The complete debut tape in full length + one bonus track! First time ever available on extremely limited vinyl! Remastered from the original tapes! that came out in the late ’80s An instant rarity for vinyl lovers and punk rockers alike. If you like your punk rock raw and without frills then this is for you its old school alright coming on like classic voidoids from the song titles to the subject matter ‘Junkie For You’ sets the tone of teen love then follow it up with the undertones like ‘I Want You To Be My Boyfriend’ it has shades of early Misfits as well like it was recorded together live on the hoof to save time and money and because its punk rock god damn it!

‘Waves’ is a more gentle meander down the rock and roll highway with piano and acoustic strumming happening a real NYC Lower East Side feel for sure. ‘Back Of My Hand’ is more upbeat with clashing clanging guitars accompanying the snotty lyrics its vibrant and has stood the test off time. ‘Love Story’ isn’t at all soppy or slow in fact its the one most likely to be used in some B movie Warriors street fight scene.  A decent melody and what’s not to love about those Thunders string bending skills a song born to pull big shapes to in front of the bedroom mirror with the tennis racket and hairbrush.

Flip this bad boy over and ‘The Lottery’ is up first full of piss and vinegar and a chorus even the most challenged glue bag fantatic can sing along to. The ante is upped on side two as ‘Let’s Have A Riot’ lights the oily rag in this Molotov cocktail.

As we Rock and Roll our way through side two there’s a bunch of energy still in these recordings and its a real trip checking out these tunes they deserve to see the light of day and be heard. The Broken Toys had it going on for sure and still don’t need ‘Drugs’ but we do need the snotty riffs and curled lips. We all have a debt to pay to the guys like Johnny Thunders and Broken Toys are paying it back with ‘Sugar ‘N Spice’ check it out its well worth it.

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Author: Dom Daley