Right folks get on your blue suede shoes, slick back your hair and grease up your quiff as Brian Setzer is going to rock this town with his guitar twanging new album titled “Gotta have the rumble”.

The first cut is titled “Checkered Flag” and it draws the listener in with a killer groove and has Brian’s signature killer guitar playing all over it.

Next up we have “Smash up on highway one” and Brian is in fine voice and with a hypnotic guitar riff this song is a winner.

“Stack my money” and “The wrong side of the tracks” are pure quality and keep the album flowing along with instant foot tapping anthems.

“Drip Drop” is a slower paced number and has a doo wop feel to it with some stunning female backing vocals and is a truly stunning track.

Up next we have “The cat with 9 wives” and the pace is picked back up with Brian telling us the tale of his 9 wives now this would be too much for the average joe but the rock’n’roll legend that is Brian Setzer is more than cool enough to pull it off.

“Rockabilly Riot” is what it says on the tin. The song is filled with hooks that just don’t lodge in your brain; they smash you over the head and if your leg isn’t shaking along to the rhythm Elvis style then get your pulse checked as you might be dead.

“One bad habit” is another effortlessly cool track dripping with attitude and pure energy.

Closing out the album is the track “ Rockabilly Banjo” and what a way to finish this great album off with a killer chorus that immediately gets the listener singing along and yet again Brian is on top guitar slinger form.

Brian Setzer is a living legend who never fails to deliver quality tunes and “Gotta have the rumble” is an album that from start to finish is up there with his best work and will reward the listener with repeated spins.

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Author: Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper