Let’s cut to the chase here.  Has anyone or does anyone know of any sane human being who doesn’t like The Bronx and who can name a bad record they’ve released?  No, I didn’t think so either.


No point in asking if anyone has seen a below-par live show because that did not happen ever, or you’re just lying to impress people but that would be stoopid.

It’s been a long time coming and trying to forget it was still months away they kept dropping videos and hints here and there.  I asked one of my learned friends when was the release day and low and behold it was imminent and the wait was over ‘VI’ dropped and consuming it in manageable chunks began.  I could do a concise review by just saying it’s out and you should already own it and it’s everything and more but that wouldn’t be fair.  Some people forget things, and we’re all getting a bit older so it might have slid under the radar, Besides I’ve had a few sleeps to digest the record so here are my thoughts.

First up it’s been eighteen years since they first burst eardrums all over this planet and it’s been something of an upward trajectory since then with a little ebb and flow to be fair but nothing below par and a live phenomena.  We all have our favourite songs and albums (mine was 4 in case you’re wondering)  It’ll take a while for a ‘Heart Attack America’ to emerge from the wall of noise that’s bombarding my senses currently from Matt and the boys but never lose hope that the dizzy heights can be achieved on every record.


They might not look cool (like they give a fuck) they might not be the hippest dudes on the scene (like they give a fuck) they might not be on point with the latest trends (like they give a fuck) but what they clearly do give a fuck about is writing and recording the best eleven songs they can possibly muster. Making sure that the listener is tuned in properly then 100% of their time, energy and love is poured into every last damn groove and you will be left exhausted emotionally or physically and if you are not then you probably don’t deserve The Bronx in your life.  I pity you.


‘White Shadow’ opens the ‘VI’ in true Bronx style and is a bit of a free hit something of a loosener,  like slugging a few quick shots before heading out.  The sonic blanket of sound is both comforting and warm but don’t become a complacent listener because, the band are about to take a swerve here and there and sure, you’ll end up in the final destination – a satisfied customer – and all in this messed up world will feel fine, sweet and dandy.


Strap yourself in because ‘Superbloom’ is thunderous. Matt has some serious pipes, we all know that right?  just listen to those guitars and the thunder of that rhythm section – it is a thing of beauty and they’ve captured it on wax perfectly. Don’t go running with this in your wireless earbuds it’ll be dangerous kids and that solo is seriously out there.  Heavier than an anvil being pounded by a ten pound hammer.  Hit with subtlety (at times) and energy aplenty but it’s more than that.


‘Watering The Well’ is driving and those guitars are sharp as hell and the rhythm is a beast making the song sound epic and sprawling even managing some classic rock dueling guitars for good measure.  Nailing the feeling of a reset in society The Bronx are on fire and the record feels like it’s only just begun.  ‘Curb Feelers’ thunders along with a twisting and turning vibe from the melody to the heavy riff to the gang vocals – it’s epic!


‘Peace Pipes’ should be a chart topper with epic and lush gang vocals throughout the verses before the bass comes through like a smooth throwback to the 60s – it’s a belter and great choice for a single. It’s uplifting and a feeling of joy and happiness is pumping from the speakers.


The Mexicana shimmering of ‘Mexican Summer’ is groovy baby. It’s an expansive sound that has a real feeling of depth as it ebbs and flows. It’s unfair to say the Bronx doesn’t add any new frills because they do – it might be subtle shifts but the Bronx sands move but stay the same and that’s a beautiful thing to be able to do six albums deep into a several decade long career.  Not easy and not something many bands can achieve.  It’s not easy to mix Hard Rock with Punk Rock and make it seem effortless but The Bronx can and do.


Damn, ‘New Lows’ is a new high as it powers on and on like a boot to the temple but wait, because ‘Breaking News’ is hardcore as fuck and a real rush of blood.  Anyone who says the band aren’t as good as the early records isn’t listening because this is everything the early albums were and more. The Bronx have lost none of their punch and energy and have even added to it.

Finally ending with ‘Participation Trophy’ on one massive groove the Bronx nail it.  Long live the Bronx because they clearly still Rock like Fuck!

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Author: Dom Daley