Continental Lovers – Really Doesn’t Matter’ (Snap Records) It’s been a while in the making but Joe has finally got round to dropping the first proper tune from the Continental Lovers and what a banger it is. A toe tapper, a ear worm, sweet baby jesus call it what you like but just check it out. Going back to his time as a Breakdown Joe knows what it takes to write a catchy ditty thats not up for debate, This has all the best elements of the songs from the mid 70s that had a bit of boogie woogie, a smash pop melody and the “worth its weight in gold” chorus. Joe knows all of that and can articulate it in a three minute pop song. Check it out in the lyric video and pre order the single as soon as and jump on board for what will no doubt be one of the best albums released this year. you Snooze – you looze innit! Record of the week? Bang on it is! You’ll be able to stream it in the next few weeks and Snap Records will have a limited 7″ soon. Can’t wait!

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Moron’s Moron – ‘White Brothel Creepers’ (Wanda Records) Raised on a steady diet of ‘Methods’ by the Lords Of The New Church, The Humpers & a heap of other glamourous punk rock royalty this three-track single is an absolute blast. Raising all kinds of glorious, unbridled noise that is like ear candy at RPM HQ. All three tracks hack and slash a wonderful noise of sloppy, 77 punk rock with enough Roll to whet the appetite for a full-length album from these reprobates.  Lawless Dick Stingher, Turd Awesome, John Pauly Shore II and Philo Phuckphace (Best band names ever) are just about the single of the week around here no question about that. Absolute banger. Buy Here

Split System – ‘Split System’ (Legless Records) We all know there has been a plethora of talent tumbling out of the dirt of the Australian back street over the last few years – weened on a steady diet of The Saints, Radio Birdman, Cosmic Psychos and the hard-ons. Well Split System tap into that and turn it into something pretty special. Fronted by Jackson Reid Briggs and features current darlings of the scene Stiff Richards very own Arron Mawson on guitar this is four most excellent tracks ripping it up with some old school proto-punk style and a hefty slug of Garage rock just for good measure. Get on it kids before the prices go through the roof on Discogs. Here

Ryan Hamilton – ‘Free Falling’ (Wicked Cool Records) A pretty honest and true to the original cover of Tom Petty’s 1989 hit, Free Fallin, sees Ryan performed all instrumentation and vocals, also mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Of the track, Ryan says, “This song is hallowed ground, & I’m so proud of this version I’ve recorded. Plus, it got mastered at Abbey Road, which feels like magic.” The release is the first since Ryan’s ‘1221 project’, which hit #9 on the Indie Albums Breakers on the Official UK Charts and has been accepted into Record Store Day in April.

Tramp – ‘Jailbait’ (Wanda Records) Wow do you kiss yer grandma with that mouth? Tramp are kicking up a filthy sleazy Dolls meet Jayne County slice of Punk Rock n Roll and we like it. Of course we like it. Viki Venom, Suzi Sleeze and Joey Deuce from dreamy New Hampshire, USA kick up some Slut Rock (why wouldn’t it be slut rock?) It’s trashy it’s obnoxious and sleazy and these punks have turned the amps up and thump those cans and chew out the rhythm with their bubblegum vocals and it’s the first taste of Tramp and I hope not the last. Wanda has the 7″ records but it’s limited – Get on ya filthy rats! Here

Infamous Stiffs – The Lockdown EP (Riot Records) SoCal punk rockers, Infamous Stiffs, are back with a six song live EP, “Lockdown Live”, their second release on Riot Records/Golden Robot Records, available for pre-order/add/save, Made in 2021 at the height of the global Covid 19 pandemic at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, California, “Lockdown Live” is what happens after a year of…well, being locked down. Rife with pent-up energy and aggression, the results of this experiment speak for themselves. Catchy, hard and unforgiving, “Lockdown Live” offers a real-time perspective on the songs and of the current state of affairs. It’s a little something to chew on during these lean times of uncertainty and the doldrums we all face. 

Nashville Pussy – ‘Come On Come On’ (Bandcamp) Boogie on Brothers and Sisters Nashville Pussy style that is. As featured on PEacemaker this is causing a stir. James Gunn knows his Rock and Roll it would seem as he’s peppered the Peacemaker show with top-quality tunes from Hanoi Rocks, Quireboys and this bad boy Come On Fuck yeah! is just about this tune in a nut shell – Banging and right on the fuckin money – Kerching!!!!. Here

Placebo – ‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’ ( A very understated typically Placebo dreamy track. It’s about time we had a new release from Placebo, it’s been too long. ‘Happy Birthday’ builds to the chorus from a hushed muted and restrained verse then hits the chorus in typical Placebo fashion before it drops back into a very laid-back vibe.

I Always look forward to a new Placebo record and this does the job of piquing the interest. The album ‘Never Let Me Go’ is out March 25, 2022 – pre-order now here:

Soul Glo – ‘Driponomics’ feat. Mother Maryrose (Epitaph) Philly-based hardcore band Soul Glo release their latest single, Driponomics,” ahead of their fourth studio album ‘Diaspora Problems’ due out on March 25th. It’s a scathing commentary on capitalism and economic disparity. listing popular designers and brands in between a screeching distortion and a heavy bassline. The track also features a verse from fellow Philly native, rapper Mother Maryrose. Reminds me a bit of Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy – engaging and one that gets under your skin.

The Dirty Truckers – ‘I Feel Nothing’ (Rum Bar Records) Rock n Roll baby. Sweet as, The Dirty Truckers just cruise on by with their radio-friendly distorted beer-drinking brand of Rock and Roll. With a hummable melody and cool guitar licks they know they’re good at this power Poppin garage thang and your ears will be grateful for the introduction. Like Tom Baker says Turn it up it always sounds better when you block out everything else and just give yourself up to the Rock and Roll.

Join me in the singles bar dropping coins into the jukebox and hitting up another round of Dirty Truckers tunes before the album gets released. Like the seal of approval coming out on Rum Bar Records you know it’s gonna rule! Now bring on ‘The Tisbury Joneser’

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Faz Waltz – ‘Hot Cold Fever’ (Snap Records Spaghetty Town Records/Surfin’ Ki) ITs Rock and Roll alright. Loud and proud this is a throw back with a wild back beat, honkingly good ivory tinkling and a trad howling good time in every aspect from Faz Waltz. A real hoot where these cats tip the hat to the original rollers from yesteryear. If you think the A side is a hoot then flip this bad boy over for ‘Lotta Lovin’ with its big bopper, jerry Lee thumper. Do yourself a favour though turn this fucker up! then turn it up some more. you deserve it and they deserve it. Get on it and just jive kids! Buy Here

Hot on the heels of High Roller Records’ sensational set of vinyl reissues covering The Rods back catalogue from their 1980 debut right up to their 2011 reunion, this 4CD set from Cherry Red provides a rather poignant addendum to the band’s back story covering as it does the same period in time, albeit from a “live in-concert” perspective.

Formed in 1980 in Cortland New York, The Rods came from an age when sub-genres of rock/metal didn’t really exist, or in fact matter, and if “you rocked” – “you rocked”. As such, mainstays, guitarist and lead vocalist David ‘Rock’ Feinstein (guitarist and lead vocals) and drummer Carl Canedy – who are both still in the band to this very day – along with then bassist Steven Starmer, set out their clear mission statement by naming their excellent debut release ‘Rock Hard’.

Swapping out Stamer, for one Garry Bordonaro, before then being snapped up by Arista Records, who revamped and rejigged their debut and re-released it as a self titled album (set to take the rock world by storm). CD one of ‘Metal Will Never Die’ perfectly captures this fledgling version of the band via a dozen tracks recorded during two shows from 1981 and 1982 in El Paso, Texas.

If you have sampled any of Hear No Evil’s previous “bootleg” box sets from the likes of Riot or Humble Pie, it’s worth noting that that these archive Rods recordings are not finished live albums – like say ‘Live And Dangerous’ or ‘Live After Death’ – nah these recordings are rough ‘n’ ready, warts ‘n’ all, and originate for a variety of different sources, although most importantly they are all fully approved by the band themselves. In fact, you only have to leaf through the excellent 16-page booklet that accompanies this set to find out exactly what they think of the shows in question as David and Carl take you on a whistle-stop tour through their band history.

It’s the second CD that will probably be of most interest to UK based Rods’ fans. Recorded at Portsmouth Guildhall on 8th March 1982, this ten tracker is the band’s setlist from when they were supporting Iron Maiden on the UK leg of their Beast On The Road tour, and I must admit it’s an absolute riot to listen to four decades on. Okay granted the bass drops out during the opening couple of tracks ‘Rockin’ N Rollin’ Again’ and oddly they choose to follow this with ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’, another tune the band had yet to release (they both came from the band’s third album ‘Wild Dogs’), but as soon as the boogie-tastic ‘Get Ready To Rock And Roll’ kicks in everything just seems to click and just as I recall (from seeing them three nights later in Bristol) they really were on fire back then. The quality of this recording sounds (to my ears at least) to be taken from the soundboard and is totally (ahem) ‘In The Raw’. Great stuff!

From this tour onwards there seemed to be missed opportunities alongside each new album and numerous record deals that seemed to promise so much yet ended up providing the band with diminishing returns with each subsequent release. I mean, does anyone remember the ‘Hell On Earth’ UK tour from 1984 that was due to see The Rods play 11 shows alongside Exciter and a then little-known band by the name of Metallica? Nope, well it was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

In the late 80s, with the band slowly becoming disillusioned with their management and record labels they began to drift apart and move on to new musical projects before disappearing from the scene altogether. Feinstein, Bordonaro and Canedy finally being tempted out of their self-imposed hiatus in 2008 to play a few live shows in Europe, and with their success the gig list just grew and grew, CD three showcasing the band at Germany’s Headbangers Festival in July 2009 and CD four boasting a great sounding 2010 home town show.

The Rods quickly followed this 2010 gig with their 2011 album ‘Vengeance’ and ‘Brotherhood Of Metal’ in 2019, and as I mentioned at the top of this review, still continue to this day, albeit as a newly expanded (and Bordonaro-less) four piece with their next studio album ‘Shockwave’ planned for a 2022. In the meantime, you’ve got those aforementioned High Roller vinyl reissues to invest in and of course this box set to enjoy too, this proving that ‘Metal Will Never Die’.

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Author: Johnny Hayward

Well, to be fair there must be some great genes in the Leigh household seeing as Mickey and his bro both had a heartbeat that played a straight four four beat and when they were cut they would bleed royal rock n roll blood. It’s been a while since that Noo Yawk Drawl was laid onto some wax and ‘Variant OfVibe’ the family gene is carried forth in style as Mickey sure does know how to carry a Rock and Roll tune and dance to his own beat.

Mickey might well be better known as the guy who wrote the book ‘I Slept With Joey Ramone’ (as it goes Netflix is turning it into a film) anyway I digress. ‘Variant Of Vibe’ stands tall on top of the wave that’s rolling through my speakers. Sure there is a similarity in the vocal style why wouldn’t there be? Hard to believe this is his first solo album considering he’s been in and around this scene since the early 70s. I guess it’s fair to say he was indeed paying attention because he’s delivered a pretty impressive album. ‘Trouble Man’ is a barnstormer, kicking up dust just like you’d imagine but with clarity and style.

Whilst I’m on the subject of rockers ‘No Fun Anymore’ is right out of the same ballpark Stiv Bators solo stuff was around the time of the LA La sessions. uptempo, vibrant, catchy, and really well produced – nailing the sound that he needed to elevate these punchy power-pop nuggets.

He can do dramatic as well, with the Fuzztones like ‘Go Home Anne’ that has that organ swirl that leads a really cool tune that has an early Stranglers style to it mixing it up. Hot on the heels is the alternative 80s sound of ‘Spanish Eyes’. With the album housing fourteen tracks Mickey almost had two albums worth so you really get your moneys worth as ‘Loneliness’ has him draw on some Bob Dylan vocal stylings for inspiration on this slow burner.

I like Mickey’s unassuming, humble style as he describes what he does, “This may sound complicated, but, it’s only rock n roll. and we love it and don’t want to see it become extinct! Mutated Music = Rescuing Rock ‘n Roll, One Song At a Time.” and he’s right. He is helping save rock and roll one song at a time. Whatever style he adopts be sure that the song needs it, be it straight-up rocker (‘Brave Old World’) or a little punk rock with more energy (‘Lost In Space’) or a bit of balladeering (‘When The Truth Is On Trial’). Mickey uses the light as well as the shade to offer up a multitude of flavours but still the same bottom line – It might Only be Rock n Roll kids, but I like it! I like it a lot cheers Mickey you rool!

Author: Dom Daley

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Ferocious Dog announce new line up
& March / April UK headline shows

plus The Bearded Theory, Bloodstock and Rebellion festivals.

Ferocious Dog with a new line up, play twelve UK headline shows in March and April. “We’re super excited to get back on the road and do the 2nd half of “The Hope” tour and play in some brand new (to FD) venues. Finishing the tour at our hometown Rock City is going to be one of the best things we’ve ever done” exclaims Dan Booth. Ferocious Dog welcome back Kyle Peters on guitar; Kyle played on their debut album, which includes Pocket of Madness, which he wrote and sang on. The band will be playing fan favourite Pocket of Madness throughout the whole tour. Ferocious Dog also has a new rhythm section with new members Nick Wragg (bass) and Luke Grainger (drums) joining Ken Bonsall, Dan Booth and Sam Wood, to complete the sextet.

Following these shows, the band plays The Bearded Theory in May, with further festival appearances to follow including the Bloodstock and Rebellion festivals in August. More shows will be announced soon.
Ferocious Dog’s latest album The Hope, includes the title track, released as a single to coincide with World Mental Health day and the previous singles: ‘Broken Soldier’ and ‘Pentrich Rising’.
The Hope debuted at Number One on the Official UK & Ireland Folk Album Charts and entered the National Album charts at Number 31. While the vinyl version of The Hope entered the Top 20 Vinyl Album Chart.
The Hope flows irresistibly through tales of historical observations, to biting commentary on the plights facing the world today.  The songs follow a rollercoaster of pace and sentiment which will have you wanting to mosh one moment before having a moment to contemplate.
The Hope carries on in the strong tradition of Ferocious Dog albums, with thought-provoking and politically charged lyrics, seamlessly combining with dynamic and eclectic music. A great follow-up to the album Fake News & Propaganda – Ferocious Dog seems to have the knack of evolving their sound enough to pique your interest, without losing any of the sound or attitude that made you fall in love with them in the first place. 
To order / stream The Hope go to

UK 2021 tour dates:March Fri 4th The Junction  CambridgeSat  5th Roadmender  Northampton Fri 11thThe Parish  Huddersfield Sat 12th 1865 Southampton Fri 18th Victoria Hall Settle  SOLD OUT Sat  19th Victoria Hall Settle  SOLD OUTThu 24th The Garage  LondonFri  25th The Fleece BristolSat 26th Old Bakery Studios  TruroApril Fri 1st The Garage Glasgow Sat 2nd The Georgian Theatre Stockton-On-TeesSat   23rd Arlington Arts Centre NewburySat 30th Rock City Nottingham MaySun  1st  Nothern Kin FestivalFri  20th Keswick Mountain  FestivalSat  28th Bearded Theory Festival Derby  JulyFri  15th The Live Rooms  Chester
Sat  16th Kubix Festival SunderlandFri  22nd Chagstock Festival DartmoorSat 23rd O2 Academy  Leeds  A unique performance with 2 sets (acoustic then electric)Fri 29th Y Not Festval  Pikehall August Thu 4th Rebellion Festival Blackpool  Sat  6th  Wickham FestivalSat 13th Bloodstock Festival Walton-on-Trent November Sun  6th  The Tivoli Buckley
Tickets available from

Ferocious Dog are: Ken Bonsall – Lead singer & acoustic guitar. Dan Booth – Violin & lead vocals on some songs.Sam Wood – Multi-instrumentalist.Kyle Peters – GuitarNick Wragg- BassLuke Grainger- Drums

announce brand new single ‘Sister Sandinista’ taken for their forthcoming new album ‘GO GO SAPIENS’ released on 1st April

first new album since 1995 & four intimate launch shows

Sister Sandinista is a “nod to all the women out there who are fighting for what they believe in, sometimes against overwhelming odds, and making the world a better place “ – EMFThe single, includes a radio mix and an extended remix by their “good friends the NYC duo Vladimir Komarov and Atsuo Matsumoto”. Also James put his techno hat on (you know the one) and produced a remix to get the dance floors bouncing.
Order Sister Sandista here:

The video is a mash up of the icons used in the GO GO SAPIENS art work and footage that James had collected during lockdown when he was making the videos for the series of special performances EMF did remotely from various parts of the world. Ian is playing the guitar on a sunny day on an old railway track in Spain and James is singing on a rainy day in the Yorkshire Dales.The fresh and frantic GO GO SAPIENS marks a fresh new era of EMF. Funded entirely by and created for the fans of the band, the new album reinvents the classic EMF sound. GO GO SAPIENS will be available on CD and limited edition vinyl. GO GO SAPIENS  features 11 catchy punk rock songs with funky beats; including the first single Sister Sandinista and finds the band delivering some of the best songs of their career.

After a great 30th anniversary year, the band was in a really good place and we just felt ready to make another album’”– James Atkins.

Making GO GO SAPIENS without a record label breathing down our necks was liberating. As Derry always says ‘we have nothing to prove’ so we did it for the fans and cause this is who we are and what we love to do. 100% EMF from the cradle to the rave” – Ian Dench

To celebrate the release of ‘GO GO SAPIENS’, EMF play four shows in April including the 229 in London on Saturday 9th, plus intimate performances at Esquires in Bedford on Sunday 10th, the Fleece in Bristol on Monday 11th and the Parish in Huddersfield on Tuesday 12th.

With a very successful 2021 behind them, celebrating their 30th anniversary with several sold out gigs and a sold out vinyl box set, they are excited to continue with that refreshed energy and momentum into 2022.
EMF originally formed in Cinderford, England in October 1989.; All five original members were veterans of the local music scene before founding EMF, whose name supposedly stood for “Epsom Mad Funkers” (although it was widely speculated that the initials instead represented “Ecstasy Mother Fuckers”). Within two months of formation, the group played its first gig; after unearthing a Casio sampler and sequencer in a local thrift shop, a light techno element was added to their rock-oriented sound.

Their debut album, ‘SCHUBERT DIP’, was released in May 1991. It was certified platinum (over a million copies sold) in the US in September 1991. It had reached a peak chart position of #3 in the UK and #12 in the US, as well as finishing the year at #57 overall.

By the end of 1991, their infectious debut single “Unbelievable” had conquered the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #3 in the UK. The single was certified gold (over 500,000 copies sold) in the US in May 1991. The song was in such heavy rotation for most of the year in America, that it finished as the #6 single overall for the year. 

Further hit singles that succeeded “Unbelievable” included “I Believe,” “Children” and “Lies.” In 1992, EMF returned with the Unexplained EP and the much darker full-length effort STIGMA; STIGMA peaked at #19 on the UK charts, and the band toured extensively to promote it. It produced hit singles and EMF live set favourites, “They’re Here” and “It’s You.” 
The band released their final full-length album of new material in 1995 with CHA CHA CHA. After a successful European tour, they teamed up with comics Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer on a cover of the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer,” which reached number 2 on the UK charts. 

The band reunited in the summer of 2001 and released a Greatest Hits CD that coincided with a mini European festival and UK tour. 

Primed to write new material and tour more extensively, the band were hit with the sudden passing of bassist Zac Foley on January 2, 2002.  So shocked by the loss of Zac, the band fell silent.The band reunited in 2007 and have been steadily doing festivals and live shows in the years since. In 2020, the band released a career-spanning vinyl box set and spent most of 2020 and 2021celebrating 30 years of EMF. 

To pre order / pre stream GO GO SAPIENS go Here

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Geordie metallers Satan first came to prominence as part of the NWOBHM movement in the late seventies and early eighties. They were considered as a proto thrash/speed metal band and were a cutting-edge band at the time. The band reformed in 2011 much to the delight of their loyal fan base. Satan signed with Metal Blade Records in 2018 and released Cruel Magic the same year.

Their latest effort, Earth Infernal tackles subject matter around climate change, politics, and capitalism. Very heavy topics for a very heavy band! The album was recorded in their home city of Newcastle with Dave Curle handling the engineering and mixing of the album with help from the band in the creativity department. I absolutely love the sound of the album; it has a rawness but still enough polish to highlight the great musicianship of the band. It has that NWOBHM feel, the instruments sound ‘real’, I’ve gone on record before stating my dislike of the sound of many of the NWOCR bands that seem to be everywhere and sound the same. None of that here I’m pleased to say!

Opening track Ascendancy kicks off with some nice twin guitar melodies before breakneck drums kick in and take the track into full-on headbanging mode. Vocalist Brian Ross wails away, his range is really shown off here, he sounds incredible. Burning Portrait highlights the skills of drummer Sean Taylor, his jazzy style gives him a Bill Ward vibe that fits perfectly here. Twelve Infernal Lords has an early Maiden feel with the twin guitar attack of guitarists Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey. The instrumental Mercury’s Shadow starts off with some atmospheric acoustic guitars being strummed aimlessly, the track builds nicely after this and showcases the band’s musical chops.

A Sorrow Unspent’ is another barnstormer, a real earworm this one! The album continues to impress with other highlights; ‘Luciferic’, ‘From Second Sight’ and ‘Poison Elegy’. ‘Earth Infernal’ is a quality traditional heavy metal album with strong songs, performances and production values, a very enjoyable listen. The album artwork by Eliran Kantor is fantastic too. If you love your old-school metal, you’ll love ‘Earth Infernal’, there’s plenty for rabid metal fans to sink their fangs into here. Hail Satan!!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick

Märvel, the self-proclaimed Barons of High Energy Rock n’ Roll, have been treading the boards for two decades now. If you listen to the music before seeing the band, you could be forgiven for assuming they wore greasepaint on their faces, stack-heeled boots on their feet and had a larger-than-life persona to accompany their 70’s glam rock sound.

But Märvel ain’t Kiss, they ain’t even The Hellacopters and I don’t think they even party that hard. Hell, I keep forgetting that fact as I get lost in their grooves, such is the power of their high-octane rock n’ roll! Märvel are actually a 3-piece Scandinavian outfit who look like the evil henchmen in a 70’s superhero TV show and sound like the perfect combo of 70’s Kiss and prime Hellacopters, with flourishes of Thin Lizzy thrown about for good measure.

2021 sees The King (guitar/vocals), The Burgher (Bass) and The Vicar (drums) celebrating their 20th anniversary with album number 7 entitled ‘Graces Came With Malice’. It happens to be the follow-up to their critically acclaimed (by me anyway) 2019 covers album ‘Guilty Pleasures’.

If you know Märvel, or even the namechecked bands above, then you should know what to expect from the Scadinavian trio. High energy rock n’ roll is the name of the game and they deliver 10 tracks guaranteed to spice up yer life in 2022. If you’re a fan, you’ll know there are four singles out there already, if not then hold onto your feather boa, put the glitter bomb to one side and let’s delve right in.

The likes of album opener ‘Slasher With a Broken Heart’ and ‘One Common Enemy’ are full of familiar riffs, urgent beats and melodies Stanley & Simmons would’ve killed for in their prime, let alone their twilight years. On ‘Sound Of Life Slipping Away’ Märvel sound like a band at the top of their game. What a killer tune. It builds with more memorable hooks than one song deserves, to a chorus that insists on you punching your fist in the air. It will imbed itself in your brain from the first listen and you will feel the need to hit repeat again and again.

The poptastic ‘Lizard’s Tongue’ is full of Scott Gorham style leads, sexy Paul Stanley lyricism and more euro rock than I can cope with. It’s like Disco Kiss all over again, I loves it! It would seem that The King’s vocal tones are just what is desired for these larger-than-life tunes and if you aren’t sold after listening to any of these four singles, you best leave these pages and go read NME, coz we are done here!

There’s an instant likability to everything Märvel do. Their 70’s infused rock n’ roll is as ‘no frills’ as you can get, but the combination of bombastic drums, low slung riffage and high octane vocalisin’, mixed with instant melodies and lashings of garage rock goodness is a killer combination not many bands offer in 2022.

They are not afraid of wearing their influences on their sleeves. From the obvious Kiss-isms, to the more traditional, acoustic-led radio rock of the title track, onto the almost camp NWOBHM vibes of closer ‘Queen For A Day, ‘Graces Came From Malice’ has a lot to offer and it’s all delivered with the bravado and energy of a band on their first album, with nothing to lose and everything to prove.

If someone had shoved this album in my hands and said it was the highly anticipated new Hellacopters album, I would’ve believed ‘em. It’s the album I want Nicke Andersson and his boys to release and they’ll have to pull a fast one out of the bag to compete because Märvel sure stole the beat from the lord for this one. Essential listening folks.

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Author: Ben Hughes

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‘Dig What You Need’ is the brand new Best of compilation from Derry’s finest The Undertones. Lifted from their two reformation albums, 2003’s “Get What You Need” and 2007’s “Dig Yourself Deep”. The first time on vinyl and They’ve got Paul Tipler to remix and remaster the tracks as well.

To be fair I think I speak for quite a few and admit to not really having paid much attention to Derry’s favourite sons and their output post Fergal. Much to my embarrassment, it would seem. You see, I loved the original band they were a big fixture on my record player as a young man growing up in West Wales and when Fergal and the band broke up I guess we all moved on. I wasn’t keen on Fergals direction and That Petrol Emotion just wasn’t what I wanted either so another great band was filed in the drawer…Remember them or whatever happened to?

Now I knew they reformed with a new frontman but I’d moved on. it was a chance viewing many years later of a documentary about the band that my love for them was reignited. Now I knew they released a few albums but never got involved and seeing as the best tracks off the noughties albums are here, reissued on vinyl for the first time, I must admit to being gutted I didn’t dive in earlier and wholeheartedly regret not trusting my instincts.

Back in the day when I first heard that debut album, I like many was totally blown away by their pop-rock melodies and Ramones-like relentless wall of sound. We all know how they were championed by BBC DJ John Peel. With disco and youth club classics like ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘Get Over You’ and ‘My Perfect Cousin’ But this is about the reformed Undertones who in 1999 with new singer Paul McLoone got back amongst it releasing two really strong albums.

Now you’ll never please all the people all the time but with releases like this its to try and catch old fans (like Me) or tempt in new ones maybe too young to remember the bands heyday. you know what? this release does an excellent job in just that showcasing just what the band has to offer and giving a great cross-section of those Two naughties albums. Damian O’Neill said of this bunch of tunes, they are all firm favourites on an Undertones set list these days, all songs penned by John O¹Neill and Michael Bradley. 

So it’s a no brainer really that there is a best-of compilation taken from the two albums with Paul McLoone. O’Neill even spoke of his excitement that producer and mixing maestro Paul Tipler was on board with the songs providing a fresh pair of ears to make them sound even better than they originally did. What you have here is a bunch of songs that flow really well and as a “new” record it sounds impressive and current. So dig this compilation people both old and new for ‘Dig What You Need’ has some most excellent tunes.

The thirteen chosen songs kick off with a straight down-the-line rocker with a great hook and melody ‘Thrill Me’. To be fair McLoone has a belting voice and knocks this one right out of the park on what I would consider to be a bread and butter sound of The Undertones. That wall of overdriven guitar – a banging melody that sounds like it’s played with huge grins all around. The album doesn’t roll out in sequence as on the original records but jumps around which helps. ‘I Need Your Love’ is Rock and Rolling along with a great air of Joie de vivre much like a lot of the band’s songs. Its power pop with a smile and an offer of a great time.

It’s not all one-dimensional though ‘Joyride’ is more pop less power and they do add keyboards to proceedings along the way which adds another texture. The chosen songs from ‘Dig Yourself Deep’ sound fresh, the title track is a great song with a big chorus and a smart mid-tempo groove. to be fair there isn’t much between the best songs on offer they all shine and it’s great to hear them for the first time. Maybe the only question I have would be why a best of and not just a re-release of both records on vinyl? I guess a taster is a good place to start before you Dig into this proper and maybe if this does well both records on vinyl will come. Until then this will more than do. Never mind dig – This is what you need – Buy It!

Bandcamp ‘Dig What You Need’ Pre-Order:  

Digital ‘Dig What You Need’ Pre-order:

Author: Dom Daley

The Undertones dates in full


10 – Sheffield, UK @ Leadmill *

11 – Northampton, UK @Roadmender ^

12 – London, UK @ Electric Ballroom ^

17 – Brighton, UK @ Chalk ^

18 – Frome, UK @ Cheese & Grain ^

19 – Cardiff, UK @ Cardiff SU Great Hall ^

31- Newcastle, UK @ Boiler Shop ^


01 – Manchester, UK @Academy – ^

02 – Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy ^

09 – Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk

10 – Weinheim, Germany @ Cafe Central

22 – Dublin, Ireland @ Academy

May13 – Bremen, Germany @ Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus

14 – Düsseldorf, Germany @ Zakk

15 – Hamburg, Germany @ Markethalle

17 – Malmo, Sweden @ Plan B

18 – Oslo, Norway @ Vulkan Arena

20 – Göteborg, Sweden @ Pustervik

21 – Stockholm, Sweden @Slaktkykan

22 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Pumpenhuset

*Special guest Neville Staple Band

^Special guest Hugh Cornwell Electric

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