The album “The King Is Dead” by The Cutthroat Brothers and mike watt (recorded by Jack Endino; with artwork by Raymond Pettibon) right off the bat is an absolute fuckin’ joy from top to bottom, start to finish its wall to wall bangers.  If the king is indeed dead this’ll wake him up!

I’ve been a fan of the cutthroat duo so far and loved everything they’ve done thus far and the lockdown live release well needs a vinyl press considering how bloody good it was and sounded.  Then this banger creepy crawls without bells and whistles or fanfare with added Mike Watt delivering some low-end power that really elevates these tunes into the something special category.  Basically it’s the last studio album but with the Watt factor that was lost in the interweb ether but turned up after the album had been cut.


As soon as ‘Killing Time’ kicks in with a swagger and a truckload of attitude, these boys come out swinging like the wanderer’s gang with baseball bats lashing out and jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof and before the second chorus has passed you’ll be joining in on the “killing Time”.  After such an energetic opener that swagger turns into a strut as ‘Medicine’ is buzzin like a lunatic on class A’s.


The title track is a throbbing brooding throwback to better times. Watt adds a phat sound that is a sonic jump and an already big-sounding band goes supersonic.  It adds something special and the loose blues of the menacing title track is epic in sound and feel.  When the band raises the tempo it raises the menace and my speakers start to shake rattle and roll.

These guys go through the gears and show off a play on the variations of what we call Rock and Roll and the melodic catchy ‘Out Of Control’ has a slice of power pop with its main course for what is one of the records high points as it did on the bands sophomore record but as it was meant to sound.  Released for RSD this is a fantastic slice of Garage Rock n Roll that any self-respecting rocker will want to hear.  If you can find a copy then do so and play it loud!

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Author: Dom Daley