The Bungaboys are back in town ladies and gentlemen with their sixth (if you include 2010’s Juvenile Jungle) long playing record ‘Heavy Male Insecurity’. A mighty slab of wax containing ten tracks that are guaranteed to blow your warped and fragile tiny little minds.


If you’ve yet to experience the delights of Death By Unga Bunga, this all-new album is the perfect opportunity for you to play catch up with one of the most essential bands to ever come out of Norway since Turbonegro. So, why not take a few minutes of your time to ponder what The Hives meets Ash might sound like put through a sonic blender with just a little Thin Lizzy added for the fun of it, and if that ain’t got you eager to hear this record then surely nothing will.


Look, all comparisons/possible influences aside, for those of us who luxuriated in the aural splendour of the band’s awesome 2018 album ‘So Far So Good So Cool’ I suppose you all just want me to cut to the chase and tell you if the guys have managed to top that album? Well, here’s the answer to that million krone question.


Kicking off with the buzzsaw guitar pop of ‘Modern Man’ the immediate thing that strikes me is that there is no real sonic departure for the band with singer Sebastian Ulstad Olsen once again turning in a Robin Zander-esque mix of bark and bite complete with a sugary twist.


‘Egocentric’ is up next and this for me is where ‘Heavy Male Insecurity’ truly hits its stride. Full to bursting with melody the brilliance of the synth pomp breakdown in the middle of the song is worth your admission money alone.


From here on in there’s honestly not a single duff track or off moment to gloat over like some other magazines seem to delight in doing right now. Nope, this record is a ten out of ten set of ten songs. A truly perfect ten if you will, and I dare you to not be singing along with the likes of ‘My Buddy’ (Weezer who?) or ‘Trouble’ (like Sleaford Mods meets the Ramones – believe it) whilst air guitaring like a teenager to one of the album’s lead singles ‘Live Until I Die’ after just a couple of listens.


At 34 minutes long ‘Heavy Male Insecurity’ is all about the quality of tunes on offer, so for those wondering how the Bungaboys might ever top ‘So Far So Good So Cool’ go out get your CD, LP or if you prefer, the download. Then slam the sucker on your stereo and you’ll very soon be listening to the answer.




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