Chepstow, South Wales is the place, and three-piece punk rockers Bottlekids are the band. They get set to release this six-track EP via Sbam and blow the top off this EP with a punchy drop kick melodic breakneck punk rock. The EP kicks off with ‘Already Dead’ as it thrashes out of the traps in a blur of colour along the lines of Bad Religion meets Anti Flag, it’s polished and rough at the same time courtesy of having your record produced by legend Romesh Dodangoda (who has a wealth of experience covering Bring me the Horizon, Motorhead and Funeral for a Friend. It has a tonne of energy and punches with the big boys with a great production it’s sharp and clear as a bell.

The pace is maintained through ‘Peachy’ until we reach the breakdown but it’s only a brief moment whilst we gather our breath before going back in for the kill. When the band eases back (‘This Idiocracy’) there are touches of Taking back Sunday amongst others influencing the style and sound.

They pick up the pace on ‘The Irreplaceable Past’ with its hooky chorus and more measured verse its the pick of the tracks on offer. We are then dusted off before being thrown into the mixer with ‘Sick’ – a suitable banger to close off an impressive EP. With a great work ethic to touring and rounding off their chosen craft Bottlekids now have an EP to champion and the world is their oyster, with a fair wind behind their backs they can achieve anything. Time to Blast off!

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Album art by Leia Thomas

Author: Dom Daley