To celebrate the 10th anniversary of debut album ‘Racey Roller’, everyone’s favourite boot boy Glam riff-mongers, Giuda, are releasing a limited edition box set of 3×7” singles. These six tracks include demos from their first recording session, plus an oddity from French fans; ‘Giuda We Love You’.


Original drummer/producer Danilo Silvestri has compiled the notes for the 12-page booklet, detailing each session to explain the different line ups and the minutiae of their history. This is very much for the serious Giuda-head; at the time of writing, there’s no price listed, but it also includes a postcard, membership card and a silkscreened aluminium 45 adapter, hand crafted by Lorenzo’s dad, Renato. So, I can only imagine it won’t be cheap. But, you certainly get attention to detail for your cash.

You’ll already know ‘Racey Roller’, ‘Back Home’, ‘Tartan Pants’ and ‘Speak Louder’, which seemed fully-formed at demo stage. ‘Look Over Your Shoulder’ is an album outtake, which is as strong as anything else, so I guess they ran out of time/space. The aforementioned ‘Giuda We Love You’ is a sweet natured thank you from some French fans, in a Shang-a-lang style.


Lovingly compiled and created, not for the occasional listener, but an interesting document of Giuda’s roots.

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Author: Martin Chamarette