Singalong, good time punk rock from The Kingcrows. With a fair dose of upbeat uptempo punk with a healthy dose of proper glam thrown in for rgood measure. The album opens with the bop til you drop ‘Goodtime Generation’ the album has a great vibrant loud production where the instruments can breathe whilst creating a big full warm sound. One track rolls into the next starting a chain reaction sounding like agreat night down the old Marquee club waiting for The Ramones to come on the jukebox ‘Thousand Miles From Home’ is a really good tune. Like the Yo-Yos and a bunch of other naughties bands who leaned on punk but embedded in the songs is a heartbeat of Rock and Roll and a love of bands like Sweet and Slade whilst airing on the side of the likes of the Soho Roses for good measure.

There a healthy dose of The Clash going on as well on tracks like ‘Young Guns Of Nowhere Town’ and the boot boy Rock n Roll of ‘Kicking In Heavens Door’ will have plenty of beer being waved around the dance floor. The energy is relentless and they’ve put together some really decent tunes and managed to sound fresh on what is a well-worn genre. the sing-a-long choruses of ‘Thank You And Goodnight’ is a lot of fun. and then we’re back to the Ramones homage of ‘Love Hurts’ Dee Dee would be proud of this slive of Wart Hog punk rock.

‘Devils’ is a lot of fun like the Damned were when they did Machine Gun Etiquette but mashed it up with some Motorhead thump for good measure. I also go t a sense of SLF on ‘Boys In The Band’ Oi Oi! Bosh the band sound like they’re having fun bashing ou tsong after song of boundless energy. If you’re waiting fo ra soppy ballad then you should move on – Kingcrows are here for the beer and to make a noise but to do it with style and a pocket full of sing-a-long songs and I like that. Hit them up and tell them RPM sent you (better late than never)



Author: Dom Daley