Spanish punk rock four-piece with a penchant for Rancid style heads down, let’s go, punk rock has released a seven-track CD of well-played great-sounding punk rock. Call it an extended EP or a mini-album either way you get seven tracks of uncompromising punk rock for your Euros that’s very well delivered and played with love and respect for a style they clearly love.

Rachel handles bass and vocals but the band muck in with gang vocals throughout this release and from the get-go of ‘Never Surrender’ they show their hand with a metallic riff a rama courtesy of the twin-headed guitar assault and the solid rhythm section go for the throat with a suitably covered subject matter.


Hold onto your hat because ‘The Flame’ turns things up a notch whilst it might not be groundbreaking they more than adequately turn in a decent noise. I like the attitude and the delivery and production is spot on.  The title track ‘Black Tears’ with some piraty backing vocals. I think the band excels when they turn things up a notch and go for the jugular as on ‘The Void’, it’s uncompromising and direct bullshit-free punk rock.


They do turn up the Rock and Roll aspect for the next one ‘Carry One’ and the arm-in-arm camaraderie shines through in a Distillers kind of way that is carried on through the ‘Squad’. It’s clear they aren’t about to reinvent punk rock and are happy to play what it is they clearly love listening to and that is cool with us here at RPM because every now and then bands like Grippers turn in a really top-notch tune and will always deliver live where they can perhaps display more individuality and that spark that keeps us all listening and watching.


to wrap up the record they strap on their ‘Broken Boots’ for a once round the block with a snappy tune and some bouncy Cock Sparrer meets The Adverts mash up and enjoyable it is too.  Love the solo as well.  Punk Rockers doing punk rock and doing it well who’d have thought it eh?  Good on em.

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Author: Dom Daley