Sonny Vincent, known as the founding member of NYC punk heroes, TESTORS has unearthed a collection of never-before-heard recordings from his proto-punk days with this new LP collection. Compiling unreleased tracks from DISTANCE (1969-71), FURY (1972), and LIQUID DIAMONDS (1973-75), as well as one of the earliest TESTORS demos from 1976, this LP collection shines a light on one of New York City’s darkest corners of punk history.

Sonny Vincent has had his trials over the past few years but he’s a survivor and a lot of love was sent his way which shows the impact he has had on those around him we’ve not had any new new music but we have had a couple of compilation albums of Testors songs as well as some awesome tribute albums. I for one can’t wait to hear where Sonny will take us on his next record of original material so until then we have the treat courtesy of Sonny and Hozac records who’ve dug deep into his history and unearthed some proto punk gems from as far back as the late ’60s when Iggy and his Stooges were busy killing the hippy dream and the MC5 were kicking out the jams something was changing in music as it sped up into the ’70s and beyond.

The LP starts with Distance back in ’69 and considering what we know Sonny for with his killer punk rock with razor-sharp riffs this is more in keeping with what Hendrix might have been up to or early Sabbath maybe less heavy but once it goes into free form solo jammin’ its certainly interesting. ‘She’s Like Hiroshima’ certainly caused one eyebrow being raised. as we head into the seventies the riffs get rawer for sure as another couple of Distance songs flow by with ‘Lament’ being more recognisably Sonny vincent.

Fury certainly was appropriately named with the guitar licks coming fast and furiously.  with ‘100%’ being a raw as fuck guitar that must have sounded nuts at the dawn of the ’70s. ’73 NYC must have been one hell of a place to be creating music that sounded like the mean streets of the LES and Liquid Diamonds ‘Aw Maw’ is a banger.  Kicking out the jams for sure.  Whilst its nothing like the Dolls or early Kiss.  Sonny eases back with a great tune ‘All Day’ which has sweeping open chords. Testors make a brief appearance on the record as well with one track entitled ‘Scary’ from ’76 again not what you’d expect as its laid back on the verse before it raises its game only to chill back out. Then to wrap up this time capsule there is an alternative version of ‘Flying’ that neatly closes off this compelling peek behind the curtain of one of the finest guitar slingers to come out of NYC from the whole punk scene.

First ever edition of this LP is limited to 500 copies, with interview included on the printed inner sleeve, and a FREE 11×17 PROMO POSTER to the 1st 100 direct orders.  Get on this Testors, Sonny Vincent and punk rock aficionados you will love hearing how a great talent learnt his trade and what came before the storm.

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Author: Dom Daley