France’s Wild Zeros play fun, frantic trashy rock & roll with a late-70’s punk edge, steeped in the sounds of DMZ, Vibrators, Teenage Head, and The Devil Dogs. Although formed in 2007, this gruesome threesome has been prolific as hell over the last two years, unleashing a slew of 7″ers on labels such as Crocodile, Chickpea, Nerve Centre and Permanent Freak. “Well Cooked!” compiles those releases and throws in two exclusive live tracks for good measure. The studio tracks feature band originals as well as covers of The Pack, The Penetrators, and The Cigarettes.

If you like your rock and roll frayed around the edges and straight outta the garage then what’s not to like about Wild Zeros? Of all the covers they’ve pulled in here one thing you notice is they’ve picked well and they’ve managed to take ownership of the tunes and make them fit right in with the Wild Zeros original.

I’m a big fan of the single always have been and when a compilation record gets put together it can showcase a band’s best bits for sure so what you might deduce here is Wild Zeros know their way around the scene and have plucked a few gems that you might well be unfamiliar with and done an exceedingly good job of compiling a really enjoyable long-player.  I’m sure should I have happened across this trio in a bar somewhere and they’d have knocked out a set comprising of these very songs in this manner I’d have been very impressed and would have wanted to tell everyone that would listen how good Wild Zeros are.  So on that evidence, I’ll say go check em out turn it up and get your freak on this tasty feast is ‘Well Cooked’ but certainly not overdone.


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Author: Dom Daley