Undoubtedly the Trash Bags will often be compared to the Cramps, who are most certainly a huge influence here. And although they take a range of garage-like influences, from the opening, reverb-heavy guitar notes to the snarling vocals, fans of Lux and co. will find something to love here from the New Yorkers’ debut album.

But beyond the obvious influence, what else is packed up in the Billie Joe Armstrong-produced, trashtastically-tainted new record? Well, as they say themselves, it really is gar-bage – gloriously so. As soon as those first few notes finish ringing out, the album kicks into an uncompromising barrage of frantic, messed up garage rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s high-energy junk all the way from start to finish, drawing influences also from the New York Dolls and others. From ‘Crimes’ to ‘Sex Beat’, the album doesn’t drop for a moment. Through the trashy guitars are catchy choruses and slick, surf lead breaks. ‘Hungry for Ya’ is somewhat reminiscent of the great Street Walking Cheetahs.

The Trash Bags are noisy, brash and exciting, and this debut album is a fine way to kick up some dust in New York City. If garage with a touch of PVC is your thing, so are the Trash Bags.



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Author: Craggy Collide