Books & EP’s/singles

One thing we do love here on RPM is a bloody good music-related book.  We’ve read loads and lockdown was a really good time for sitting about fingering the pages of a good autobiography or a book of lists from closed venues to record shops to biographies.  Here is a selection from some of the writers at RPM Online.  If you have any suggestions or books you’d like us to review then please get in touch at and we’ll be sure to get our reading gogs out and give your recommended book the once over.

As for the singles club, we do love a good EP or 7” single be it the real thing on wax or a virtual one with a video.  It’s a sign of the times that we have more and more digital singles or one-track album samplers drop through the email but we do love a slab of wax and 2021 provided us with some right belters. So please find below a limited run of highly recommended singles.

Gaz Tidey

‘Grammar Free In The U.K.’ – D&D Philpott (irondig books)

 ‘Nöthin’ But A Good Time’ – Tom Beaujour & Richard Bienstock (st. Martin’s press)

‘The Twenty Seven Club’ – Lucy Nichol (lark)

Johnny Hayward

‘Diminished Responsibility ii’ – Alvin Gibbs (Tome & Metre Books)

‘Grammar Free In The U.K.’ – D&D Philpott (irondig books)

Grebo-‘The Loud And Lousy Story Of GBOA and Crazyhead’ – Rich Deakin (Headpress)

‘Pete Way’ – Ross Halfin (Rufus publications)

‘All Or Nothing (The Authorised Story Of Steve Marriott)’ – Simon Spence (omnibus press)

Dom Daley

‘Diminished Responsibility ii’ – Alvin Gibbs (tome & Metre books)

 ‘The Scene That Would Not Die’ – Ian Glasper (Earth Island Books)

‘Ever Fallen In Love (The Lost Buzzcocks Tapes)’ – Pete Shelley & Louise Shelley (octopus books)

‘To Hell And Back’  Walter lure & Dave Thompson. (Backbeat Books)

 ‘Snake Pit Therapy’ – Sonny Vincent (Far West Books)

Kenny kendrick

 ‘Rainbow In The Dark’ – Ronnie James Dio/Mick Wall (Constable)

Dan kasm

‘Sing Backwards And Weep’ – Mark Lanegan (White Rabbit)

‘Nöthin’ But A Good Time’ – Tom Beaujour & Richard Bienstock (st. Martin’s press)

Nev brooks

‘Sing Backwards And Weep’ – Mark Lanegan (White Rabbit)

‘Tenement Kid’ – Bobby Gillespie (White Rabbit)

Grebo-‘The Loud And Lousy Story Of GBOA and Crazyhead’ – Rich Deakin (Headpress)

Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

‘Diminished Responsibility ii’ – Alvin Gibbs (Tome & Metre books)

Singles & EP’s

Johnny Hayward

Desperate measures – ‘Rinsed’ (Easy Action Records)

Hip Priests – ‘No Stranger To Danger’ (Ghost Highway Recording)

The Lickerish Quartet – ‘Threesome’ Volume 2

The Chisel – ‘Enough Said’ (Wardance Records)

Lars Frederiksen – ‘To Victory’

Ben Hughes

The Lickerish Quartet – ‘threesome’ Vol. 2Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Go Get A Tattoo’ (International Death Cult)

Bob Vylan – ‘GDP’ (Self Release)

The Urban Voodoo Machine – ‘Empty Plastic Cup’

The Speedways – ‘Borrowed and Blue’

Dom Daley

Hip Priests – ‘No Stranger To Danger’ (Ghost Highway Recording)

RMBLR – ‘RMBLR’ (Spaghetty Town Records/Wanda Records)

Criminal Kids – ‘live at liars club’ (spaghetty Town records)

The Black Halos – ‘Uncommonwealth’ (Cursed Blessing Records) 

Desperate measures – ‘Rinsed’ (Easy Action Records)

Suzi Moon -‘Call The Shots’ (Wanda Records/Pirates Press)

Kenny Kendrick

Ghost – ‘Hunter’s Moon’ ( Loma Vista Recordings)

Murder Van – ‘Crooked Smiles’ EP

Sea of Snakes – ‘World on Fire’ EP

Smith/Kotzen – ‘Better Days EP’ (BMG)

Bob Vylan – GDP (self Release)

Gaz Tideys BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF 2021 was the mighty Redd Kross cancelling rather than just postponing (again!) their UK/European tour.

However, he is MOST LOOKING FORWARD to Recording an album with his long-lost late’80s/early ‘90s band, Sister Morphine.

Johnny Hayward spent most of 2021 being Dissappointed that Terry & The Idiots didn’t getting back together. But he is mostly looking forward to 2022 andTerry & The Idiots finally getting back together. Also Hopefully getting to see Stiff Richards live some time next summer. Oh and Rebellion is looking very interesting with the R Fest stage just announced.

When we caught up with Ben Hughes he expressed that he was Disappointed he didn’t much care for The Wildhearts – ‘21st Century Love Songs’. He was however Most looking forward to More live shows than in 2020 and 2021 combined!

Dom Daleys thoughts looking back are being disappointed Bristol ticket shop going under with my money from the cancelled Redd Kross show and Redd Kross cancelling rather than rearanging.

The amount of cancellations due to covid but mostly The Damned reunion being put back once then again until late 2022.

Also The vinyl meltdown and pushbacks for smaller independent artists in favour of reissues from big labels.

The deaths of some of my favourite music people (Charlie Watts, Sylvain Sylvain, Waldo, Timo, Darrel Bath and Scotty Mulvey)

Looking forward to…

The original line up of the Damned reunion shows in Hammersmith  and the amount of new albums that should drop in 2022.

As for Kenny Kendrick.

Biggest Disappointment this year? “TheDeaths of Charlie Watts & Malcolm Dome”. Skunk Anansie tour postponed (again).

When we asked what Kenny was Looking forward to in 2022 he said, “Skunk Anansie tour! and Green Lung playing Steelhouse Festival”

Dans thoughts on 2021

“I’ll just say, certain bands publicly airing their handbags at dawn…. yet again”.
Looking forward to 2022 for me.
“If the year doesn’t take a nosedive akin to what we’ve become accustomed to, I’ll be seeing Pavement for the first time on their latest cash in reunion tour, I’ll also be seeing Psychedelic Furs, Bambara and Killing Joke. I will also be forgetting that I am 36 and attending 2000 Trees festival in July.”