WooHoo! A brand new set of recordings courtesy of JJ & The Real Jerks had this scribe jumping for joy and when they featured on the Rock and Roll Manifesto single EP that got released a while back I was delighted only to find out this long player was in the works. This crazy rock we live on kinda reverting back to some sort of happy place after all the turmoil of the past few years.

It’s simple, I love loud guitars, and can’t get enough of ’em especially when they come wrapped in excellent melodies and arrangments that ooze class then all squeezed onto plastic that we can spin to our hearts content. Welcome to the world where JJ & The Real Jerks are that band.

A tonne of Energy, Saxophone, Electric Guitars, bass and drums all chewed up and captured with understanding and love for what they do. It’s a time-honored format – nothing too complicated. Tip the hat to the good and the great that went before them and paved the way so some could follow. Drain a few beers get the vibe going and then kicked down the door and just rocked the fuck out.

‘Mess You Up’ begins with a rapid beat and thumping bass line then JJ enters the fray before we zoom off with a hack and slash slice of punk rock n roll old school. It’s got the right amount of energy and lip curling bubblegum chewing vocals – pouring out the lyrics that pick up the gauntlet and not so much run with it but blaze the path and keep the cycle of punk n roll turning. JJ & The Real Jerks do this as good if not better than most. Tunes? Hell yeah! ‘Dead In The Water’ is cool as fuck. Nothin’ groundbreaking but thats not their MO, they just wanna rock n roll to the best of their ability and leave a bunch of great tunes that rock like a bastard and the result my friends is a resounding Job Done! The chorus on ‘Dead In The Water’ is easy even if you’re wasted just so long as you’re not dead in the water you can join in. turn up the stereo and let it out..

‘Lost Souls Pub’ is a killer tune. JJ sings with such authority of course I’m gonna join you in the pub get the beers in I’m there and the sax punching in is awesome. My only complaint is there are only eight tracks on offer because I want more, more, more!

‘Ten Cent Beer Night’ continues the party. Then, the title track rolls in on some cool slide Geetar and a chilled backbeat before the fist-pumping gang vocals get involved. This is anthemic Rock n Roll kids but not in some cheesy way it’s the bastard sons of the Dolls and The Dictators and all those bands who cruised around knowing they were out of step with what was the ‘flavour of the month’ but did it because its what was in their soul, it’s all they knew. This is a bunch of tunes that deserve to be heard and those of us lucky enough to tune in and get it will have records to turn to forever just like the bands that helped shape JJ & The Real Jerks like The Humpers, The Dragons, sure some Johnny Thunders meets Hanoi meets Buzzcocks with a twist of X-Ray Spex and Supersuckers (at their evil powers best).

JJ & The Real Jerks understands what it takes to whip up some magical music and then get it pressed on wax. Hell, they close with the epic smoulderingly cool as fuck ‘Sinking Feeling’ which deserves to be heard so I’ll leave you with this – I know it’s only Rock n Roll baby but I love it! Welcome back JJ we’ve missed ya! Now people get out and buy this record it’s a Banger!

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Author: Dom Daley