Michael G Bayliss, Richard England, Alex Wonk, Peter Wilkinson, Andy Cox, Chris Musto, and Kate O’Brian are in Los Santos London and they play um rock n roll I guess, yes, simple as that this is something of a collaborative effort from some very talented musicians pulled together to make a varied record. ‘On The Strip (Vegas Baby)’ a sprightly riff-tastic rocker eases you in with a strong melody held in place by a thumping riff and rhythm section. The slightly muddy production sort of adds a vibrancy to the recordings. Whilst not rushed it gives the vibe of urgency and DIY feel to the tracks as the EP thumps into ‘Bourbon Street’ where the pop melody is slightly buried beneath the avalanche of punk urgency not too dissimilar to early Lemonheads take on punk rock.

‘Stoneface’ has a glimpse of The Ruts running through the middle of this scorching blast of punk rock. From the vibrant keith moon school of drumming from Alex Wonk its a blast for sure. ‘Fanclub (for Ronnie Spector)’ has a low budget echo going on as you’d imagine from the title this dreamy pop song has enough worn edges in its delivery to keep it fresh and the chorus and vocal melody is good making it the stand out track on this EP. Closing this ever so brief glimps into what can be achieved when some punk rockers get together to make music it only leaves a very good take on a Husker du classic ‘Sorry Somehow’ where the band thunder through a very satisfying version.

All in all a decent offering from Los Santos with some very good tunes knocked out in fine fashion and my beef with the production or mixing might just be what keeps it vibrant and alive, I’ll give my head a wobble and press play again. Go on dive in it’s only Rock n Roll kids just turn it up.

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Author: Dom Daley