Thirty fucking years! Where the fuck did they go? With Keds sadly not around to enjoy this wonderful remastered expanded anniversary release of arguably their finest album ‘The First OF Too Many’ gets a truly magnificent deluxe makeover that any Senseless Things fan will adore.

I’m always a little skeptical about the remastered push but I decided to play the original back to back track by track and after about five seconds I gave up because the newly remastered version is infinitely brighter and sharper and more focussed and louder than the original and on that front Cherry Red have done a magnificent job without all the packaging that comes with it this really is a steal as £20.

The 3CD expanded and revisited the anniversary edition of the band’s second album ‘The First Of Too Many’ was the band at the peak of their powers with a relentless touring schedule they knew exactly what they wanted to sound like and had crafted the tunes to perfection.

From the awesome cover art that was provided by comic artist Jamie Hewlett, creator of Tank Girl and later Gorillaz. The surviving members of the band decided to honour the memory of Mark by revisiting this classic album some 30 years later, digging up the original master tapes and producing a fantastic new edition which is included here, along with the original 1991 mix of the record. The CD top trumps the vinyl press simply by having the added bonus of the live recording taken at their Camden Palace performance from June 1991 on a 24-track Mobile Recording Unit, the tapes have been rescued, restored and given a full new mix again by the band’s own Morgan Nicholls.

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