKagen, Wanda Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Billy Ray Cyrus, The White Buffalo, Tanya Tucker, and his mom, Jessi Colter. 2018 saw him team up with longtime collaborator, 6x GRAMMY® Award-winner Dave Cobb, to co-produce Brandi Carlile’scritically hailed “By The Way, I Forgive You”. The album proved a landmark release, earning worldwide accolades and the 2019 GRAMMY® Award for “Best Americana Album.” The Jennings-produced Tanya Tucker album from 2020, “While I’m Livin’”, garnered the country legend her first two Grammy wins ever for “Best Country Album” and “Best Country Song.” 2021 will see the release of “Sometimes Y” an album he co-wrote and produced alongside Yelawolf.

Shooter Jennings has defied expectations while constantly expanding the parameters of country, rock ‘n’ roll, and beyond…





Nostalgia is, we all know, a big seller these days. But, usually, a nostalgic album equals a distinct lack of ideas, or rummaging through your back catalogue. Helen Love has managed to not only avoid this pothole, but also to write an album with perhaps more depth than some would give her credit for. Ten new songs, which, while remaining steadfastly pop, eschew the dayglo colours that her work is known for, and which tell her story in a way that is often very moving.

‘My Seaside Town’ sets the scene, acknowledging that your roots might be holding you back. “I think I’m about to choke on the boredom and the fumes…whiplashed by winter rain”. Wishing you were somewhere more exciting, greener grass.

‘Billy Liar’ reminisces about the kid at school who told tall tales, “your dad was a Kung fu black belt master”. ‘Go-Kart’, with its parping keyboards, manages to sound like John Shuttleworth whilst also being quite touching and warm; “we were the queens of our estate”.

‘A Quite Good Time’ remembers that first/early boyfriend, who your sister warned you about. With the wise refrain “why would you listen to anyone when you’re seventeen?”. ‘Let The Sunshine In’ is a celebration towards better times, and is as infectious as you would imagine.

‘Our House’ evokes similar memories to the Madness tune, but in Helen’s inimitable style, and with some pathos; “our history lies in the curtains, the carpets and the walls”. ‘First Day Of June’ echoes the theme of the cloying seaside town; “it can hold you so tight you might never leave”.

And so to ‘Clearing Out Mum’s House’. It’s a first; Helen Love made me cry! If you’ve had to empty your parents’ house, you’ll empathise with the lyrics here. A lifetime of belongings, what to keep, what to throw away. A lifetime of memories.

‘This Is My World’ sees some of Helen’s many achievements; walking with Joey Ramone, but also standing with the miners in the 1980s. That seaside town probably feels like home now, and it helped to create someone special. Helen Love is still here, still spreading joy, but with a broader palette than before. She’s a treasure.

Author: Martin Chamarette

Fast Eddy was born out of the miasma of Denver’s Rock n Roll, and independent music scene in 2014. Formed from members of some notable Denver bands as Dirty Few, and Itchy O, their vision started on a late-night ramble. Somewhat of a side project, without much of a direction, the band named their project after their old drug dealer and took to writing songs about the heartache and challenges that come along with the hedonistic rampage that it can mean to pursue music unabashed.
As the band became more of a genuine article, each member brought their own pieces to the table and started writing more genuine, anthem-esque powerpop rock n roll. Micah Morris on guitar and lead vocals, Devon Francy on bass, Arj Narayan on drums, and Lisandro Gutierrez on guitar, had stepped up their game and worked their way into a bigger more encompassing world of rock n roll.
After selling their personal belongings, and almost dying from van malfunctions in transit to simply make their first Atlanta recordings, it’s been one bold leap after the other. but their sacrifice hasn’t come in vain, and they’ve simply come too far to turn back now.
Look for “Take A Look” at record stores and wherever fine MP3s are sold on January 21st, 2022.
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‘Preaching the Blues’ is a limited deluxe 7 x 7′ singles box set featuring the phenomenal original run of singles with two bonus singles exclusive to this set. All housed inside a lift-off lid box with a booklet featuring an essay by Clinton Heylin, reminisces from Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, Mark Lanegan, X and Dan Stuart, rare photographs and flyers, new exclusive issue of the ‘Fire of Love’ fanzine, Ruby Records postcard and a ‘Gun’ button badge.

It’s a no brainer for fans of JLP or The Gun Club, seven 7″ singles for a start with reproductions of their artwork and the liner notes and added narrative from some of the most knowledgable people who were there at the time is a wonderful artifact to now be able to own.

To source, worn copies of these singles would cost a small fortune so owning brand new mint copies is a no-brainer for a fraction of the cost. But as far as well-researched sleeve notes go this is exceptional and the input from people like Dan Stuart and Thurston Moore is a bonus. Some of the pictures are so cool as well having never before been released. I often think to myself what kind of output artists who’ve passed on would be delivered in 2022 in both quality and frequency. When I started reading and spinning this set that was the first thing that leaped to my mind. Just what would Jeffrey Lee Pierce sound like now what kind of music would the guy be making? I’d like to think he would deliver songs of the quality of ‘Sex Beat and ‘The Lie’ or hell, even a ‘Crabdance’. I love the pictures housed in the accompanying literature many of which are being released for the first time here. JLP was one cool dude no doubt about it, it’s such a shame he flew too close to the sun for it is our loss musically that such a talent was taken too soon, way too soon. He had so much to give and all we’re left with is a few albums and some great live recordings so it is nice to see items like this set getting released with something different that we’ve not seen before even if the music is all out there already.

The first single is raw but houses boundless energy, that sound and delivery of JLP was picked up on by the likes of an out-of-control Green On Red and can be heard throughout their music. ‘Ghost On The Highway’ is exciting and still to this day gives me a rush when it all kicks off from the sloppy slide to the hanging on by a thread drumming but it’s all so well held together by the ringmaster supreme that was Lee Pierce. compared to the final single ‘Cry To Me’ which is a much smoother production for sure as is the b side of ‘Give Up The Sun’. C’mon there are no duff tracks here the music is pretty much faultless much like this overall package the postcards and pin are a nice touch but the music is timeless.

Sixteen slices of classic Gun Club spread over seven singles is a beautiful thing to own at the start of 2022. God bless Jeffrey Lee Pierce and all who sailed the choppy waters of the Gun Club. Your music was magical and still is and lovingly preserved in packages like this. Buy it!

Cover art by Ed Cover

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Author: Dom Daley