The Reducers spent more than three decades resisting the fickle turns of popular taste, the musical fashion, and the temptations of the music-industry buzz that briefly threatened to turn them into the Next Big Thing. Instead, the band spontaneously moved forward on its own uncompromising terms, continuing to make brilliant, personally charged rock ‘n’ roll.


With a whole wealth of influences jumping out of the speakers at you apart from the obvious giveaways of Covering a Dangerfield/ Steele song and did it ever hurt anyone to have a go at a Stones track it certainly paints decent comparisons and when they’re done well its a bonus.  I hear some alternative leanings from the likes of The Replacements going on here along with more subtle influences like SLF.  Right from the off the energy the band muster is excellent and when they get going it’s a thing of beauty.


Soundboard recordings can sound distant and a bit lifeless but that’s definitely not the case here because The Reducers manage to keep the sound ragged but rich and engaging.  Their take on the Stones is loose baby and just like you want to hear a band taking on ‘Get Off My Cloud’ once they’ve had a few looseners.  These guys get a great groove on and really lock in on track like ‘San Antone’ and ‘I Call That Living’.


The songs are short and pretty sweet and the choice of covers is good they had a rich sound and as far as live albums go this is a really enjoyable listen. They mix up the Rock with the alternative sound really well and finishing on an excellent take on Chris Speddings ‘Hurt By Love’ is a great way to sign off with some thunderous bass thumping and change in tempo as the band gets loose before sailing off into the sunset.  Adios amigos it might be a late entry to the party but it sounds so much fun.


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