Indiana based thrash/death metallers Assimilator unleash their self-titled album on Sep 16th. Mixing up a myriad of influences ranging from Kreator to Deicide, the band delivers a pummelling nine tracks of metal fury. It’s not all death metal grunts and breakneck speed though, I can hear some doom influences too. The light and shade of the songs work well, the band have obviously tried to construct the songs in such a way that you don’t lose interest. The songs aren’t too long either, I really like the way that the album flows. I can even hear some NWOBHM influences, Angel Witch for sure.

The production is slightly too muddy for my taste but it’s more than adequate. The band are extremely talented musicians and delivers some blistering performances. There are lots of melodic moments too, with some fantastic guitar work. The band have shared stages with the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals and Obituary to name but a few. I’m sure they deliver the goods live.

All in all, a solid album, if you love your metal on the heavier side, check out Assimilator, you won’t be disappointed.

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Author: Kenny Kendrick