Just when I was thinking that Giuda ought to crack on with a new album, Mad Rollers have done it for them. Their debut album was recorded by longtime Giuda producer Danilo Silvestri at Green Mountain Audio, and, in places, you can’t see/hear the join. I’m divided; it’s a great set of mega-catchy songs, but it really does sound exactly like the first two Giuda albums.

Now, that is hardly a complaint. A lot of people are hoping Tenda and the boys return to their roots, after the slight experiment of ‘E.V.A’. But, it is weird hearing a fabulous Giuda album that Giuda didn’t make! I’d need to see Mad Rollers live to make a clearer distinction. That said, I will be buying this, postage notwithstanding because it is an absolute belter. You want 70s tinged, boot-boy-styled Glam anthems? (Glamthems?), step this way…

It’s all here. From opener ‘Black Days’, we have the backbeat, the driving bass lines, the perfectly crunchy guitar tone and the gang-vocal choruses. ‘Good Time’ is just that, you’ll be bopping along with thumbs in belt loops. ‘Keep Me Away’ has tastefully pilfered Slade. ‘I Trust Nobody’ is almost indistinguishable from Giuda. Is it the water supply in Rome? They certainly couldn’t be on the same bill, but I can’t fault the quality on show here.

‘Bish, Bash, Bosh’, and it’s like the 70s never ended, in the best way. One listen, and you’ll be convinced you’ve known it all your life. Silvestri has mastered the Chinn/Chapman hit factory sound. My heart goes out to any young bands in Rome; the benchmark , for this style, is immense. ‘Another Night’ adds some cheesy keyboards, but doesn’t stray into the 80s, so if Giuda’s brief flirtation with Duran Duran wasn’t your thing, you’ll be happy here.

‘Red Light’ and ‘Motherkilla’ have the joy of those early AC/DC riffs before they hired Eric Cartman and got too heavy (dodges bottles), and ‘Ukraine Girl’ doesn’t let up, so, no ballads here. What can I say? It’s a fantastic album, regardless of similarities. I hope they play some gigs soon, so we can experience it in it’s natural environment. You’d be mad not to.


Author: Martin Chamarette