Originally due to be just an EP, then two EPs (‘Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. B’, naturally), then something called COVID happened and the band realised that, given the extra time to finish it off, they had actually made an album; argument still rages as to whether this was on purpose mind, however, an album it is and a bouncy, upbeat, positive one at that. No covid lockdown blues in evidence here folks.

Now, anyone who caught these people supporting the likes of The Wildhearts, Vibrators, and Splodgenessabounds will know what to expect and clearly playing with some of the bands that have inspired and shaped how they sound no doubt.

Right from the off these thirteen tracks lay their cards on the table. Loud upbeat guitars, often pounding rhythm sections and melodic vocals are the order of the day.

The album includes previously released singles, (‘Brother‘, ‘Reboot Me‘ and ‘I’m Sorry Indy‘) as well as the further ten new tracks, classing these as Nerd punk is a bit harsh but it is harmonic and at times self-deprecating, they also throw in some ska-punk and every song is epic sounding with a different story to tell. ‘Reboot Me’ is straight from the DIY Wildhearts old-school rock-school. opener ‘For Harambe’ begins with some gang vocals and a bit piraty but once it gets going proper it’s got that gargling bass and some loud drumming happening.

‘Sausagefest The Musical!’ might go against everything I’ve already said and nerd jokey titles spring to mind but hey ho. ‘I’m Sorry Indy’ is a thrasher, causing a circle pit of its own. ‘There’s A Reason’ is something of a ballad but in a piraty way and the vocals are a bit piss takey but they sound like they’re good with that and having fun.

‘Snakebite’ is back on track as it goes for the jugular. ‘Beano’ is the ska jangle in the first verse but it quickly grinds before heading back to the skank. Is the Beano a bit shit though? Didn’t even know it was still a going concern. They even have a song about ‘Rosie & Jim’ The ragdolls on a boat? Ding Dong heads gone me thinks. Me or them I’m not sure.

They clock off with the ‘Ballad Of Colin Dent’ which isn’t a ballad at all. Confused you will be.

The Melbies will play a special album release show on 29th May at the New Cross Inn in London.

To pre order ‘Song for Harambe (Vol. I)’ CD please go to:  https://themelbies.bandcamp.com/

To pre save ‘Song for Harambe (Vol. I)’ digitally please go to https://linktr.ee/TheMelbies

Author: Dom Daley