Craggy Collyde release their new video for the song ‘Don’t Put Me Down’, taken from 2020’s debut Wrapped Up in Ribbons. The video was first set to be filmed shortly after the album’s launch, but border restrictions due to the coronavirus meant that the band couldn’t meet for several months and so the video was delayed.

The video was shot by Oriol Camacho in an old disused theatre & cinema at the Brno Exhibition Centre in the Czech Republic, providing a nice backdrop for the nostalgic romanticism at the heart of the theme of the song. The modernist building was constructed from 1927 to 1928, along with the rest of the original centre.

This is the second video from the album, following last year’s release of ‘In the Shade of the Wild Oak Tree’.

Craggy says: “Oak Tree was never meant to be the only song to be given a video. The lockdown meant that we couldn’t make the follow-up video for Don’t Put Me Down, and so promotion of the album kind of ended with the melancholy of Oak Tree. I guess it turned out to quite fitting for the times, really.”

You can get hold of the mini-album ‘Wrapped up in Ribbons’ here

Next up is the video for the song ‘Living Each Day to Rock & Roll’ from Andy Guttercat. The song was mastered by Dave Draper, who’s CVincludes The Wildheart, Ginger and The Professionals to name a few. The autobiographical song is available for download, on Bandcamp and all proceeds from its sale with go to charity.…

Finally, we have the new video from The Dollyrots. Track 3 off the B-sides, rarities, & covers collection “Down the Rabbit Hole”, A 2 disc deluxe digipak & exclusive bundles, straight from the band! Written by The Dollyrots, Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup), and Linus of Hollywood