We kicked off this past week by being the first to review the brand new record released from Tyla’s Dogs D’amour ‘In Vino Veritas’ I don’t know why people are surprised at how good it is because it was a no-brainer to RPM so why not get on it if you missed it first time around and get involved Here

We also featured two new releases from South Wales featuring past members of the mighty Sick Livers in the shapes of Deathtraps who brought their second album to the table in the shape of ‘Gotta Get Some’ and its been a firm favourite of RPM since we heard it and being their second album in about a year they’re prolific and to be fair bloody good as well and if you like your Rock n Roll fast ‘n’ furious and a little fucked up then you will love this. 

As for Nicotine Pretty, their EP is a little more laid back. Quite different to what many were expecting but none the less entertaining and a real triumph in the face of some pretty tough times for the band since they came into existence.  We were mightily impressed with what we heard and look forward to catching some live shows as the band get up to speed and share their ‘Real Life Glories’ with us and I’m sure once you hear these songs you too will be all over this one.


In fact we brought this past week we’ve been truly global by bringing you Japanese Garage Rock in the shape of the magnificent King Brothers that you should check out if you ever had a little love for Jon Spenser or Guitar wolf or Electric Eel shock but amplified by 10 (is that even possible folks?) you need to hear this one – trust me!  There were reissues from the  SoapGirls acoustic from our favourite glamslamin’ punk rockers from the USA and a fantastic tribute album for a fallen Finish brother Claude in the shape of Eduardo Matinez & The Thunderclouds all reviewed on RPM online this past week so we really scoured the seas far and wide to bring you the best in Rock and Roll releases but to finish off the week we shared some love in the shape of Jeff Dahl and went to Australia for some off The Living End .

We also brought you news of tours, Bands on hiatus (Biters) and new releases and reissues but before we can look forward to a week packed with reviews of the likes of Iggy Pop, Hank Von Hell, Canadas new kids on the block Autogramme and LA resident Mike Christie we also bring you live reviews of Ryan Hamilton, The Brutalists and Rich Ragany & The Digressions plus much, much more so keep tuned into RPM it’s a music revolution! but before we sign off the week we have to report on another fallen brother.

The week ended on the saddest of news our friend and brother in Rock and Roll Todd Youth passed away so we leave you with some video footage of Fireburn Todd’s last band, this is their first ever performance in public and Todd picked up the bass as the band rip it up and the amazing footage of Chrome Locust whipping up a shit storm over at Coney Island High with some typically awesome rock n roll .  R.I.P Todd ‘Youth’ Schofield you will be missed by many. Rest easy Brother rest easy.