“Spaghetty Town Records Circus”, five bands from three countries in the live music streaming event of October!


Even Spaghetty Town Records artists are itching to play live.  So Teddy Spaghetty and Criminal Kids put together a roster of live music like no other.  Fast Eddy, Killer Hearts, Pale Lips (Canada), Motosierra (Uruguay) and Criminal Kids will be live streaming on October 22, 2020 at 9pm ET / 6PM PT.  Almost all new performances.  An event of this scale can only be hosted by the Sleazegrinder of Classic Rock Magazine / Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party fame.

When asked about the event Teddy Spaghetty said “I can’t believe this is actually going to happen, many of our bands normally don’t have it together, but somehow pulled this off”.  Over the last few months, each artist has been practicing up to bring you all the best live performances they can.  The Spaghetty Town Records Circus will be streaming on Facebook and Youtube.

Details will be on the event page. Here