Full steam ahead they said as the good ship RPM Online Podcast sails into treasure-filled waters. This Episode is positively overflowing with new tracks as well as an exclusive Live cover from Ravagers that will never be on streaming services or CD and is limited to 100 copies of White Vinyl. Spaghetty Town Records have kindly let us play the Ravager’s cover of ‘Goin Downtown’ by the Lords Of The New Church. That’s only one of the reasons why you should check the Podcast out.

Sweden’s First Boy On The Moon Kick off this Episode with the opening track of their new album ‘Dreamer’. Hot on the heels comes a new track off the Final Cock Sparrer Album ‘Hand On Heart’ out on April 5th. ‘I Belong To You’ is classic Sparrer and an album that sees the band get better and better.

Now co-host Hotshot likes nothing more than fantasising about Sex Pistol and Radio broadcasting inspiration and role model Steve Jones so we’ve dug deep for a sparkling live rendition of his classic ‘Silly Thing’.

Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Hotshot wanted to change the mood by introducing a track from Garbage who penciled in a re-release of the album ‘Bleed Like Me’ with his favourite track off the album. How about Japan’s finest glam punks Angel Face with a brand new track off their Slovenly Records self-titled album. A new track from Bullets And Octane, and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard before Hotshot plays Suede with a track off their latest album ‘Autofiction’.

Ravagers are a glam punk n roll band outta The USA and they have a brand new LP released through Spaghetty Town Records as pointed out in the intro above. 100 copies pressed no streaming and no downloading. This will be a must-own record and rare as rocking horse shit. We’ve got an exclusive don’t miss it.

Desperate Measures have been playing support to Cheetah Chromes Dead Boys around the UK and currently in Europe and getting great reviews so having heard the new Desperate Measures album it’s only fair we play ‘Sublime Destruction’ the title track of their soon-to-be-released Cadiz records album. Staying with Cheetahs how about a new track off The Streetwalkin Cheetahs and a wonderful track ‘Call The Dogs’ being released on Poland’s awesome Heavy Medication Records. While we’re playing the label’s newest releases we also have one from Jonesy the potty-mouthed Canadians 10″ release on HMR but not before Californians Crymwav pop by with ‘Mars Fever’ and Mala Vista get aired with a single off their soon to be released album coming out on Spaghetty Town and Beluga Records in Europe.

Marc Valentine is set to release his second album on Wicked Cool Records in the next few months, so, no time like the present to play a track off it, and having had the privilege to hear the album I can tell you it was tough which one to play seeing as the whole record is fantastic power popping Rock n Roll. Gareth drops in one of his favourite songs from Powerkeg before a fine track from The Mysterines who we reviewed recently when they played support on the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes tour of the UK.

If you’re still with us then stick around for a banger from The Empty Page who announced this week that they have a new album coming out on their own label if this is anything to go by it promises to be excellent and the first Empty Page track we’ll be playing. With just a couple of tracks to play Sweet Tooth blast away any fatigue with their banger ‘So Gone’ from their epic Lövely Records release ‘Split Image’. This leaves River City Rebels to wipe the floor with us as they blow the fuckin doors off the show with ‘Unless Your White’ out on Screaming Crow Records.

That boys and girls is one hell of a playlist from top to bottom we doubt you’ll hear a running order with as much quality as that. Keep it RPM Online Podcast – It’s A Revolution!

The Darts – ‘Love Tsunami’ (Dirty Water Records) Formed way back in 2016 to make some Garage Rock all girl noise they’ve toured with The Living End and The Longshots which in itself is impressive they had their last album released on Alternative Tentacles so why wouldn’t this three track 7″ blow you away? The lead track has that opening stab of organ mixed up with some groovy spooky backbeat and punchy bass it’s cool as fuck and that’ll do for us. The second offering is more of the same as ‘Shit Show’ is a swirling laid-back groove on the verse but when it hits the chorus it wigs out and that’s champion that is. Only leaving ‘Underground’ to pick up the tempo and fire up the engine as we head towards oblivion but with a jukebox full of top tunes. Pick this banger up Here

Wild Zeros – ‘Diggin It’ (Heavy Medication Records) France’s kings of fun, frantic rock’n’roll are back!
It’s been almost three years since we’ve heard from Wild Zeros with their 2019 singles compilation “Well Cooked!” (also released by Heavy Medication). Now, the gruesome threesome from Bordeaux celebrates 15 years of three-chord bashing with a KBD-styled three-song 7-incher titled “Diggin’ It”. Roaring guitars, galloping bass and heavy pounding skins join forces to deliver loud, trashy rock & roll that’ll please all fans of Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, and Infections as well as die-hard disciples of Crypt and Rip Off Records. ‘Dig The Dirt’ ticks all the right boxes as do the other two tracks with ‘Tough Job’ being more of a straight old school slice of punk rock with heads down and play that guitar until your fingers bleed. My fav on the single is ‘Did You Dig It?’ taking no prisoners with a dirty slab of garage punk rock. Nice! Buy Here

JOHNNY THUNDERS – ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Golden Robot Records) One of my favourite artists ever gets dug up for the umpteenth time and this live recording of the Nancy Sinatra tune that Johnny performed numerous times. Howling feedback and nothing more than a soundboard recording or a pretty decent bootleg. It’s lifted from a forthcoming Golden Robot live album it’s classic Thunders. It’s sloppy, cocky, howling with feedback just as I remember him. Often imitated but never bettered Rest In Peace Johnny you crazy fucker. Top tune from a top musician and performer.

Pre-order/add/save linkhttps://bfan.link/johnny-thunders-these-boots-are-made-for-walkin

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders – ‘Down On 7Th Avenue’ (Heavy Medication Records) ‘Down on 7th Avenue’ is a classic balls-out rocker that Pat Todd has made his trademark. On top of that, he never drops in quality with his ever-present attitude it mixes up some country, punk n roll but always a good time. “I Will Give Up” is a slice of New Orleans-styled R&B about picking up the pieces and movin’ on that accompanies another cold beer and tough guys shedding a tear in the corner with the best bar band dishing out the soundtrack. Another day another quality Heavy Medication release but this one is a Co-release with Dangerhouse Skylab (France) Yee-Haw!

Buy Here

DAVID BIERMAN OVERDRIVE ‘She Don’t Love You’ (i94 Recordings) David’s band in the 80- 90s The Junk Monkeys were known for their straightforward rock and roll.  No metal overtones, no industrial edge, no rap hybrids.  Just straight-up rock n roll ala The Rolling Stones, The Replacements and Cheap Trick.

 The band toured relentlessly but David decided to leave the music business until now. After five years ‘She Don’t Love You’ shakes off any cobwebs and just Rocks and fuckin rolls period! It’s not reinvented punk n roll or any fad tune its just a subtle slow burner with a cool Westerberg vibe building into a cool chorus. The flip side is more of the same maybe coming in more on a Green on red rockin out tip mixed in with more of that cool Replacements vibe. Excellent offering check it out Here

Ming City Rockers Jill Was An Anarchist’ (Self Release) The first single from their upcoming album ‘LIME’ which will see the light of day on Jan 26th. It’s classic Ming City Rockers. A rattling garage indie masterclass it’ll burrow down into your ear and lodge inside your head and before you know it you’ll be shouting at randoms that Jill was An Anarchist. Great to have them back

Bob Vylan – ”The Delicate Nature’ ft Laurie Vincent of Slaves (Self Release) Another cracking slow burner from Vylan until the final furlong when he picks up the pace. OF the success of the first two albums Vylan shows no sign of letting up with this new track. Easily one of the UKs most exciting artists does it again.

Buy Here

Black Aces – ‘Show You How To Rock’ (Off yer rocka records) Whats that you say there hasn’t been a great DC-infatuated band kicking it for quite a while. Well, get an ear full of these boys. Aussie pub rockers Black Aces are also set to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their highly praised sophomore album release, ‘Anywhere But Here’. In honour of the occasion, album opener Show You How to Rock N Roll has been given a brand-new lyric video release featuring behind the scenes and previously un-released footage of the band from over the years. In the middle of a UK tour we recommend you turn it up and check em out! Buy it Here / Connect with Black Aces: Website / Facebook

DEADWOLFF ‘Heavy Rock N’ Roll’ (Golden Robot Records) Hold on a second, We’ve covered these hard rockin gods before and if you’re looking for a second opinion then ‘Heavy Rock and Roll’ is it. It’s a studded gauntlet double thumbs up from HQ Deadwolff take no prisoners and run on whisky fumes and a heavy dose of Witchery. If you don’t dig this bad boy then you clearly aren’t friends of ours. Absolute stone cold class. Old school motorhead meets warfare, meets Dianno, Girlschool and some grubby punk rock for attitude. Bring on the next release and make it an album packed full of the same just more! Love it!

There is an album on the way from this classic three-piece Canadian outfit in the can and we can’t wait. Get em over to the UK with Wolfspade so we can all windmill and headbang like possessed mother fuckers! Now!


Black Star Riders – ‘Crazy Horses’ (Earache Records) An audacious cover version of a 70s classic sees Black Star Riders’ cover of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” deliver the goods – the vocals are pretty spot on, an eyebrow-raising impressive and energetic take for sure. Lifted from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, out 20th January 2023. Pre-order now on signed CD, limited edition coloured vinyl, special collector’s sets and more at https://www.earache.com/blackstarriders

Follow BSR on:
Website |Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

DANGEREENS – ‘Streets Of Doom’  (Golden Robot Records)  After recently signing a global record deal with Golden Robot Records, Montreal glitter punk outfit DANGEREENS will release their first single through the label, ‘Streets of Doom’! Out on the 26th of July, the single will be available on all digital platforms.

Dubbed the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, DANGEREENS’ upcoming single ‘Streets of Doom’ takes you back to the glory days of 70’s glitter rock. One listen and the influences will come pouring out and transport you back into one of the finest ever rock eras!

‘Streets of Doom’ is a contemporary, deadbeat take on a Homeresque tragedy, describing the thoughts and feelings of a hopelessly in love drug dealer. The song is built on a straight 4/4 throbbing rhythm section with syncopated accents, and features take-no-prisoner, oversaturated fuzzed-out guitars, and careless, snarly vocals.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order to ‘Streets of Doom’ HERE


Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – ‘ You Might Be Through With The Past, But The Past Ain’t Through With You’ / ‘Ruby Baby’ (Heavy Medication Records) Another out and out rocker from the wonderful Pat Todd and his Rank Outsiders. With a howling good time harmonica from the kick-off, this is just a stomping old-time rocker with some smart solo and a Pat spitting out the words hell yeah! Flip it over and ‘Ruby Baby’ is a twelve-bar boogie it’s like Todd fronting the best of the Georgia Sats and Them Scorchers.  What’s not to like?

Buy it Here





Dirty Fences – ‘Inside Out’ (Self Release) Rapid like a Gatlin gun firing power-pop bullets all over the shop.  ‘Inside Out’ is punchy with a big sloppy chorus.  As the New Yorkers get down to business – the Buzzcocks like ‘Broken Saddle So’ lets the listener have it in spades.  This band has never released a bad track and this seven-inch is another two gems.  Check it out here







Dez Dare – ‘My My Medulla’ (Ch!mp Records)   Australian-born, Brighton-based musician (otherwise known as Darren Smallman!) has a new single out today called ‘My My Medulla’, lifted from the new album ‘Hairline Ego Trip’ out now on Ch!mp Records.  Dez can turn in a decent tune to be fair as this one deals with the autism that Darren has grown up with.

“Being Autistic I have always struggled to communicate with the people around me, feeling a physical barrier nearly like a wall of distortion in between me and the world,” explains Darren. “This song looks at the struggle to find clarity with the ones you love and the force it takes to include yourself in the world outside your mind.”  Knowing the struggle of someone on the spectrum all too well I love seeing and hearing people like Dez achieve what he’s already managed.


Clowns – ‘Sarah’ (Fat Wreck Chords)  another day another banger from Australia’s finest – Clowns.  The second track to be lifted from their new album (due later this year) this is another earworm that will burrow down and delight you when you least expect it or if you are already familiar with the band then you know what to expect.  Awesome stuff.






After hearing their contribution to the most excellent New Bom Turks tribute album I just had to reach out to some of the bands involved and one of the bands who impressed me the most was Tongue Action. Call em what you like Action Rock, Punk N Roll, the new wave of garage rockers,  it matters not because to us its just loud Rock n Roll and they live it like they love it and embrace the spirit of Rock and Roll so we caught up with Pablo Ono (Lead Vocals and Guitars) & the occasional chime from  (JW) Capt Goddamn: (Lead Guitarist) recently to find out who the hell are Tongue Action and please introduce us so here goes…



Firstly, When did the band begin?  

The vision and sound of Tongue Action has always been with me and probably always will be pretty much – I don’t know if it a subconscious thing that has become aware but I know you can hear it and see it in pretty much everything I do. However, The Tongue Action that’s alive and loud today being seen and heard as of right now has been around since Feb. 2019


Who decided that the world needed Tongue Action?  

Whoever created women decided that the world needed Tongue Action and we’re grateful to be able to provide it to those women who want it or need it. We are here to ensure the very act of performing Tongue Action has the killer soundtrack it deserves performed by Tongue Action! It’s us giving it back to the world by allowing ourselves to be the mouthpiece on your wives – wait, I mean…of your life – Let us be the sound of giving it and getting it and because we’re Tongue Action 60% of the time you can hear us around the world…all the time.



You guys are based in New Orleans right? 

Yes, and though we may live amongst the witches & ghouls, the vamps and werewolves…everyone knows that we’re the only things that ever go bump in the night. So don’t fear the tongue fear the reaper.


introduce us to the band if you will please? 

Pablo Ono – Lead Vox, Guitar Blastin’, 100% Satisfaction Givin’ That Tongue Action & Mustache Rides of Passion.  (JW) Capt Goddamn: Lead Guitar Captain like a Fool, Vox Backin’, Fast actin’ Ham slammin’ & Psychotic Reactin’  Grody Jody Stallone – Drums, Vox,  Skin like Satan, Buccee’s Thievin ’ Beer Stealin’ & Beaver Eatin’ Eric Westerberg– Bass Slappin’ Synth Havin’ Ass Tappin’  King of no Fashion


“Loud, Sleazy and dangerous” is the first words I read about the band (always a good place to start)  who influenced the sound and style?

When you listen to a Tongue Action song and you think to yourself “this kinda sounds like what heaven must feel like or maybe it just reminds me of so and so” you can probably reside to it most likely being influenced by so and so, and definitely what’s her name. But our playing style whether it’s how me play our instruments or your women or how we act on and off the stage is all us and by our own doing when left to our own devices. You can bet that even if it has been stolen and we stole it – it’s all ours and done in a way only we can, but really anyone can probably do it.

JW (Capt GD!) – I’m from the Chuck berry school of guitar (as it should be) but I figured it was finally time to learn 2 more scales for Tongue Action. Jody (TA’s Drummer) and I actually were in regional punk bands in high school and TA has brought us full circle into actually playing in the same project. I tell that everywhere I go …cuz it’s fucking amazing….Goddammit! 


The band’s recordings are few and far between when can we expect an album?  

We are actually putting the finishing touches on our full length LP and looking at a release date early 2029 to line up with the meteor that’s headed to earth. We figured if something’s gonna fuck the world it should at least have its own soundtrack. But, until then we do have a full length slated to be released right after the new year holiday going into early Spring of ‘22 on Heavy Medication Records. 


How do you approach songwriting as a band is there a main contributor or is it more collaborative? 

Pablo – I have an extensive catalog of completed songs, riffs and melody parts, lyrics, and ideas I haven’t even touched yet but knew a pretty good chunk of it would end up as TA songs and I’m pretty sure JW can tell you what he’s got but there are times when the two of us get together and just hash out brand new ideas that eventually become songs and that has been really cool as well.

JW (Captain Goddamn!) – I’ve only been lead axe man in a few projects. Usually the vox guy but when I first joined up our styles immediately complimented each others… like crawfish and garlic farts. Wild Rose and Raunch City Romp are early yet prime examples of that and way less stanky, ya heard? 


With a global pandemic the Rock and roll world has certainly been on standstill with live shows being mothballed until we can all get back out there.  Any plans?   

Here in the States, things have been slowly but surely opening back up and our shows as well as shows in general are getting booked fast. We’ve already played about 36 shows to date, recorded new songs including the track we contributed  to the New Bomb Turks LP all of which, we’ve done since this past Oct. 

Now of course when we first started getting asked to play these shows everyone from the promoters to the venues including ourselves were making sure we all stayed within the guidelines of the CDC and doing so, we haven’t had any reports of one single incident or case of COVID at any show we performed.

So now that things have started to really kick into high gear we’ve been pretty much non-stop playing in and out of town having been consistently booked up to about three months out for quite some time now. 


What has the band been occupying their time with this past year? 

Pablo – Yeah, as I mentioned before, we recorded 3 new tracks to complete our upcoming album and the NBTs song Telephone Numbrrr for the Defiled! LP by Heavy Medication Records. Aside from that? Well…We made some really good and some horribly bad decisions, said yes and no to sex, drugs and rock n roll depending on how the ladies looked, but then back to yes, drank a lot of booze, nearly lost ourselves, one of us nearly died from a brain aneurysm only to miraculously be back on stage just two weeks later. 

Tongue Action is like that one kid who’s a bad influence that entices you to do anything and everything you know is wrong but baby it feels so right.


What about videos and using the downtime any video recordings or plans?

With us ideas are like salads and we toss them around pretty much everyday and while we did have some pretty good treatments early on in the works, even our down time proved to be a scheduling problem if not challenge amidst a pandemic.


You got involved in the New Bomb Turks tribute album.  How did that come about?  

Derrick from Heavy Medication Records and I had been discussing Tongue Action’s songs that we had recorded up to that point and the possibility of doing either a few singles, or an EP but keeping all of our sights on a full length at some point. Ironically I had messaged him about some new songs that I thought could be what we needed to complete our LP – he had messaged me asking if Tongue Action would be interested in doing the New Bomb Turks tribute LP and naturally I saw an opportunity open up for us to record not only the NBT track but also the songs we needed to finish our album. Of course now In doing so meant time was something we didn’t have much of if we wanted to tackle it all and all at the same time but thanks to our friends Don “Demonboy” Cilurso and Stephen Finley down in Texas we were able to head out to Sugarhill Studios in HTX and attempt to do what we set out to do and that’s exactly what we did.

If you could record a split who would it be with and what song would you do and the other band had to play one of your tunes what would it be?

 According to my son Killian or Little Hands – he just informed me that Tongue Action should do a split with Hank Von Hell who’s his favorite artist next to me of course (I got jokes like that) and if we were to do one of his songs it’d have to be his favorite song “Disco” and if he were to play one of ours it’d have to be “Shake, Rattle & Die!” 

All of which would be out of this world man…


Anything I’ve missed?  what would you like to add?

Pablo – Tongue Action is a late night party, the band that women want and men want to be in…and yes, we tend to take things a little too far but we do so all in the name of good times & rock ‘n’ roll and sure – we are a little sarcastic, very loud (except for me, I’m the quiet one), sometimes raunchy, always degenerates, hardly if that but okay mostly assholes that might seem to be a bunch of self-centered egomaniacs on the prowl but everyone of you would be wrong no matter how right you really are. We have come to see that everyone of you are out here enjoying yourselves and having fun once again now that we all finally can…well, except for Carl – he’s not allowed to have any fun until he washes his hands.

So where was I going with this? Oh, and…If you’ve completely missed the joke in what we do and why we do so little to upset you so much then we’re obviously not the band nor the awesomest sound of sounds, nor the devilishly handsome rock ‘n’ rollers nor the older-ish but younger looking men you really want even though we absolutely really are all of that and what’s more, the ones that you want. 

Remember We here in Tongue Action love all of you…but mainly those that kind of are or almost are Super Models and most Strippers but probably not really…ok, maybe all strippers.



We’ve got a few suggestions this Bandcamp Friday and we’ve kept it lean for you so get yer credit card out and come with us on the Bandcamp Friday journey kicking off with a couple of recommendations from some artists we love and then a few labels who do such a great job of releasing some of our favourite records.  There are others that haven’t quite gone live at the time of writing such as a long out of sale Loyalties release you should go find and Steve Conte has an offer today



‘Be There’ (369 Music) is the next single from The Dowling Poole. Listen to the track on Soundcloud here.

It will be released on Friday the 7th of March for Bandcamp Friday when the music platform waives their fees and all revenue goes straight to the artists.

‘Be There’ features guest appearances from long time collaboratorAndy Lewis (Jackdaw4, Sugar Plum Fairies, Jocasta), on bass. Darby Todd guests on drums. Darby’s recently played with Martin Barr (Jethro Tull), The Darkness and Kee Marcello (Europe) and featured on the recent The Dowling Poole songs ‘We Are The Noise’ and ‘Slow Genocide’.

Recorded in different locations in France and the UK, Jon and Willie are busy writing their fourth album to be released later this year.

Author: Martin Chamarette


Another favourite round here is Rich Ragany & The Digressions so check out the latest tune Here

“There’s a place in the universe callled Boötes Void… where it’s near empty. It’s also been called “The Great Nothing”.  A supervoid. One of the largest-known voids in the universe. Surrounded by galaxies and light.

It is believed the scale of the void is such that if the Milky Way had been in the center of the Boötes Void, we wouldn’t have known there were other galaxies until the 1960s.
That’s how long it would have taken light to travel… to journey through the darkness.

The song is from the perspective of someone who is within darkness in their lives and can’t unsee it.
Then, sees it in everything. Maybe even becomes it. But finds that through the very act of experience, and through the struggle of moving forward, can begin to see the warmth and light that also exists.

I find it very moving and inspiring that, even in the expanses of space, where there is cold chaotic changes that routinely destroy, that life and creation can, and do, emerge.

The idea of all these galaxies and filaments surrounding Boötes Void is light giving it a frame that can eventually travel through to the other side, is a comforting thought.

Not always easy… but our eyes, our hearts and spirits can stretch to see something beautiful.

I try to remember this (with varying degrees of success) when things get really rough… old ghosts and doubts whisper in my ear and tell me I am alone, not worthy or with no direction.

Stretch to see something beautiful.  That was the feeling I had when writing it.  Please forgive me if it’s a clumsy metaphor.  It’s not so linear that it can’t be interpreted for your own experience (or hopefully, it will just sound pleasing to you).”  What more can we add to that?


Some others who should benefit from Bandcamp Friday would be those independent labels who are the beating heart of the underground scenes we all love so much.  A few of our favourites would be Beluga Records from out of Sweden who have their Bandcamp page and offer some amazing records we’ve had many an hour rocking out to some of their releases and records they put out.


Some of the recent records they’ve put out have been fantastic such as More Kicks, Jordan Jones, Mud City Manglers and most recently a nice compilation from Asteroid B-612 and most recently a cracking single from The Erratix.



Heading south you have Ghost Highway Records outta Madrid Spain.  They’ve long championed underground garage rock and all other sub-genres including power pop, punk rock and more.  Some of their recent releases that deserve people’s attention would be The Boatsmen and their superb ‘Verses The Boatsmen’ album they co-released as well as the tribute to the New Bomb Turks compilation.  They’ve long been champions of UK kings of garage noise The Hip Priests and given access to some of America’s finest in the shape of Jeff Dahl, Electric Frankenstein and Pat Todd.  A worthy benefactor of anyone’s Rock and Roll coin on Bandcamp Friday.


How about heading across the pond to Spaghetty Town Records and a label who’s partnered up with their European brothers in vinyl.  they’ve also brought to the party some epic Rock and Roll records most recently in the shape of RMBLR who’ve just dropped their new EP and Spaghetty Town is the perfect label for these scuzzy rockers. The label has a wealth of great titles so you could do a lot worse things this Friday than delve through the Spaghetty Town wormhole and head off on a rockin’ discovery trip.


Heavy Medication Records have for a while had records reviewed on RPM and more recently put out a couple of really impressive releases primarily a New Bomb Turks tribute that’s available through their Bandcamp page.  Based in Warsaw Poland the label have been responsible for Doojiman & The Exploders record that’s a must-own as well as records from Poison Hearts.  Hit em up




What about some Taken By Suprise records?  Out of München, Germany the label does a fine service if punk rock n Power Pop is your thing then they have a big catalogue up on Bandcamp that deserves your attention.  Releases from The Briefs, Suspect Parts and more recently Neighbourhood Brats.  you certainly won’t be disappointed with your catch if decide to dip in.



TNS Records out of Manchester have some cracking offers up for Bandcamp Friday as well and in turn, help support some great punk rock bands such as Wales finest Pizza Tramp.  The new Jodie Faster is also a fine addition to their catalogue.  They also do a Spotify list of New Punk Friday where they champion the best in punk, Hardcore and Ska tracks released recently.  A label that does tireless work for a scene that deserves our attention.


Another German label that has always had the back of punk rock and roll is Wanda Records.  With some excellent releases from Peter & The Berlin Blackouts and Mom the label has always delivered brilliant product and ship anywhere (or the UK at least).  They’ll also be handling the Euro distro of the new RMBLR EP which is good for those having palpitations when faced with some of the overseas shipping fees.


Finally, another label releasing really good records is Drunken Sailor Records Banging out new bands and records like its nobodys business.  Drunken Sailor also struck a distro deal to handle Australias finest Stiff Richards that should be Sold Out but they don’t hang about and are also pressing up a couple of new records that are also available for you digital fiends in the shape of Australias Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters out on digital through the label but coming soon on vinyl.  They trawl through the worlds best underground bands to fit into their vision of what makes a great records and release it for our listening pleasure.  Head down to their Bandcamp page and get lost investigating what they have to offer and grab yourself a new favourite band.


We head out to Scandinavia this morning for a great tune from Doojiman & The Explorers – ‘Milk’  from the album – ‘Doojiman & The Exploders II: Electric Boogaloo’. Buy the latest vinyl at these reputable music emporiums –    Beluga records /  Heavy Medication  / Bandcamp / Facebook /  instagram 

Swedish punk band Acid Blood has a brand-new video out for the track ‘Harvest Day’, taken from their debut album ‘Acid Blood’ (JANML/MvL). The new video was directed by Nicklas Viberg and is the 6th video released from the album. Facebook / Instagram

Might as well stay in Scandinavia for a greased up rocket ride courtesy of those Scumbag Millionaires  Hit them up at these social media hangouts – Facebook  / Instagram /  Bandcamp and pick up a copy of their brand new long player ‘Poor And Infamous’ that’s out in the next month on Suburban Records

Photo by: @wirelessmindphoto #wirelessmindphoto

Doojiman & The Exploders is the dream team put together by the mighty Doojiman and his right-hand man Woogie Wombach. They flew far and wide through the galaxy to put together a robot army of cool kids under the name ”The Exploders”. On their travels through The Milky Way, they picked up quite a few influences ranging from Ramones, Alice Cooper and The Stooges to The Hives, Turbonegro and Bloodhound Gang. And of course the sounds of animals such as Dingos, Owls and Bunnies. Mixing all of the above into a superweapon to conquer Earth. With a bunch of EP’s, singles and one full-length album (Sweden’s Newest Hit Makers) they’re now here with their sophomore album “Doojiman & The Exploders II: Electric Boogaloo” to put some lotion on your skin and so forth.

Well, that’s what they wanted to say and I hope you can make sense of where these cats are at.  Play either of those records and if you still don’t get it then maybe Rock and Roll just isn’t for you.

OK, so who the fuck are you?
Doojiman & The Exploders consists of Doojiman, his right-hand man Woogie Wombach, Timekeeper Patlanta, Artillery Battery Commander Dan Juan and Tank Commander Kallefornia. (Pata – Vox, Jeppe – Lead Guitar, Patrik – Guitar, Dan – Drums & Kalle – Bass). The band was put together by Pata and Jeppe in 2014 and has since picked up members along the way during drunk and fast travels around the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Think of them as the Inglourious Basterds of Scandinavian Rock’n’roll.
Where on God’s green earth are you from or what planet?
We’re from Stockholm, Sweden.
How did you put the band together?
By screening thousands of possible applicants Doojiman and Woogie Wombach eventually settled on three low life dropouts who do what they are told as long as they got something to drink.
What recordings have you made so far?
2014 – Police W. Rangler (Digital Single) 2014 – Watch Out! Look Out! (Digital EP) 2016 – Sweden’s Newest Hitmakers (Digital Album) 2018 – Rickety Cricket / Shameless (7″ Single + Digital Single) 2019 – Milk / Dogs (Digital Single) 2019 – From Myself (Digital Single) 2020 – Doojiman & The Exploders II: Electric Boogaloo (12″ Yellow/Black Vinyl + Digital Album) 2020 – Watch Out! Look Out (12″ Orange Vinyl (+ Police W. Rangler Single B-side)
Post Pandemic Plans?
Hopefully spread out music faster than fucking covid spread, we’ve heard that stuff spread pretty fast in Italy. We also are in dire need of a new Intelligence Officer (Booking Agency) so if you’re up for the task and love the songs, give us a ring!
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Feels a bit weird yet fitting that I’m reviewing the Doojimans debut record (of sorts) second after reviewing their second release first.  Cofused? You will be but I doubt Doojiman and the gang would want it any other way.

Doojiman and his side kick Woogie Wombach grabbed a few space cadets and space cakes before heading into outter space to see if they could pull together something from the influences they had here on earth like The Ramones, MC5 and The Stooges but they weren’t just going to ape their idols they were going to throw their own shapes into the bowl and mix a fucked up salad all by themselves

With a bunch of EP’s, singles and two full-length albums under their belts (including ‘Electric Boogaloo’, released in January of this year by Beluga Records), Heavy Medication is bringing Stockholm’s D&TE’s debut digital-only e.p. from 2014 to vinyl for the first time and rockin up at Heavy Medications Door seems just about right and par for the course, to be honest.

From its opening chords, the “Watch Out! Look Out!” EP is everything as good as the ‘Electric Bugaloo’ album make no mistake about that. Its not just the debut EP though to be fair it also has the added bonus of four extra tracks (including a Nobunny cover) to make this another album they will certainly have orbiting around the end of the year best albums list. From the fuzzed-up organ heaving of opener ‘Woogie Wombach’ this record just motors. ‘(I Wanna Go) Take Me Away’ is a throbbing mass of Ramones angst being whipped by a Quo like twelve-bar chug.

They fly the Hives flag on ‘Doojiwoman’ and that filthy bass on ‘I Love It When You Hate Me’ would have been terrifying in the swinging ’60s where it was surely born.  It’s like the Kinks on bad Acid but they’ve still got their mojo baby.

It’s not all crash bang wallop though kids, of course, it’s not as the band tackle the Nobunny tune ‘Apple Tree’ with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and some tasteful percussion and shimmering electric to puncture the chorus. but before things are brought to a close they venture off through late seventies NYC where they tune their antenna to something Blondie used to ply through the airwaves.  Basically another top tune amongst an album full of top tunes but I expected nothing less.  Sign me up scotty for the next one I can’t get enough of these crazy cats.  Signing off starlog 2020 scribe Daley signing out!  Buy it.

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Author: Dom Daley

France’s Wild Zeros play fun, frantic trashy rock & roll with a late-70’s punk edge, steeped in the sounds of DMZ, Vibrators, Teenage Head, and The Devil Dogs. Although formed in 2007, this gruesome threesome has been prolific as hell over the last two years, unleashing a slew of 7″ers on labels such as Crocodile, Chickpea, Nerve Centre and Permanent Freak. “Well Cooked!” compiles those releases and throws in two exclusive live tracks for good measure. The studio tracks feature band originals as well as covers of The Pack, The Penetrators, and The Cigarettes.

If you like your rock and roll frayed around the edges and straight outta the garage then what’s not to like about Wild Zeros? Of all the covers they’ve pulled in here one thing you notice is they’ve picked well and they’ve managed to take ownership of the tunes and make them fit right in with the Wild Zeros original.

I’m a big fan of the single always have been and when a compilation record gets put together it can showcase a band’s best bits for sure so what you might deduce here is Wild Zeros know their way around the scene and have plucked a few gems that you might well be unfamiliar with and done an exceedingly good job of compiling a really enjoyable long-player.  I’m sure should I have happened across this trio in a bar somewhere and they’d have knocked out a set comprising of these very songs in this manner I’d have been very impressed and would have wanted to tell everyone that would listen how good Wild Zeros are.  So on that evidence, I’ll say go check em out turn it up and get your freak on this tasty feast is ‘Well Cooked’ but certainly not overdone.


Buy ‘Well Cooked’ Here / Label


Author: Dom Daley

Based on the notion that there is not enough true rock ‘n’ roll in the sprawling capital of Berlin (if anyone wants to prove them wrong, then contact us), Bella Wreck are a garage sensation doing their best to correct that unforgivable wrong. With this reissue of their 2014 self-titled debut album, they are giving us another chance to indulge in this raucous sensation, and with a few new tracks to boot.

Bella Wreck aren’t afraid to pin their colours to the mast and leave no doubt as to what inspirations are driving this party. The album builds on the classic garage rock ‘n’ roll sounds, mixing a bit of Radio Birdman with a bit of Nomads and finding time for New York Dolls along the way – listen to ‘Untold Fury’ and ‘Trash’ and you could be right back there with Thunders et al. They give it their own shine though and it’s fair to say that this album is fantastically enigmatic.

The high level of song writing is on display from the first moment with opener ‘Can’t You See’, and happily it doesn’t stop there. The album is littered with fantastic hooks and catchy choruses, and energy abounds, whether it’s the intensity of ‘Vienna’ or the cool of ‘Fear Me’. Songs such as ‘1000 Years’ and ‘Fun’ have a confident swagger, whereas ‘Run’ and ‘Fight’ change up the mood a bit with pop hooks and superb melodies.

This self-titled record is worthy of a reissue and, hopefully, a much bigger audience. Simply put, if you like garage rock and punk, you will love this.


Author: Craggy Collyde