If you are familiar with Dirty Water Records, it’s probably due to the mighty King Salami And The Cumberland Three. If so, walk this way, because Hipbone Slim is cut from a similar cloth. He and his Kneetremblers present here a mere 40 tunes of “authentic raw and primitive rock n roll”, which, for once, is pretty damn accurate.


With an average length of 2 and a half minutes, each song is primo, no frills stuff. My promo stream doesn’t feature song titles, so forgive me if I guess wrong. From the Bo Diddley beats of opener ‘Ain’t Got A Leg To To Stand On’ to the closing instrumental, they rock, boogie and bop in a style to please fans of Chuck Berry, The Cramps, Hillbilly Moon Explosion and The Broadway Twisters.


Songs like ‘Make Your Blood Boil’ and ‘Rub The Lamp’ transport the listener to a sweaty backroom in 1958, they certainly have a flair for Lo-fi authenticity. ‘Voodoo Love’ has a taste of the Hillbilly Moon Explosion, while ‘Scattergun’ wouldn’t be out of place next to The Broadway Twisters. I assume this is a compilation album, and the quality remains high throughout. If rockabilly, bop and primal rock n roll are your thing (if not, seek medical help), then this will put a smile on your chops.

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Author: Martin Chamarette