LeBrock are currently riding the synthwave between rock and 80’s pop rock to astonishingly great acclaim. Just coming off a fantastic headline tour – the duo comprising of Michael Meadows & Shaun Phillips are one of the shining lights in the current synthwave musical phenomenon.

With the guitars out front and centre, they capture the ’80s hard rock sound perfectly mixed with the aforementioned synthwave style of keyboards the duo are clearly onto a winner. This newly-released package of the remastered ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Action & Romance’ releases is one that should be snapped up as soon as possible. Starting with ‘Real Thing’, the hook-heavy songs are what is brilliant about this style of music. They marry both styles to perfection and I can happily say that LeBrock are easily one of the pioneers in synth-rock that are getting me excited about music right now and I honestly can not wait to see what these guys come up with next as these are one of the UK’s best-kept secret who should be going global any time soon. With songs as great as ‘Only the Brave’, ‘Galactic Shower’ and ‘Dangerous Dreams’, the latter has been my particular go-to earworm for the last few weeks, this CD needs to be bought and revered.

The old rockers out there who post things like I wish I had a time machine to go and see the greats are missing out on what is here and now. LeBrock are the band/duo for you as they have everything you need. Great hooksRockin’ guitarsParp-tastic synths/keysThis is a must-buy for fans of ’80/’90s melodic rock.

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Author: Dave Tetley Prince