Fraser Munro. 

The ten songs making up “Egomania” swing between Alice Cooper and Reckless Love, with a big dollop of Ghost on top. Sometimes hitting the spot and other times not. There are highs in the shape of the fantastic debut single “Bum to Bum” and some not so highs with the Def Leppard drenched gloss of second single “Blood”.

Eleven years on from the glories of “Retox” and seven years on from the utter crapness of “Doctor Midnight”, Hank’s back with “Egomania”. The first release under his devil in white, Von Hell guise. Right then, I got my kutte on, my balls are waxed clean and I’m going in…

Title track “Egomania” kicks off side one with a nice big “Dudes” intro running into a fine “Retox” style stomp-along tune. “Pretty Decent Exposure” is as the name suggests is pretty decent too with pounding drums and a ripping chorus. Great stuff !!

Unfortunately, third tune “Blood” creeps into view to spoil the party; unless of course, you love the Mutt Lange processed sound that has served Finland’s cock rock emperors “Reckless Love” so well in the last couple of years.

Thankfully “Dirty Money” gets things back on track with another latter-day Hank-era Turbo workout.

Thank the lord for “Bum to Bum”, the album’s debut single and standout tune. When I saw the video on YouTube, I was excited, proper excited. It was everything I wanted from Mr. H and more. It’s a top Alice inspired (Turbo) tune.

Side two kicks off with “Never Again”. Pretty much a stock Ghost tune. It’s pretty cool and far less pompous than Tobias Forge’s bunch of ghouls. “Bombwalk Chic” takes us back to Turbo territory; it’s a pretty sexy tune. Unfortunately “Wild Boy Blues” takes us to Reckless Love land once more. Perhaps it’s ironic …… well maybe. Next up “Too High” is a bit of a filler. It’s okay without being great.

Finally “Adiós (Where’s My Sombrero?” is where the Alice Cooper undercurrent really pops it’s head up. Starting out a little like “Stephen” from “Welcome to My Nightmare”, the song builds up into an epic. A great way to end the album and to start again as I flip the plastic over for another go.

I guess I’m ten or so plays into “Egomania” now and some of the tunes that didn’t initially grab me are beginning to sink their teeth in. Maybe I should review this bad boy again in a couple of months time!!

Egomania is due to be released on November 2nd, 2018 through Sony Music Entertainment / Century Media Records on black vinyl, orange vinyl and CD. Also if you’re a saucy Swede you can get exclusive, pink, red and white vinyl editions you lucky buggers!

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