Dom Daley.

Power poppin’ synth rockin, of course, they’re Canadian – isn’t that the epicenter of the power pop world? It sure as shit seems like it. With their second offering this Vancouver Trio.  There’s some right retro synth action on the go in the style of classic Japan or maybe the first album from Duran Duran but wait those guys rocked – sure maybe they did it differently but where else are you going to hear some real synths with plenty of punch and right up front in the mix?

‘Jessica Don’t Like Rock And Roll’ is up first and as I shake my head and wonder why hasn’t anyone taken her to one side and had a word.  How can this be? surely if your standing front center at the rock and roll show something terrible must have happened and in true 80’s style, we’re left wondering did she or didn’t she?  Maybe on the next record, we’ll find out.  The poor girl.

With songs about love and bars and girls and rock n roll, it’s all in there folks – time to get lost in some good time power pop for half an hour as Autogramm take control.  ‘Bummer Party’ is like the distant relative to some early Duran and even touches of classic Numan.

‘Sea Of Regret’ If it were to be sung by Debbie Harry it’d be a smash hit or have been should I say. ‘Wandering eyes’ gets a little proggy for my taste but it does make you want to watch ‘The Warriors’ and wander around with a bandana around your wrist and on top of one of your Reebok hi-tops.  Settle down folks don’t panic ‘Cool Kids Radio’ could easily be the title track to some high school teen flick or on the radio as some kid whos part werewolf is riding around on top of a van roof with this blasting out.

‘Small Town’ is a bit mod like in its delivery with a jarring guitar and punchy beat it’s a bright number with great harmonies but its the final fling of a really good record and ‘Peter Pan’ swoops in with a cool bass line and a refreshing new wave sound not heard for a while and to wrap this punchy bad boy up ‘I Wanna Be Whipped’ could have been penned by Blag Dahlia such is its infectious melody or an unearthed Dee Dee song that the Ramones never got to use either way its like a cool summer breeze of an album and a great pick me up if your feeling down.  Nice one Autogramm I like it. New wave is back in town and it goes by the name Autogramm.