The album “The King Is Dead” by The Cutthroat Brothers and mike watt (recorded by Jack Endino; with artwork by Raymond Pettibon) right off the bat is an absolute fuckin’ joy from top to bottom, start to finish its wall to wall bangers.  If the king is indeed dead this’ll wake him up!

I’ve been a fan of the cutthroat duo so far and loved everything they’ve done thus far and the lockdown live release well needs a vinyl press considering how bloody good it was and sounded.  Then this banger creepy crawls without bells and whistles or fanfare with added Mike Watt delivering some low-end power that really elevates these tunes into the something special category.  Basically it’s the last studio album but with the Watt factor that was lost in the interweb ether but turned up after the album had been cut.


As soon as ‘Killing Time’ kicks in with a swagger and a truckload of attitude, these boys come out swinging like the wanderer’s gang with baseball bats lashing out and jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof and before the second chorus has passed you’ll be joining in on the “killing Time”.  After such an energetic opener that swagger turns into a strut as ‘Medicine’ is buzzin like a lunatic on class A’s.


The title track is a throbbing brooding throwback to better times. Watt adds a phat sound that is a sonic jump and an already big-sounding band goes supersonic.  It adds something special and the loose blues of the menacing title track is epic in sound and feel.  When the band raises the tempo it raises the menace and my speakers start to shake rattle and roll.

These guys go through the gears and show off a play on the variations of what we call Rock and Roll and the melodic catchy ‘Out Of Control’ has a slice of power pop with its main course for what is one of the records high points as it did on the bands sophomore record but as it was meant to sound.  Released for RSD this is a fantastic slice of Garage Rock n Roll that any self-respecting rocker will want to hear.  If you can find a copy then do so and play it loud!

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Author: Dom Daley

Hound Gawd! Records recently announced the new album by The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt. Titled ‘The King is Dead’, the album will be available as vinyl LP on Record Store Day, June 12th, 2021, followed by a digital release on July 9th. The venomous blues-punk, swamp-rock sounds of The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt conjure bands like The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Stooges and The Hives. You can check out a new single called “Wrong” now and download/stream the album for review below…
No Echo says “Basically, if you love bands like The Cramps and X, you’ll be an instant fan of what these fellas are cooking up.” adding, “Mr. Watt’s mind-fucking bass lines colors the material in a beautiful way that makes you go, “Yeah, this is sick.”
This collaboration began when Mike Watt interviewed Jason and Donny on The Watt from Pedro Show. When the real-life barbers casually asked Watt to play bass on their next album, they didn’t expect to hear ‘yes’.
Mike Watt added his magic and is now an honorary Cutthroat Brother barber by blood. Watt’s gritty, powerful playing will blow your greasy black pompadour back like a jet engine.
Hailed as ‘the Sweeney Todd’s of punk’, The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt are a mean and murderous match made in hell.
World-renowned visual artist Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag, Sonic Youth) contributed the cover art, making ‘The King is Dead’ packaging hotter than a wet shave and twice as slick.
Take this blood-soaked bash-a-thon and file it where it fits: right next to punk rock greats like Misfits or The Damned.
Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney) produces, mixes, and masters again (his 4th collaboration with The Cutthroat Brothers in only 2 plus years since the band was formed), honing ‘The King is Dead’ to a razor sharp point.
‘The King Is Dead’ opens with the aforementioned ‘Killing Time’, an anthem for miscreants everywhere. Up next is the rockabilly and drug influenced ‘Medicine,’ finding Mike Watt in a fuzzed up bounce reminiscent of The Minutemen’s ‘Corona’.
The third and title track ‘The King is Dead’ is a spooky blues burner that slips into the room like a night stalker, then slashes everything into a brash, bluesy bloodbath. The rest of the album pummels forward in the gritty, grimy, grinning fashion that leaves the listener sliced, shaking and twisting on the barbershop floor wanting more.
The Brothers and Watt enjoyed working together so much that you can expect further collaborations in the future!

Something for the Week sir? how about the brand new cartoon video from The Cutthroat Brothers?  Of course here goes.

Next how about some Dizzy Reed and his Hookers & Blow jazz up the Stones classic ‘Rocks Off’

Finally this week we bring you the brand new video from Bullets & Octanes  “Riot Riot N Roll” the band have released a new single and  video for “Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog”:

This video was shot at the legendary Berlin punk club, ‘Wild at Heart’ on the first night of the tour. Burlesque troupe The Velvet Creepers joined the band on stage that night. The track is taken from their second album ‘Taste For Evil’ released on Hound Gawd! Records and was reviewed Here   During the global lockdown the band released an excellent live album recorded on their recent European Tour check out the review and link to buy it Here 

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Well kiddies if you’ve never happened across these two barber Rock and Rollers then this might just be your lucky day because this here live record is exactly how they’re supposed to sound.  No studio niceties, no bullshit treatment (apart from the Guns N Roses style crowd noise)   Picture this – It’s November of 2019. The Cutthroat Brothers (aka “The Sweeney Todds of punk rock”) are hitting stages across mainland Europe to showcase their brand of two-man hack n slash tunes.

 Suddenly, a change of plans! Covid-19 happens and everything grinds to a screeching halt. A global pandemic followed by travel bans and quarantines changes everything overnight, causing The Cutthroat Brothers’ upcoming tour to be postponed. But worry not fiends because they had the good sense to record the last night of that 2019 tour from Belgium and release it in all its finery.

Featuring twelve choice cuts from their exclusive range and leaving something for the weekend its tight and wild and at times right on the bloody button drawing from their two studio albums. The fuzz buzz of ‘Potions’ sounds fantastic  and quite exciting as it cuts through the airwaves.

 Singer Jason Cutthroat sounds great – full of energy and slashing out the chords takes the songs somewhere different to the studio recordings. Donny Paycheck (ex-Zeke) sounds like ten drummers on the epic ‘Killing Time’.

‘Black Candle’ is menacing but the songs that stand tallest are ‘Wrong’ with a wicked intro and I love the rhythm on ‘Oceans’ as the guitar scuffs and rolls towards the chorus – great stuff.  The songs were mixed and mastered by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden) while everyone was quarantined in their respective homes. Making this a hattrick of cuts with The Cutthroat Brothers.

As far as live records go this one is pretty damn good and when this crazy world slows down and we return to live shows and foreign travel maybe these cats can come to Shit Island and dish up a set like the one on this record.  I’ll be there and I suggest you do as well Hell we might even get treated to a drum solo like the one on ‘Kill For You’ Not that this kind of behavior should be encouraged but I’ll make the exception here because this one is rather good and it adds to the tension. Ending the set with a blistering and moody ‘King Is Dead’ reminds me of the full-on experience of watching master craftsmen do their finest much like a Gallon Drunk but only two of them and far more menacing (if that’s even possible)   Get on it because they’re worth it! Let’s hope that in the coming months this can get a vinyl pressing it deserves.


Author: Dom Daley

Last year I described the debut Cutthroat Brothers self-titled debut album as “ dirtier than a teenager’s mind” and less than twelve months later, Jason and Donny are back with a taste for all things evil.  Are they still that nasty? Hell yeah !!


Twenty six minutes of the Devil’s own music, recorded and mixed over four days in Seattle Washington, with Jack Endino back stroking the knobs….. what’s not to like?


First up, the title track, ‘Taste for Evil’ starts where last year’s debut LP left off. Flat driving drums and stripped down dirty guitar, pure Jesus and Mary Chain . Thankfully ‘Shake, Move, Howl, Kill’  is more of the same, a kind of dirty double scoop of the most evil dessert.


I like ‘Out of Control’ a lot. It’s simple, straightforward and as cool as fuck. Next up ‘Wrong’ is so right with it’s rockabilly  undercurrent. Is it a happy song ? Hell no !!


‘Black Candle’ has a pretty mean groove. A zombie dance tune for the apocalypse. And on we go. With ‘Medicine’ and Jason says relapse! Maximum groove, maximum cool. Say ‘perhaps’ to drugs kids.


‘Killing Time’ time is in danger of being up-tempo, while “Candy Cane” steams along like Satan’s own express train. ‘Get Haunted’ has a sweet riff and a groove that’ll  earn the pole dancers of the undead tons of tips.


Side two closer “The King is Dead” is a moody beast and deserves to be the go-to tune for any self respecting serial killer’s hobby. You can almost hear the screams !!!


So there you go, a stripped-down review for a beautifully stripped-down album. Ten songs about sex, death, drugs and black magic, all drenched in blood and much like with their debut album….. Think Jesus and Mary Chain, think Cramps, think DEVIL’S MUSIC !!!!!


Hound Gawd! Records have the pleasure of releasing this fine slice of plastic this Halloween on vinyl, CD and in digital form.


The internet will tell you all you need to know about The Cutthroat Brothers. Go there and bully them into playing your town…..

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Author: Fraser Munro


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