Criminal Kids release “Live At Liar’s” to help support Chicago’s Liar’s Club during area covid lockdown and you don’t need me to tell you this is a most worthwhile EP to add to your collection.

Earlier this year they got together and played a live set from Chicago’s infamous dive bar/music venue Liar’s Club.  They donated the money raised to the owners of Liar’s Club. Criminal Kids consider Liar’s their home base, and after being around since 1995 they wanted to help in the best way they know how, and boy what a blistering and tight set this EP is.  the playing is exceptional and the interplay between the band is almost magical, No it is magical.  One play through some decent headphones is enough to convince me I’m hearing sleazy punk rock n roll magic as the band kick the living shit out of ‘Little Bitch’ as the attitude comes through that bass thump holding this little bitch together and the band are throwing the riffs around like a rag doll.  the band then performs their debut single ‘Outcast’ and all they do is turn up the ante and before that filthy bass line walks in they twist the intro like a corkscrew and then shake it a little and everything comes pouring out like some cheap champagne.  Then ‘Vanity’ from the bands previous ep is up and it sounds more vital, more like a hand grenade has gone off and the explosion leaves your ears ringing. Like a filthy snotty early AC/DC if they were a punk rock n roll band.

Before you can draw breath your neck deep into the final offering of ‘Takin’ It Back’ and then maybe you can indeed draw a breath.  Fuck me that’s about as good as it gets for full tilt Rock n Roll played with passion, commitment and a mile wide fuckin’ grin.  I love the Criminal kids and hope they never grow up but I do hope they help save Liars Club and they get to release another record in the not too distant future and make it at least ten tracks long.  Absolute fuckin blast!  Buy It!

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You’ll find “Live At Liar’s on all major streaming and download outlets now.


Author: Dom Daley

“Spaghetty Town Records Circus”, five bands from three countries in the live music streaming event of October!


Even Spaghetty Town Records artists are itching to play live.  So Teddy Spaghetty and Criminal Kids put together a roster of live music like no other.  Fast Eddy, Killer Hearts, Pale Lips (Canada), Motosierra (Uruguay) and Criminal Kids will be live streaming on October 22, 2020 at 9pm ET / 6PM PT.  Almost all new performances.  An event of this scale can only be hosted by the Sleazegrinder of Classic Rock Magazine / Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party fame.

When asked about the event Teddy Spaghetty said “I can’t believe this is actually going to happen, many of our bands normally don’t have it together, but somehow pulled this off”.  Over the last few months, each artist has been practicing up to bring you all the best live performances they can.  The Spaghetty Town Records Circus will be streaming on Facebook and Youtube.

Details will be on the event page. Here

Mark your calendars!  October 22, 9 pm ET/6 PM PT, Spaghetty Town Records are having the live music streaming event of the year, and it’s FREE! Live performances from Criminal Kids, Pale Lips, Killer Hearts, Fast Eddy and Motosierra.  Hosted by the only person that replies to their emails, Sleazegrinder!


some of RPM Online favourite current rock and roll bands are heading to Town and we’ve cleared our diary -Will You?


Atlanta so much to answer for… Nah, ok, so it was Manchester besides what has Atlanta got to answer for?  Well, it could answer for this rockin’ bastard of a compilation.  championing fourteen of its favourite (adopted) sons celebrating Atlanta’s annual Down South Showdown Festival.  This bad boy plays out in just about half an hours worth of top tunage.  this compilation is a fuckin’ stunner simple as that.  What’s more thirteen of these tracks are unreleased or have never been put on physical media before, including a new track from Dirty Fences!

shit from the off RMBLR with ‘Next Time’ get this party started.  Sure you know the history of this band (if not then off you go there’s your homework) what a barnstormer of a tune makes you want to get that feather cut and rush off out to get that throat tat you promised yourself and start flippin’ off cop cars because all you care about is the Rock and Roll and this is Rock and Fuckin’ Roll! superb.

Dirty Fences is a breath of power pop fresh air with ‘M.O.N.E.Y’ Whilst BBQT has got their foot on the monitor wedge as they blast through ‘Savage’ woohoo! like Blondie fronting the runaways on 45rpm.  Then things get punky with Sick Bags and the early ’70s Dolls influenced ‘If You Can’t Join Em (Beat Em Up)’  with some mighty fine lyrics that had me smiling and that Riff- the undertones want it back when you’ve finished beating it to death. Pine & Tolliver get a little freaky with the keys on “Somethin’ More” sounding like they Od’d on Lou Read.

Fixed Faces ‘The Call’ is a slow burner then when they get going and the Riff kicks in sounds like a late night getting kicked out of Max’s and hitting CBGB’s on the wrong night mixing Toilet Boys with a lethal dose of Jayne County is some serious Rock and Roll for anyone and luckily it fits right in on this compilation. MAMA rock out with a slice of Thin Lizzy in a pair of creepers with a feather boa draped over the mic stand as they go for the ‘Sugar Burn’ another great tune it would be remiss of me to gloss over any of the bands on here.


Flip it and Austins Trouble Boys barge in with ‘Ricky’ in tow and if things hadn’t turned ugly before then once these punks rock up it might just be the match that lit the fire. If Donos Boys are asking if we’re ready or not then obviously we’re ready willing and able as they do their best Ramones whilst pogoing. RPM always has time for Ravagers and their muscular punk rock n roll. ‘#They Live’ has the gang bv’s we love and turn in a bruiser.

We loved the Criminal Kids when we had their album to review and ‘Run For The Police’ proves they have more to offer and that rollicking barroom piano is working a treat as they kick up a shit storm and turn in the highlight of the album along with RMBLR.  Only leaving The Uppers to rock out with ‘Bulldozer’ and a new band on the RPM radar is a welcome addition as I’m sure it won’t be their last coverage if they have more to offer that’s half as good as this rocker and I love the breakdown.

Bad Sons won us over when we had one of their singles hit the 45 RPM round up so we were excited to hear what ‘Hammers’ was going to sound like and it didn’t disappoint at all with their aggressive slice of punk n roll.  Which only left Cheap Tissue to sign off this absolute belter of a compilation.  ‘Up My Sleeve’ isn’t a quiet goodnight but lights flashing and horn honkin’ rev of the engine and like the getaway car in a robbery this is the wheels spinning swift exit middle finger out the window you would expect.  Do not tell me you love rock and fuckin’ roll and pass this by.  I can only apologise for not getting to this sooner it will be to my eternal shame that I wasn’t on the button with this review but it’s better late than never besides like all good things come to those who wait or he who rocks last rocks longest or something like that.  Just flippin’ buy it!

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RMBLR (Atlanta, GA / Baltimore, MD)
Dirty Fences (New York City)
Sick Bags (Richmond, VA)
Pine & Tolliver (Atlanta, GA)
Fixed Faces (Greenville, SC)
MAMA (Chicago, IL)
Trouble Boys (Austin, TX)
Dino’s Boys (Atlanta, GA)
Ravagers (Baltimore, MD)
Criminal Kids (Chicago, IL)
The Uppers (St. Louis, MO)
Bad Sons (Chicago, IL)
Cheap Tissue (Los Angeles, CA)

Wake up you Nutters its Monday!

Try this for size and if you’re sitting on a tube or subway train turn it up so everyone can hear it. Beautiful!

If you need to chill after that then you might like to check out the new video from The Prophets Of Addiction

Try this for size. zeke drummer Donny Paycheck has another band on the go and this is them. Cutthroat Brothers and Barbers…No I won’t spoil that seeing as Fraser has a review on RPM this week of their album but this is a little sneak peek ladies and gentlemen I give you…