My only experience of seeing Francis Rossi was with Quo but I went to see The Alarm support themin a football stadium and it was many many moons ago. I find myself traveling up the south Wales coast to the seaside town of Porthcawl to catch Francis Rossi doing a stand-up slash songs and chat performance and I was looking forward to finding out what it was all about. Not being familiar with the format and resisting the temptation to go online and watch some spoilers I took my seat amongst the Quo diehards who are out in force.

Over a hundred shows in and Francis and Guitarist Andy Brook are perched on a pair of oversized red armchairs with little else on the stage other than their instruments and a desk with a lamp the announcer introduced the evening was about to begin and people should refrain from taking pictures and videos. Francis walks onto the large stage in front of a packed house at Porthcawl Grand Pavillion to rapturous applause before a note is played or a word spoken.

Going into this most interesting of evenings was a first for me and outside of the big hits and Quos standing in the pantheon of rock n roll history I sat up with an open mind to what was about to unfold.

Now, it’s fair to say Rossi is a confident guy, sure he has charisma and a big stage presence but this is a different enviroment for a rock and rolla whos used to hiding behind a guitar and the volume as well as having bandmates to spar and act as a foil but this is stripped bare with none of the trappings of being part of the band. It’s not an arena or football stadium and he doesn’t have the amps and a band behind him, this was something different and way out of any rockers wheel house. Rossi began at the beginning regaling tales of growing up in South London in a Catholic Italian family but it wasn’t long before music and its infancy in the young Francis and his brother took hold. Growing up listening to folk songs and soon the boy’s interest peaked and the similarities between Irish folk Italian folk and rock n roll.

Rossi has a very charming and engaging disposition and his tales flow like a fine wine after the opening twenty minutes he sits down picks up a guitar and the tunes join the banter. Immediately I’m struck by how strong his voice is and how engaging he is with his guitar in hand. He and Andy worked seamlessly as the harmonies worked well as some early songs were dispatched from ‘Matchstick Men’ and on. Throughout the evening tales were told, how some of the lesser quo hits were written, and the stories behind them. One thing that stood out was just how humble Rossi was/is, sure he’s sharp and rehearsed but how in love with the music he is. He’s fast moving from story to story and his sense of humour is going down well with the punters who were clearly die-hard Quo fans who must have been in their oils to be so close and intimate with their hero as he made them laugh as well as reminisce about some of the songs that put him on the biggest of stages and part of Rock royalty.

Being a member of a band who held the most appearances ever on TOTP, it’s often overlooked how important a band Quo was/is in UK rock music and just how many albums and singles they released.

Conscious of overrunning and being sidetracked Rossi had some great one-liners for the few giddy ladies who’d had one lager top too many and heckled him whilst fangirling him much to the amusement of everyone else. He seemed to understand the format really well and was also being respectful for where he was and why we were there. After an hour of early songs like ‘Matchstick Men’ and an excellent blues duet of ‘In My Chair’ and ‘Spinning Wheel Blues’ the sound was fantastic and you could have heard a pin drop before the brief interval before Rossi and Brook returned to the stage to complete the second half.

The format worked well and the audience was hanging off his every word with nobody shouting out or constantly videoing or taking pictures as Rossi moved through his career playing his personal favorites as well as staple Quo classics sure you have to hang on for a wonderful rendition of songs like ‘Caroline’ and of course ‘Rockin all over the world’ were knocked out after Rossi took some pre-written questions from Andy Brook where Rossi gave a heartfelt reason as to why he still does this and tours in a bus for over 100 shows, he also genuinely spoke fondly of why he plays the likes of Porthcawl and Milford Haven. He could easily sit on his laurels and enjoy his retirement but he does it for the love of music and respect and love for the fans who have given him over fifty years in music.

His words came across as genuine and honest and to be fair it capped off a really enjoyable evening in front of a genuine British Rock Star who deserves the title national treasure but for all the right reasons. He’s been around for over 50 years sold over a hundred million records, made over 100 TOTP appearances, and owned live Aid along with U2.

He can now add accomplished comedian and acoustic troubadour to his list of achievements and if you get the chance to see him do this Tunes & Chats you absolutely should, fan or not it was a wonderful almost 3 hours of entertainment.

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Author: Dom Daley

(Pictures from Porthcawl taken from the Francis Rossi Facebook page because when he asked for no video or phone footage I had to show him the respect he certainly earned.)

Hellhammer’s “Messiah” marks the earliest collaboration between the band’s founder, Tom Gabriel Warrior, and his then new friend (and future Hellhammer bassist) Martin Eric Ain, in late 1983. While Warrior wrote the music, Ain and Warrior co-wrote the lyrics. The song reflects a generation’s perennial foreboding of an impending terminal nuclear escalation in West Europe during the Cold War. Which, remarkably, makes it as topical today as it was when it was first created.

Triumph Of Death’s performance of “Messiah” is taken from the group’s “Resurrection Of The Flesh” live album, and the accompanying video clip was filmed during the group’s concert at Dark Easter Metal Meeting in Munich, Germany, in April of 2023.


The band’s three Eps pulled together, shifted the track listing round and added a pair of live tracks for what is effectively the band’s first full length album on No Front Teeth. 

You know the drill by now, if it’s on NFT it’s got every chance of being pretty bloody good, and not having come across the band’s eps I’m delighted to have the opportunity to play catch up from the opening ‘GTA’ its energetic tuneful punk rock with a raw delivery from the previous members of the superb Ten o Sevens and NFT legends The Gaggers. This North London three-piece knock-out bright energetic punk rock n roll. You can pogo and join in on the gang vocals of ‘GTA’ with its no-nonsense delivery. ‘1984’ has the same skank that some of Strummer’s work used to have on the verse before breaking out for the chorus its got a strong melody and the lyrics will draw you in. ‘The Answer’ offers some Buzzcocks abrasive guitar attack wrapped up in a solid beat. It’s a really enjoyable run-through with some poignant guitar soloing but I love the feel of ‘Boring People Get Bored’ It’s totally ’77 London punk but enough distance between then and now and kids need to get their heart rate up to songs like this especially when it’s done this well. I went days just listening to the Ten O Sevens album and missed what they could have done next but hearing these songs I’m delighted with the next phase and Mapache music. It’s not rocket science it is punk rock and Mapache does it really well. ‘Mind Changing’ lightens the mood and sails quite close to the ragged style of The Libertines which is another great place to be. ‘Fomo’ is a rapid romp with some traditional Chuck Berry licks thrown in for good measure as the band just get on with business. A throughly enjoyable punk rock DIY record.

Not to be confused with about half a dozen other very different styles who share the same name this mob but none of those bands have got that DNA of early Clash and a heap of other garage punk coursing through their tunes and the sneering vocals hit the spot every time. Hell if you get on their Facebook page or via the link below they’ll send you a CD copy for Free, how punk is that? What are you waiting for get on with it you wasters and freeloaders. Get some ‘Battery Powered’ punk rock in your life you’ll love it and thank me later.

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Singalong, good time punk rock from The Kingcrows. With a fair dose of upbeat uptempo punk with a healthy dose of proper glam thrown in for rgood measure. The album opens with the bop til you drop ‘Goodtime Generation’ the album has a great vibrant loud production where the instruments can breathe whilst creating a big full warm sound. One track rolls into the next starting a chain reaction sounding like agreat night down the old Marquee club waiting for The Ramones to come on the jukebox ‘Thousand Miles From Home’ is a really good tune. Like the Yo-Yos and a bunch of other naughties bands who leaned on punk but embedded in the songs is a heartbeat of Rock and Roll and a love of bands like Sweet and Slade whilst airing on the side of the likes of the Soho Roses for good measure.

There a healthy dose of The Clash going on as well on tracks like ‘Young Guns Of Nowhere Town’ and the boot boy Rock n Roll of ‘Kicking In Heavens Door’ will have plenty of beer being waved around the dance floor. The energy is relentless and they’ve put together some really decent tunes and managed to sound fresh on what is a well-worn genre. the sing-a-long choruses of ‘Thank You And Goodnight’ is a lot of fun. and then we’re back to the Ramones homage of ‘Love Hurts’ Dee Dee would be proud of this slive of Wart Hog punk rock.

‘Devils’ is a lot of fun like the Damned were when they did Machine Gun Etiquette but mashed it up with some Motorhead thump for good measure. I also go t a sense of SLF on ‘Boys In The Band’ Oi Oi! Bosh the band sound like they’re having fun bashing ou tsong after song of boundless energy. If you’re waiting fo ra soppy ballad then you should move on – Kingcrows are here for the beer and to make a noise but to do it with style and a pocket full of sing-a-long songs and I like that. Hit them up and tell them RPM sent you (better late than never)



Author: Dom Daley

Hot on the heels of last year’s Ramones tribute, ‘Basement Beat’, Brad Marino returns with 10 new songs that, ideally, would have been the soundtrack to this summer. Still, it’s a welcome return, and I can almost remember what the sun looks like whilst listening to another top notch collection of tunes.

Whether it’s the Slade-tinged title track, or the slide infused ‘Up And Up’, this is poptastic stuff. Crafting great power pop isn’t easy, but Brad has a knack with it, and none is finer than ‘Hung Up’, with its Rickenbacker-friendly melody. You’ll be “ooh”ing along in no time, perhaps due to it being one of two collaborations with Kurt Baker. They really are made for each other, musically speaking.

Just listen to this and ‘I’m Broke’ for the proof. Fingers crossed for a full album together, though they’re obviously both busy; Kurt’s ‘Rock N Roll Club’ being one of the best albums this year.

They both make it sound effortless, ‘(She’s) Doing Her Thing’ settles in your head like an old friend, in a Flamin’ Groovies style. ‘Lucy’ rattles by, complete with castanets, like Ramones on a sugar high. ‘Looking Then’ is worthy of Paul Collins, and Brad throws the kitchen sink at ‘Another Sad And Lonely Night’, but it pays off, with contributions from members of the “New England Mafia”, Joe Queer and Geoff Palmer.

It’s a no brainer, folks. If quality power pop is your bag, this needs to be in your collection. Big grins all round.

Sioux Records For Vinyl

Rum Bar Records for CD & Digital

Or Brad directy Here

Author: Martin Chamarette

The best way to sum up tonight’s gig is to live in the moments just after tonight’s headliners have left the stage. The Exchange’s walls are not dripping sweat they are running with it, like the venue had just sprung a leak (thank heavens we aren’t on the Thekla eh?), the stage too looks like it’s just held a heavyweight boxing match that’s gone the full 12 rounds, and all around me my fellow punters look positively shell shocked as we amble out into the cold night air.

There was part of me that wanted to send RPM pics of the sodden stage and drenched walls and leave it at that, but then you wouldn’t get the context, and with OFF! it’s always all about the context.

But let’s start at the beginning, and Washington D.C based duo Teen Mortgage who are opening for OFF! on this short run of UK shows. They’ve also just been announced as the opening act for Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer’s 2024 enormodome tour here in the UK, so they are obviously a band going places. And to my ears at least, that place is somewhere around the dawn of the 1990s, as their fuzzed-out brand of sub pop draws on equal parts Sabbath and the Stooges just like most of the US bands that graced the cover of the NME and Sounds did back then. Teen Mortgage’s members weren’t even born back then though, so it’s probably only older bastards like me who will feel the need to make these comparisons, and to their credit they do quickly turn The Exchange’s (at the time) ice-cold live room into one that is at least warm enough for me to take my beanie off. It’s just I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this done many times before and it all kind of reminded me of noughties UK trio The Zico Chain, only they had more instantly memorable songs. Perhaps it was the prospect of what was about to follow that meant Teen Mortgage caught me with my gig guard fully up tonight, but I do wish them well, whatever happens next for them.

My guard was up because with OFF! you can never really predict anything; I mean who would have ever thought that after three jaw stinging LPs packed full of short sharp punk rock punches that their fourth record, released just over a year ago now, would not only contain some of the heaviest music known to humanity, but also free form jazz segues? And whilst the latter (in its truest sense) is nowhere to be found tonight, as the band quietly amble onto the stage and frontman Keith Morris unfurls a set list that extends the full height of the PA’s side fills and to his left guitarist Dimitri Coats begins to unleash some truly bizarre sounds from a box of electronic tricks he has tucked away side stage whilst bassist Autry Fulbright II and (returning) drummer Mario Rubalcaba start to limber up by tinkering away of their respective instruments, you do get the feeling that the sense of musical adventure contained within that record is still very much alive within this most exhilarating of punk rock bands.

It’s only when the full force of ‘Slice Up The Pie’ hits me straight in the chest that the gig really takes off though and for the next hour or so we are all taken on a whirlwind adventure, initially through the pysch punk delights of the aforementioned ‘Free LSD’ LP before a selection of (I think) nine older songs really do take the roof off the place. It’s intense and mind bending at times, especially during album number four’s title track, but by equal measure tracks from that record like ‘War Above Los Angeles’ and ‘Worst Is Yet To Come’ stand as some of Dimitri Coats and Keith Morris’ best work to date. Yes, I’d have loved to have seen Justin Brown working his drum magic on said tunes tonight but make no mistake, Mario totally owns these twisted beauties too. Likewise, during the older songs played tonight, the looming lanky presence of one Steven McDonald is always going to be missed on the bass, but once again my beanie is off for what Autry does whilst playing these brutal beasts with his fingers and not a plectrum. Insanely talented each and every one of them.

At times you could be forgiven for thinking that someone on OFF!’s crew has half-inched one of the Concorde engines from the nearby Patchway museum, hotwired it and stuck a microphone straight into its boom, such is the transonic quality of the band in the here and now. It’s no easy night out that’s for sure but isn’t that really what has always been at the heart of what punk rock has always been about?

See what I mean about context now? Tonight was totally OFF! the scale, make no mistakes.

Author: Johnny Hayward


16th November, 2023 – Multi-platinum American rock band Skid Row known for their electrifying performances and timeless hits, is taking their passion for music and fan connection to a whole new level by venturing into the world of spirits. Today, the band proudly announces the launch of Skid Row Spirits, a thrilling and high-octane portfolio featuring Skid Row 18 and Life Single Origin Ultra Premium Rum and Skid Row Midnight Vodka. Skid Row Spirits is a tribute to the band’s enduring legacy, providing fans with a taste of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

After more than a year in product development, this exciting portfolio comes as a natural extension of the band’s creativity, offering fans and spirit enthusiasts alike a chance to experience the same level of intensity and quality they’ve come to expect from Skid Row’s music. For hardcore Skid Row followers, the spirits are an opportunity to connect with the history of the band through every sip of the carefully curated liquid concepts.

Resonating with all Skid Row fans from past to present, Skid Row 18 and Life Single Origin Ultra Premium Rum celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic song in 2024 and the nostalgia evoked through its timeless themes and musical craftsmanship. The distinct product is a unique and captivating 18 year expression combining the artistry of Guyanese rum distillation with European aging methods. After being housed in American oak barrels in Guyana, the rum was finished in rare teak wood leggers in Europe. Bold and standing centre stage with 45% ABV, Skid Row 18 and Life Rum blends tradition with innovation, delivering deep tones of nougat with hints of toasted coconut and vanilla bean. The rich and complex flavour profile is complemented by elegant layers of dried fruit with a rounded velvety smooth chocolate finish, resulting in an unparalleled sipping experience for both rum connoisseurs and fans.

Skid Row Midnight Vodka is a smooth yet edgy vodka that captures the essence of the band’s exhilarating live performances and uncompromising style. Crafted with the same dedication and passion that Skid Row brings to their music, Skid Row Midnight Vodka is highlighted by a product character as raw and real as the band themselves. Each sip delivers crisp and clear tones of grain and toasted bread, complete with a rounded, dry and bold finish. When the clock strikes midnight, turn to Skid Row Midnight Vodka.

As an extra gift for the launch, collectors and fans can look forward to the Skid Row Spirits Limited Edition Collection – a merch promo pack including both bottles plus exclusively designed playing cards and two guitar picks.

”The idea of having our own brand of liquor has been floating around our collective minds for quite some time.  Upon meeting the fine folks at Brands for Fans we realized that the time was now. From their rich history, their association with iconic artists to their attention to detail we knew this idea would finally come to fruition.  We’ve been involved with every stage of this process from beginning to end to make sure that the highest quality and character are achieved with every bottle. And we hope that you will enjoy these offerings as much as we do!  As always, thank you for your support!  Drink responsibly and celebrate life!!” – sNAKE

“Skid Row Spirits are not products that we just put our name on the label then slapped on a bottle, they’re products we took pride in creating for our fans to like. We have worked closely with Brands For Fans to develop great tasting spirits that will be enjoyed by both the casual drinker as well as the most discerning palette.” – Rachel Bolan

CEO of the drinks partner Brands For Fans, Filip Lundquist, comments: “We’ve loved working with the Skid Row guys – they have had so much energy for the project and passion for delivering the best for their fans. We’ve been able to work with real agility and creativity, which we really appreciate in a partnership. Quality of these liquids are extraordinary”.

Skid Row Spirits will begin a global launch with an initial pre-order rollout in Europe/UK in November* and Australia in December**, followed by Japan, USA and Canada in early 2024.

Skid Row Midnight Vodka – RRP €35.90 and £35

Skid Row 18 and Life Ultra Premium Rum – RRP €85.00 and £75.00

Skid Row Limited Edition Collection – €99.90 and £95

For more information and to buy Skid Row Spirits in Europe/UK, visit: 

Australian stockist:

*Bottles available for shipping in EU from first week of December and from UK in second week of December

**Bottles available for shipping in Australia in January

After the blast off and the countdown, Blag and the gang are feeling great with a little slice of punk rock sunshine complete with lush harmonies and a melody to die for. How could The Dwarves ever be cancelled with songs this happy? It’s sunshine, rainbows and unicorns and a melodic guitar solo to swing your pants to. oh yes, and lyrics about masterbating (well it is the motherfuckin Dwarves for Gawds Sake). He’ll its the Dwarves boys n girls and if you don’t like it fuck you! Go listen to Nickelback. They’ve never been PC and anyone whose followed them or read Vadges book knows that this is who they are a bunch of depraved guys who happen to write awesome music and seriously dangerous live shows. Hell they’ve got a big pile of books made out of paper on the cover n all what more could you possibly want?

How haven’t the cancel culture warriors from the right not taken a swing at Blag and the gang. Tits on the artwork, songs about wanking and Satan and fucking. Oh and terrorism. Go Blag you crazy fucker I ain’t been this excited since dessert storm either.

‘Terrorist’ is full throttle don’t fuck with us Dwarves in full flight. The band sounds magnificent and the effortless energy is a joy to behold. In true Dwarves fashion its turns the amps up and let’s go, It’s off like a fuckin rocket. ‘Ages Ago’ goes through the gears before any chance of pausing for breath.

Wait what’s this, some horns honking, hand claps, and surfing chops on the guitar as ‘Dead To Me’ tells a twisted tale on this most fucked up of duets. Pure Blag genius and the organ is like they’ve kidnapped some prime-time Rudi Petruddi and his Fuzztones.

‘Do It All The Time’ is heavy as fuck chugging riff through a grinding rhythm like being high on spice when the weather hits 110 – intense. A couple of twists and turns through safe Dwarves territory and we hit the halfway point of this twenty-track masterpiece. Oh yeah, tipper stickers are ready to warn the kids of the content of this record as ‘ Everybody Squirts’ makes way via a seaway of testimony about a typical Dwarves day on the road before ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ kicks down some doors.

‘You Lose We Win’ is as hard and heavy as the Dwarves get Thrashing away like prize fighters. One of the highlights is ‘Parasite’ with its swirling organ (oh er mrs) and hand claps and some great licks from the guitars.

Wrecks everything ‘Comes Unglued’ on the unhinged brain fuck  of a track. ‘We Will Dare’ just glides by on one of those Dwarves’ melodies. It’s familiar territory but they do it so well. ‘Lean’ is punk if Slayer were to return as punks. It’ll fuck with your brain but I think it’s a Dwarves interlude to let the listener regain their composure before sailing off on ‘Ain’t Playing With You’ We’re in the home straight now as ‘Sixteen’ rocks out before Thrashing about on ‘Stabbed My Dad’, yeah perfect, what a pleasant title for a frenzied fling before signing off this beast of a record with ‘All For You’ and you know that Blag is being sincere here and bowing out letting us know why these depraved individuals who make up the Dwarves are true altruistic punk rockers who only do it for us the fans and nothing to do with sex, drugs, and money or self-gratification it’s all about giving and on ‘Concept’ The Dwarves have delivered once again. Give give give. And on behalf of Joe Public can I say thank you so much for delivering again and again. The concept is a winner and over time might well grow to be up there with one off their finest most consistent records yet. Just don’t die or get canceled. Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Going back several weeks I found myself in a group chat with all four members of Autogramm where we spoke about the band’s new album (Released 17th November) ‘Music Humans Can Play’ as well as what made them expand to a four-piece as well as their plans for some live shows in Europe as well as a few around the release in North America. Hit the link and enjoy Autogramm…

















March 21 – GERMANY TBA

March 22 DE – BOCHUM – WAGENI 



March 25 DE – LEIPZIG – NBL

March 26 DE – DRESDEN – TBA



March 29 HOLLAND – TBA

I loved their debut album ‘Let’s Go’ when I heard it through No Front Teeth being of the glamorous rabid punk rockers variety These Baltimore Glam Punks were exactly what I like to hear and coming on like a Joan Jett with a velvet glove hiding a knuckle duster riding a Ramones Rocket To Russia. BBQT  takes the simple yet effective approach to punk rock – write a pop song play it hard and fast and always do it with a melody and a hefty dose of attitude. Mix in some classic Glam from the likes of Debbie Harry the Dolls because That’s BBQT that is. It’s snotty pop songs played hard and fast with distorted guitars and a heap of swing.

You’ll be all in before you get to the end of the second track ‘Crashin’ with its bluster and bombastic thuggish vocals it’ll draw you in then hack n Slash you like a cat fighting with all claws on view with some sharp solos and rampant riffage just to ware you down. If that didn’t convince you then title track will, its rapid but a lot of fun and bristling with energy (much like the rest of this record) to be fair.

How good is ‘king of scum’ or ‘stranded’? Man, these cats have the attitude to back up the energy they put into the songs. One thing you won’t do is ‘Nod Out’, what a thumping slab of punk rock that is. Like the Dead Boys with dabbling with Texas Terri leading the charge through a whole-hearted set of tunes. Taking no prisoners and doing what the fuck they like, on their terms, just how punk rock n roll should sound – Dangerous Dames indeed.

Ten songs in twenty minutes – Bosh, Adios Amigos and thanks for the good time see you later, were done live fast and all that. I fuckin love it. Saving the fastest most snarling til the last Bbqt has produced an absolute cracker. Fill yer stilleto boots ye dirty punks. I can’t believe its taken me all Summer and Fall to get round to fully appreciating this album but its fashionably late and better late than never and it fully deserves to be exposed for the quality punk n roll it is. Quite simply buy it! Stream it or however you play your rock n roll music, just dont ignore it.

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Author: Dom Daley