Hands up who’s seen a bad, or even an average Terrorvision show over the years? No, I thought not. Bradford’s finest export don’t do average. Through the glorious Brit Rock years and their run of chart success in the 90’s, the lost 2000’s and the subsequent reformations, Terrorvision have always delivered high energy rock n’ roll shows and have a greatest hits set that many bands would die for. You may have forgotten that these quirky northern herberts were chart botherers at a time when the charts actually mattered. ‘Tequila’, ‘Celebrity Hit List’ and ‘Bad Actress’ were top 10 singles, and they weren’t even their strongest songs!

Celebrating 30 years as a band, Terrorvision play 3 shows in the run up to bonfire night. Billed as TV30, they play Nottingham Rock City, Camden Electric Ballroom and tonight, sandwiched between the two, a sold-out hometown show at the stunning surroundings of St George’s Hall in Bradford.

It’s pretty full already by the time Brighton noisenicks The Bar Stool Preachers hit the stage. Their high energy, socially aware ska punk anthems might seem a bit of a mismatch for a Terrorvison crowd but they go down surprisingly well. Promoting the well-received ‘Above The Static’ album, the six-piece band are a whirlwind of bouncing energy from the off. Frontman Tom McFaull has the ability to whip the crowd up into a frenzy, and the rest of the guys make the most of the space, bounding around like their lives depend on it.

It’s a short set and they don’t play any of the recent singles, which seems a bit odd. But with the likes of the ska infused ‘Choose My Friends’ and the anthemic ‘Flatlined’, they sure have enough tunes to excite the uninitiated. An extended ‘Bar Stool Preacher’ closes the set with audience participation, and The Bar Stool Preachers leave the stage with the satisfaction that they have certainly gained more than a few new fans tonight.

Terrorvision are dressed in black and pink as they take to the stage to thunderous applause. Whereas L.A. darlings Starcrawler pull off this look with the cool that only L.A. rock stars can, the Bradford rockers have a more casual approach, apart from frontman Tony Wright that is. Wearing a full-on pink suit, black shirt and trainers, he’s more Showaddywaddy than LA chic, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

They open a 24 song greatest hits set with the sublime ‘Discotheque Wreck’ and the crowd go mental. A high energy performance from the off, the band are all over the stage, led of course by Tony’s animated antics and crowd interaction.

The sound and atmosphere in this venue is top notch and works to the band’s advantage. And of course they have the songs…loads of ‘em. You may have forgotten how many hits Terrorvision have in their repertoire. ‘How To Make Friends And Influence People’ spawned 5 top 30 singles in 1994 and they are all played tonight. ‘Alice What’s The Matter’ sounds amazing, it’s six songs into the set and the singer has the crowd in the palm of his hands.

Terrorvision are a 7-piece band these days. Tony’s sidekick Milly Evans has played keyboards full time for at least 15 years and the addition of Nick Hughes from The Middlenight Men on Trumpet and Liz Mitchell on saxophone makes for a full sound. But it’s Tony, bassist Leigh Marklew and guitarist Mark Yates who are the focal point all night. With leather trousers, and a waistcoat over a pink shirt, a Les Paul dangling from his knees, Mark Yates is still the most rock n’ roll member of Terrorvision, and he peels off those killer licks and riffs effortlessly, while pulling all the cool rock star poses.

The hits continue to flow. ‘Tequila’ may be cheesy, but you can’t deny the power of a catchy chorus and the drinking anthem probably keeps Tony stocked up on Kopperberg these days. The place erupts for the chorus, and it gives the reaction any fine drinking song should.

The highlights are plentiful and memorable. For me it would be a killer ‘My House’, the over-catchy ‘Celebrity Hit List’ and the ever cool ‘Josephine’, the Tarantino-esque guitars and killer chorus a sublime match for me.

Their turn of the century dance anthem ‘D’Ya Wanna Go Faster’ ends a 22-song set in fine style and the sweaty crowd get their money’s worth ten-fold. But the band have a few more aces up their collective sleeves. Following a rip-roaring punky rarity ‘This Drinking Will Kill Me’ there is only one song left to end a killer Terrorvision show…whales and dolphins! ‘Perseverance’ is one of those classic signature Terrorvision singles, and a song that has the ability to transcend and give a massive sense of euphoria, like all good songs should. What a way to end a set.

Tonight was a masterclass in how to perform a rock n’ roll show. With 30 years in the business Terrorvision are masters of entertainment and have the back catalogue to make lesser bands weep. Every time I see them live they deliver, when supporting larger acts, they sometimes come off the better band on the night. It’s just a shame they are not a full-time thing these days, but when they do tour, it’s nice to be reminded just how good they are and what a high energy rock show should all be about. A perfect celebration of one of the UK’s best bands. Same time next year, lads?

Author: Ben Hughes

Wonderful Pics courtesy of:Adrian Hextall

The clue is in the title. Johny gets a couple of chicks on board who wont answer him back, wont drink his rider, argue in the van steal his leather strides and get into fights with the local police,but, can knock out some dirty punk n roll fast n loud and look awesome in a wig.

Turn it up suckers this is no nonsense, loud n fast punk n roll. Its down n dirty and having learnt from the best it also includes a filthy rendition of ‘No Class’ which to be fai ris clearly the MO for this EP. Its back at the marquee on Wardour Street where McCoy n Thunders are hanging out by the cloakroom whist the Lords are tuning up. Clocking in at a thunderous one minute ‘Dancing With The Dead Girls’ is a call to arms and ast enough to get the heart racing and a longing for a time long gone but hell of alot of fun.

Don’t pause because the Lords dripping ‘Bad Intentions’ is a sliding solo to Hell and back as the tempo is like a hog guzzling petrol on the highway to hell with the FTW middle digit to the rest of the pack before buring out rather than fading away.

what a corker Johny hits paydirt with a sleazy slice of ‘No Class’ that Lemmy would certainly be proud of would tip his hat and rattle his jewelery at if he hears it. To be fair I’ve played it loud enough that he might just hear it with a fair wind into the next life. the energy on ‘The Buzz’ is fantasticand having the EP come out of covering ‘No Class’ is a gift from the Rock n Roll Gods and proof that music is plucked from the ether or gifted from the spirits who’ve passed on.

The energy keeps on going and the Dead Girls keep on giving as ‘Where The Action Is’ is a motoring cruise control riff a rama where it builds to the solo that’s on fire! then we’re back to that Lord’s inspired bass n drums breakdown that takes this sucker home.

Closing off the best piece of work mr Skullknuckles has done for a long time and if anyone has been paying attention that is an impressive catalogue behind him and this is the icing on the cake the cream of the crop if you like. ‘Dirty Fucking Rock n Roll’ is a slow-burning groove-infested rocker that does what it says on the tin. Now pop over to Bandcamp and fill yer boots. Stick it on the player and stick it in your ears its music for the soul and music for the connoisseur of Dirty Fuckin Rock n Roll. Now where can I get Silent Sonia’s phone number for my Mate Hotshot, he loves how she does her hair and paradiddles her snare and no doubt holds her liquor. Buy It

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Michael G Bayliss, Richard England, Alex Wonk, Peter Wilkinson, Andy Cox, Chris Musto, and Kate O’Brian are in Los Santos London and they play um rock n roll I guess, yes, simple as that this is something of a collaborative effort from some very talented musicians pulled together to make a varied record. ‘On The Strip (Vegas Baby)’ a sprightly riff-tastic rocker eases you in with a strong melody held in place by a thumping riff and rhythm section. The slightly muddy production sort of adds a vibrancy to the recordings. Whilst not rushed it gives the vibe of urgency and DIY feel to the tracks as the EP thumps into ‘Bourbon Street’ where the pop melody is slightly buried beneath the avalanche of punk urgency not too dissimilar to early Lemonheads take on punk rock.

‘Stoneface’ has a glimpse of The Ruts running through the middle of this scorching blast of punk rock. From the vibrant keith moon school of drumming from Alex Wonk its a blast for sure. ‘Fanclub (for Ronnie Spector)’ has a low budget echo going on as you’d imagine from the title this dreamy pop song has enough worn edges in its delivery to keep it fresh and the chorus and vocal melody is good making it the stand out track on this EP. Closing this ever so brief glimps into what can be achieved when some punk rockers get together to make music it only leaves a very good take on a Husker du classic ‘Sorry Somehow’ where the band thunder through a very satisfying version.

All in all a decent offering from Los Santos with some very good tunes knocked out in fine fashion and my beef with the production or mixing might just be what keeps it vibrant and alive, I’ll give my head a wobble and press play again. Go on dive in it’s only Rock n Roll kids just turn it up.

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Author: Dom Daley

I find myself in the exquisite surroundings of one of London’s finest concert halls, The Roundhouse in Camden Town for what is the first time in ages. For I’m about to catch the last night of The Mission’s Deja Vu World Tour. Whilst it seemed like forever ago when I went to the second warm-up show on the tour in Cardiff but that was only Wednesday, April 12th, 2022. Fast forward a year and I then caught a pretty special show in Barcelona, then in the summer it was a support slot with the Cult before rounding off (Boom Boom) in the Roundhouse for the finale. To be fair they were pretty damn good out of the traps on that opening night warm up but hell, the Roundhouse smashed all my expectations.

Sure Barcelona was hot a sweaty fun and the band had already been on the road for twelve months and the new boy Alex was well and truly in the groove but The Roundhouse they were absolutely on fire. Anyway, later. Firstly thanks to the London crosstown traffic and utterly shite weather we managed to miss Ist Ist which was a shame, but, walking into the already full Roundhouse just as Kirk Brandon and the band took to the stage for what was a fantastic no nonsense set of nine Theatre Of Hate songs plus the Spear Of Destiny ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ and this was the first TOH set I’d seen in years having previously caught Spear Of Destiny sets and Brandon Solo, or as part of Dead Men Walking many moons ago. The Saxophone worked well and as part of a post-punk setup up it was different songs like ‘Conquistador’ that went down a treat and Brandon looked and sounded in great shape which was also great to see.

Not much banter from Brandon it was a case of letting the music do the talking and get on with the job at hand so, ‘Incinerator’, ‘Westworld’, and ‘Propaganda’ were fine ways to sign off that evenings warm up. Excellent song delivered well, and a fine way to catch up with a unique talent that is Kirk Brandon now for the headliners.

The Mission, Its no secret and its fair to say I love the band from the first time I heard them burst onto the scene back in the 80s. They’ve been a constant throughout my youth and into adulthood, seeing the band dozens of times from way back in the day at Cardiffs New Ocean Club back before the debut album hit the shelves right up to this point and the final night of a pretty impressive and mammoth world crusade.

Making the most of it or just trying to draw in every last second I hope it’s not their swans song and there is more to come from the band who to be fair have sounded amazing and this night in the big smoke was an absolute triumph. To be fair I know they rehearse so many songs for the tour and then rotate them I’ve seen a pretty varied list of songs played and with the exception of ‘Naked And Savage’ the Roundhouse set was unbelievably good from the opening excitement of The Dam Buster Theme and into the epic ‘Beyond The Pale’ it was all systems go and the band were on fire. tight and road ready the miles had certainly paid off and Alex sounded so comfortable as it was no time for nostalgia or messing about it was pure business as the phenomenal ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ ripped through the PA as fresh as the first time I ever heard it. My mind was racing trying to take it all in and memories came flooding back as the band went through some big hits early doors it was ‘Crystal Ocean then ‘Butterfly On A Wheel’ before one of the newer tunes got a look in and for me, I’ve not been able to get the chorus of ‘Met-amor-Phosis’ out of my head. Sure I love the classics and will never tire of hearing ‘Garden Of Delight’ and ‘Stay With Me’ but equally the newer songs like this and ‘Swan Song ‘ hold similar status in my memories.

Ending the main set with a blustering big mother of a song ‘Deliverance’ delivered. It was time for a drink and then Wayne returned on his own for a quick bit of Sister’s banter and an impeccable ‘Wake’ before the band resumed their positions onstage for an epic one-two of ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Wastelands’, I found myself getting a little emotional saying it was moving too fast and can it go on longer but a glance at the watch said time wasn’t our friend and there was only room for one more, but we’d almost been here for two hours It had simply flown by which only left Wayne and Simon on stage for a stumble through ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before leaving the stage briefly before an absolute monster version of ‘Tower Of Strength’ and a heaving mass of people must have all been thinking the same thing as the band took a final bow and left the stage right. Howling triumphant applause saw the band off it was the least they deserved after such a draining set of songs that were the sound of a band right on the top of their game and a band that could go toe to toe with anyone on this form, simply superb.

I do hope this isn’t the end, but merely yet another chapter for one of the best bands for several decades. Go home, take some time off, and recharge the batteries. look back fondly on an amazing tour where the band got better and better because to go out at this point would be a travesty, especially with significant anniversaries on the horizon. Besides, I want to try a German date next time. This was certainly a taste of God’s Own Medicine and one I will never tire of taking, I treasure these moments that’s for sure. Play on Wayne, Craig, Simon, and Alex that was a special end to some special memories. Nice one.

Author: Dom Daley

Lighting up the airwaves around at RPM HQ is this tasty bunch of foot stompers. Check em out. A fine starting eleven if ever there was one. All Norman Hunter and Billy Bremner if you don’t mind.

Jonesy – ‘Doppelgangbangers’ (Heavy Medication Records) Heres a fulsome foursome packed with sleazy good times courtesy of Heavy Medication Records. From the ivory tinkling banger that opens this EP ‘(I Don’t Do) Blondes (No More)’ its a party anthem for those who couldn’t care about cancel culture and just love partying and good time rock n roll. then follow it up with a slide guitar driven rocker ‘(If Its Not Rock N Roll) Go TO Hell’ with a boot stomping DC meets Kiss meets a whole bunch of cowbell tub thumping rock n roll made for chuggin beers and picking your nails with a switchblade. ‘Gudbuy’ is Slade on speed with some added boogie just to reignite the party. ‘Furry White Fury’ is like the sleazy illegitimate bastard of every classic rock n roll tune with more cowbell and five mile wide smiles. Love this band and respect to Heavy Medication For taking this to market. What a whapping ten inches of hot throbbing dirty wax – Its a winner! 

Johny & The Dead Girls – ‘Bomber’ (Self Release) Oh boy hold onto your wigs kids Mr. Skullknuckles is here to show you how to do a cover as it should be done with his sleazy yet fabulously glamorous take on this Motorhead classic. No need to hide behind your fingers folks this is a proper doff of the cap to a classic. Bite, personality, and a lot of fun – lovin it! There is a new mini EP on the horizon and this was recorded at the same time however it’s an exclusive on the Bandcamp page so go fill yer boots.

Yobs – Fortune Teller (Fuzz Club Records) What a two minute blast of head fucking noise from Liverpools Yobs. Out of the rubble of the now-defunct Liverpool bands Weird Sex (Roadkill Records) and Ohmns, with a pair of live shows on the horizon at London, The Night Owl on Nov 24th and Nov 25 – Liverpool, @ Round The Corner. This one will shake off any hangover cobwebs you might have. Banger!

Dwarves – ‘Voodoo’ (Greedy Records) The last punk band has a new smokin album ready to be released this month and heres a sample of a track from it. Spooktacular song from a right thrashingly good Dwarves album there are another nineteen like this one coming down the barrel and people say punk is dead or theres nothing exciting around anymore but hey let me tell you this is still the dogs danglies and the Dwarves are still fuckin awesome.

Wytch Pycknyck – ‘Columbo No5’(Property Of The Lost Records) Hastings based psychedelic punks Wytch Pycknyk have been causing a stir lately with some incendury live performances. ‘Columbo No5’ is the first release on Property of the Lost with a Debut album out early ’24. It a howling hoot of a song with some wild and quite frankly reckless guitar riffage over that hypnotic beat. hit it up and give your head a good old bashing.

The Conscience Pilate – ‘Hope’ The final single from the superb Conscience Pilate fronted by the talented Neil Leyton. The B-side of “Hope” is TCP’s cover of “April Skies” by The Jesus and Mary Chain. Hope is Written by Neil Leyton and Edward Pond and is a genre defying slice of massive hook on the chorus and the atmosperic guitar twisting throughout the verse whilst the anchor is that thumping bass guitar. Single of the month fo rme this I keep returning to it over and over and its given me a real thirst for the full album when it drops. Great stuff.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TCPyyz

Website: https://www.theconsciencepilate.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theconsciencepilate

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/theconsciencepilate

Rob Moss & Skin Tight Skin – ‘We Just Don’t Know’ (Bandcamp) Rob is back with new music and this time hes brought a familiar set of collabourators on this the first slice of DIY punk n roll with its fair share of Ramones tempo and rockin guitar breaks and gang vocals courtesy of Dave McEwan, Dwight Reid, Greg Lonesome, Mike Williamson, Steve Vincent, Todd Zimmer. Its a blast as you’d expect and theres more to come from Rob which we’re looking forward to. Hit him up its trashy its punky its fun besides its only Rock n Rol baby!

Autogramm – ‘Plastic Punx’ (Stomp Records/Beluga Records) Canadian and North American new wave gents release ‘Plastic Punx’ from their forthcoming album as it bristles with energy and a rampant tempo on a borrowed riff from SS Sputnic as it motors along with its infectious melody and tempo.

Leatherman – ‘Telephone’ (Legless Records) Melbourne Australia delivers again with this new 7″ single out on Legless Records. Muscular riff-n-roll with some punk rock attitude and an abundance of classic guitar licks Hell, there is even a cowbell in there so what not to like? The B side is a carefree rocker ‘Tryin’ 2 4get’ that’ll have you reaching for the studded wrist band to wear whilst you strap on the tennis racket for some mirror posing along to a great single.

Animal Shithouse – ‘CK’ (lockjaw Records) Synth punks with the best new name in punk circles Finding inspiration in the likes of Soft Play and Ladybird from their hometown, alongside alternative legends like Rage Against the Machine and the Sex Pistols, they mesh the old and the traditional and the innovative to deliver a swift sonic gut punch! Bosh ave it!

The Why Oh Whys – ‘Dead Or Alive’ (Beluga Records) Another new band on me but they’ve been doing this since 2017. Guitar driven pop songs with a tonne of energy its rock n roll baby and if its on Beluga it must be worth investigating right? right! ‘Dead Or Alive’ open up this EP with a strong melody that is just infectious. ‘If It Aint True’ is more of the same with a dreamy tempo and lovely crisp jangly guitar and back beat cruising right the way through. ‘Like YO uUsed To’ is an upbeat 60s inspired rocker plenty of britpop beatnik melody happening here and no doubt some nice cuban heels for good measure. Saving the best til last ‘I Saw Her Last Night’ is the pick of the bunch with a more spikey delivery and super col lucky strike no filter attitude pushign on through. Check it out its damn good.

The Hard Ons – ‘In Falls Everything’ (Golden Robot Records) Fresh from a successful tour of Europe, and Australian album launch tour, perennial favourites, Hard-Ons release their new single ‘In Falls Everything’. ‘In Falls Everything’ is the latest single from the acclaimed album ‘Ripper ‘23’ and its got a hefty pair of swinging dogs danglies with a huge rock solid thumping rhythm. Tim Rogers is front and centre and gives the band a new release of energy, Also contributing to songwriting, The difference is palpable, an absolute treat to the ears of fans old, new and indifferent. 

Cult Figures – ‘Rapid 40 Slideout (Gare Du Nord Records) What a great uptempo slice of post punk this is. Lifted from their new album this is a real banger bristling with energy. No fuckin about its just down to business and writing top tunes. dont beieve me? hit the video then nod your noggin and click the link you wont be dissappointed.

The Drowns – Just The Way She Goes (Pirates Press Records) The Drowns’ penchant for writing 50’s inspired rock with a punk attitude! It will be coming out November 24th ahead of the bands full length album.

The Drowns’ take on the classic rock ’n roll story of “boy-meets-girl, boy & girl go for a joyride in a classic muscle car,” with a steady backbeat that will get any listener moving! If this is a taste of whats to come on the album then bring it on its going to be top quality.

If anyone deserved a break due to their hard work, high standards, and passion it was or should I say is Billy Liar. Signing to Pirates Press is proof that hard work can and will pay off – with a determination and unwavering belief in what he does is his just deserts. Billy has been gaining well-deserved praise from high places such as Tim Armstrong and we’ve always seen the talent and great songs he’s written and on ‘Crisis Actor’ he’s indeed taken it to the next level from the tub-thumping chest beating opener ‘Oblivion’ through the organ swirling rampant beast that is ‘Baltimore’ Billy has the sound that can and should break through big time Stateside. Its no accident Pirates Press recognised that talent and have released this new record.

Billy’s songs detail some outstanding storytelling, where every lyric has you hanging on his every breath its like turning the pages of a great book you simply can’t put down and you’re wondering where it’s heading next. The energy of ‘Negroni’ is superb (With added Frank Turner). The sound is arena-filling and also a breath of fresh air if you were in say the Black Heart in Camden watching him rip through these songs on his acoustic guitar it would still sound huge.

‘Phantom Limb’ is thunderous but then again the energy bursting through the speakers from the likes of ‘Osterich’ it’s no surprise to hear mr Frank Turner join Billy on this LP because I’m sure Turner will be looking over his shoulder at Liar as he steams up on the inside track. ‘Starlight On Main’ is more of the same but the highlight is ‘Cheyne Stoking’ with its chest-beating brilliance with a broken-hearted melody sung with vim and vigor Billy is stepping up here.

But hold on its not all thunder and attack there are also softer songs for tough guys like the jarring ‘Don’t Trust Anyone’ that wakes from its harsh abrasive into into a heaving monster. This is one of the finest half hours I’ve heard all year and the hoe down that is ‘Hogmanay’ if The Pogues had written never mind the bollocks and turned up the guitars instead of whistles. Simply a stunning record and one that should propel Billy Liar to being a household name in punk rock circles. Be it leading a raucous band or standing in the spotlight with just his acoustic guitar Billy Liar has hit paydirt with ‘Crisis Actor’ Man I thought ‘Some Legacy’ was good but this is on another level. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley


The band kick off their tour this weekend with all dates and ticket details at the link Here

pic: Tom Hoad

As Therapy?’s fourth decade finally gets underway in earnest, sixteenth album ‘Hard Cold Fire’, written and pre-produced during an unprecedented time for music, is hefty, compact, and accessible, a distillation of everything that has made them what they are – hewn from County Antrim basalt, still possessed of their stoicism, but casting a renewed focus on catharsis and healing.

Working once more with renowned producer Chris Sheldon (Feeder, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters), a consistent good-luck charm for Therapy? dating back to 1994’s breakout album Troublegum, the band decamped to the newly opened Marshall Studios in Milton Keynes toward the end of 2021, working furiously to put the album down in its final form.

‘Hard Cold Fire’ will be released 5th May 2023 via Marshall Records. Be sure to catch Therapy? live on their in-store run this may. Tickets and more information can be found – pre-order limited edition bundles of ‘Hard Cold Fire’ HERE.

Be sure to catch the band’s explosive live show at one of the following dates:


* w/support from Gallus


03 Galway, IE – Róisín Dubh*
04 Limerick, IE – Dolans Warehouse *
05 Cork, IE – Cyprus Avenue *

01 Portsmouth, UK – Wedgewood Rooms
02 Sheffield, UK – O2 Academy 2
03 Northampton, UK – Roadmender
07 Bristol, UK – The Fleece
08 Manchester, UK – Academy 2
09 Sunderland, UK – Pop Recs
10 Glasgow, UK – King Tut’s
14 London, UK – Electric Ballroom
15 Bradford, UK – Nightrain
16 Birmingham, UK – O2 Institute2
17 Cardiff, UK – Globe

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You can’t keep a good man down, and the Duracell bunny of positivity that is CJ Wildheart is back with a new solo album to improve your life. After the fury and anger of 2020s ‘Siege’, this is a collection of killer tunes that, while often ferocious, maintain a link to the melodies he’s known for. And so it begins with ‘Kick Down The Walls’, the opening chord reminiscent of ‘Sitting At Home’ by the mighty Honeycrack, before launching into an anthemic chorus. “We’re ready for the fight…”, and he still has a knack with a tasty middle eight. It’s the little things that can transform a song into something special.

‘Butterfingers’ is just as infectious, whilst reminiscing of old days at the Marquee; “messing with our hair, getting ready for the night”. You can almost taste the Hard Rock Hairspray. “Are you ready, are you one of us?”, wrapped around a simple but insistent melody. Lovely.

‘Victoria’ has a great, upfront bass line, made for pogoing, while ‘All The Dough’ and ‘S.D.E’ riff it up in a similar fashion to RFTC, and a similar high quality. This doesn’t sound like an album made on a small budget, and Dave Draper has done a fantastic job throughout.

‘Bad Decision’ reminds me of the energy and riffs of Chris Catalyst, as I regularly spin his recent album. Another good guy, for sure. Having listened a few times now, it’s ‘Give The Dog A Bone’ that really sticks in my head immediately, the chorus is classic CJ, from The Jellys onwards, and you will be playing it on repeat.

‘Mr Angry’ is two minutes of focussed fury, and ‘All You Rude Boys’ tackles the lecherous idiots in clubs and bars; “you’ll never set that girl alight, cause she knows damn right that you talk too much and you’re full of shite”.

‘Shweinehund’ is almost heavy Goth, set to a nursery rhyme tune, an unexpected turn. I wonder if he’s heard Mr Catalyst’s ‘Robochrist’ stuff? ‘The Grass Is Greener’ ends on a positive note; “hope, it glimmers in the distant light….on my own, it tastes so good alone”. It certainly sounds like CJ is content with where he is right now. He’s delivered a corker of an album. It pays to be a good guy.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

Following the release of their debut album ‘Trouble’ which reached #13 in the UK Independent Album Chart earlierthis year and includes singles such as the rollicking and crashing ‘Ballad of the Knucklemen’, the anthemic albumtitletrack ‘Trouble’ and the hauntingly brilliant‘How the Beautiful Fall’,The Balladmongrels release their latest video ‘Evil Under the Moon’ shot in New York City

The Balladmongrels debut album ‘Trouble’ is available on CD, LP & Ltd. Red LP now – Here

Stream ‘Trouble’ here –Here

More info – balladmongrels.com

Get in your time machine it’s time to rock! Entering The Earl Haig Club was like stepping back in time, Meat raffle and Sunday Strippers (only joking but that’s the style of this out-of-town workies club do) The place was pretty busy and the support band The Pearl Harts were on stage doing their distorted blues thang a la White Stripes but two females but you get the kinda vibe. They put in a whole hearted set but it didn’t help with the large room and seating around the three sides and the bar at the back but all in all the audience who did watch were suitably warmed up.

By the time Jim Jones All Stars were hitting the stage the place was pretty busy to be fair and for a school night things were looking promising as Jim and his masterful musical ensemble took to the stage with one thing on their mind and that was to cast a spell over this impressive turnout and spent the next ninety minutes well and truly kicking their backsides with a perfect blend of good-time garage rock n fuckin greasy roll.

The volume was suitably impressively loud and the no nonsense aproach from the All Stars is a thing of beauty when they’re in full flight and pumped up and tonight boys and girls they rose to the challenge and gave this up for it audience a seriously really good time.

With a seriously good new record in tow and a back catalogue that goes all the way back to Thee Hypnotics there is an overflowing well of top tunes to turn to should they need to turn the heat up or take it down a notch or two from the unbelievably good ‘Burning Your House Down’ through ‘It’s Your Voodoo Working’ it was horn-honking-tactic as the band hit their groove right from the off and just cruised through the gears with songs like ‘Cement Mixer’ turning into an even bigger snarling beast with the saxophones adding another dimension to the already exhilarating sound. As far as live bands go this is only my second time seeing the All-Stars and my umpteenth time seeing Jim Jones kick out the jams over the decades and hand on heart this is on another level. When he broke up the Revue to pursue other things I was gutted but every shuffle of the pack has been a twist and a shake-down that’s had me on my feet cheering for more. Man, ‘Rock n Roll Psychosis’, and ‘Princess And The Frog’ were immense endings with t eh horns but finishing on ‘Shakedown’ this is how thee Hypnotics were meant to sound and I went home yet again wondering how they could possibly top that.

Of the new songs the band were in their groove and properly gig worn in ‘Troglodyte’ was the cream of the crop whilst their cover of ‘Run Run Run’ was loose baby and was hypnotically casting a spell on the room. If you get the chance I urge you not to pass it up and take full advantage of seeing one of the finest live bands anywhere on the planet. ‘Gimme The Grease’ was an early set warmer upper with a phenominal groove.

Jim Jones All-Stars have the perfect name, to sum up, their evil powers called Rock n Roll. Boundless energy an explosive songs one after another dropping sonic bombs that are equal partsdevastatingg and joyful. Simply superb. Go get yourself shakendown. Amen Brothers and sisters, Afuckinmen! The sermon has been delivered and Cardiff was served. Bosh!

Author: Dom Daley