Free All Angels was the third album from Ash. The album reached No.1 in the UK and has since gone platinum. The punk rock pop album contains the smash hits like the Ivor Novello winning ‘Shining Light’, the NME single of the year ‘Burn Baby Burn’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘There’s A Star’, ‘Candy’ and ‘Walking Barefoot’.

Ash and BMG are proud to reissue Ash’s third LP ‘Free All Angels’ for the first time on vivid yellow and clear splatter vinyl. This album has not been issued since its release over twenty years ago, This new vinyl release on Splatter wax is a welcome addition to anyone’s collection. Its their most rounded and wide appealing release after the youthful exuberance and promise of the magnificent debut ‘1977’ through ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ to the record they’d been threatening to make in ‘Free All Angels’ I’ve no idea why they reissued the debut and this and didn’t give the same kudos to ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ but we’re here for the Free All Angels review and what a well-rounded album it is from the magnificent opening of of ‘Walking Barefoot’ was the indication that the band had indeed risen to the next level they weren’t now just writing great catchy alternative songs they were smashing the pop charts with anthems that had mass appeal and how can you argue with an opening trio of hits like ‘Walking Barefoot’, followed by ‘Shining Light’ and then total wipeout with the thumping ‘Burn Baby Burn’ simply magnificent!

They were so confident of their abilities that a song like ‘Candy’ could then follow ‘Burn’ with its strings and grandiose and exuberant backing track Ash were indeed freeing all kinds of Angels. the record moves at warp speed from the strings back to a grungy yet lush melodic song like ‘Cherry Bomb’.

If it’s an album you’ve not played in a while then this is your chance to hit it up and revisit it with fresh ears songs like ‘Pacific Palisades’ and the thumping ‘Sharks’ deserve their new lease of life. Its a rollercoaster of an album with its ups and downs and fast then slow songs – always melodic and always excellent Ash were at the top of their game around this time and making records that obtained a wealth of critical acclaim and deservedly so and its great to see them back on wax and back in the front of the music world shouting from the mountain tops that Ash made great records now go get em and fill those gaps in your collection. If you are new to the band then strap yourself in for an absolute treat. A must-own record no question about it.

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Author: Dom Daley