“The album opens with a track that is so full of life and boundless energy that it’s ridiculous. ‘Father Time’ has a hook that will light up the joy endorphins of Wildhearts fans and anyone who loves a bit of loud Slade-like melodies”. Now that opening blurb got the juices flowing. Slade and The Wildhearts in the same sentence, Wow!- It is indeed a Rockin way to open up the new album. A rousing sing-song with guitar licks and thrills that are the equivalent of a fire-breather at the circus. Giz Butt is throwing out the shapes left right and center and all around him are layers of gang vocals belting out the sing-song like it’s New years eve – oh, it’s also got some bonkers guitar breaks for good measure. The band gets their riff on for ‘Rollin With The Punches’ and marches right through your speakers. Giz Butt is on fire (like you weren’t expecting that?)

The record sounds more accomplished than ‘Angel In The Flames’ it has the feel of a band that is or has gelled and their creative juices have been overflowing. It’s hard and heavy on tracks like ‘I Don’t Want Your Sympathy’ with Giz leaning heavily on more melody in the vocals, I’d also suggest that the department of vocals has gotten stronger here with every sinew of the vocal chord being pushed to the limit on this bruising tune.

It’s a real riff-a-rama of an album with songs like ‘One More Ghost’ with its big chorus and the vocals are lush enough to break into America surely? ‘Clusterfuck’ is cheeky enough to not offend the odd Gammon with a great verse that thrashes and bashes around on the verses before heading down a dark path on the chorus you’ll be nodding along and then singing along before the second chorus – guarantee it. I think the album flows better than its predecessor which is all we can ask for from the bands we love. Progress and ‘FYBF’ certainly does that. Pound for pound and song for song this is a grower no doubt about it.

‘Mariana Trench’ has boundless energy as it gallops by on its hooky melody that digs in and burrows in. ‘Stick’ will please and draw in a new audience of classic rockers from its thick end bass thump to the assured riff to the almost spoken verse. Punch the air and bang your head it’s all good fun. Stick around because ‘My Culling’ rocks as well like a runaway monster truck it’s got some welly and resists adding big gang vocals on the chorus and just hunkers down like a good deep cut should echoing some of that Thin Lizzy spirit locked in its DNA.

Hell, Have we reached the end? With just the qwerky ‘Shoot Me If I Don’t Have The Right’ isn’t a traditional ballad but more an atmospheric opening verse that builds for the first ninety seconds before shifting gears but in a restrained manner – a song Dave Grohl would possibly write. Janus Stark clearly spent lockdowns honing their craft and writing some great songs that flow as an album and cross style and genres with style and quality. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley

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