Berlin has always been a Punk Rock n Roll City and it shows no sign of stopping post-pandemic with these new long players courtesy of punk n power pop n rollers Not The Ones. It’s not rocket science it’s a simple formula – just write top tunes and lay em down on a record and get a super cool label like Wanda to release them out into the wild.

To show how serious they are they’ve even recruited the services of power pop punk rock n roll legend Matt Dangerfield to turn in some Backing Vocals & guitars. It kicks off with the jangly ragged guitars in sprightly fashion as they take it ‘On The Chin’ which sort of sets the tone for what’s to come. Choppy guitar chords over a melodic pop song with a rhythm section that keeps surging on sounding like it could all fall apart at any moment and just nick off down the pub instead but it doesn’t – obviously. ‘Remote Control’ is possibly the finest example of this. Stabbing electric guitars over a punchy backbeat and melodic vocals.

It has a feeling of early 80s post-punk or New Wave as we used to call it. the charts always churned up some interesting tunes that would hang around for a lifetime inside our heads popping up every now and again ‘Out To Sea’ is a great reminder of this time period for me – it’s super catchy and feels like you’ve heard it before even though you know you haven’t.

The title track comes with added snot even with the quirky keyboard stab it’s a thrilling rip snorting white knuckle ride with great boozy gang vocals and then it just ends, great stuff. as the album lists from side to side spitting out tunes, it’s ‘Tightrope’ that kicks back and moves slower with a cool purposeful riff adding something different to most of this record. This only leaves ‘Let’s Go Psycho’ to close off the record which holds a candle for a Boys melody and is a fine way to end the record.

New wave, old wave, power pop, punk rock, who cares what label it has – Not The Ones dish up a sweet platter that matters – get on it kids it’s a good time on 33 1/3 revolutions per minute.

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Author: Dom Daley