Denim and leather-clad Texas rockers Killer Hearts are still riding high from their debut LP release “Skintight Electric” are now hitting the road to spread the gospel of rock and roll. They’ve also released a video directed by Seyla Hossaini. The concept for the video, rock and roll women, a night on the town and getting up to no good, with Killer Hearts “Dynamite Tramp” playing the soundtrack! It’s a throwback to the early days of MTV when we had to stay up late to see the rock and roll videos.

Killer Hearts debut full-length “Skintight Electric” is out now on all streaming and download platforms. Vinyl can be purchased in the US from Spaghetty Town Records and in Europe from Dragstrip Riot Records.

Sweden’s boogie rock legends Diamond Dogs are back with the new single and music video ‘ALRIGHT BRUTUS I’M ON!’ The track is taken from the swedes upcoming double album ‘SLAP BANG BLUE RENDEZVOUS’, set for release on January 21.

Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous is a release for children of the 70’s. From the top it conjures up the spirits of the 70’s glam rock era. The warm atmosphere brings the air of the golden age, and the energy of the songs and performance give a promise of rock music for the new generation! Diamond Dogs leaves the listener feeling like they’ve been somewhere momma told them not to go, but knowing that they’ll soon be visiting again!

“This is my masterpiece, my White Album” as Tomas Skogsberg himself puts it. And we can only agree!

Hear Alright Brutus I’m On and pre-order the album: Here

Finally why not check out the new Jesse Malin video for ‘Dance With The System’ from Jesse Malin’s latest double album, ‘Sad and Beautiful World’, out now on Wicked Cool Records.