Between 1999 and 2007, German stoner rockers Duster 69 released four full length albums, a handful of split EPs and singles with bands like Calamus, The Awesome Machine, Rickshaw, and House Of Broken Promises, and one final EP before splitting up. A collection of rare and unreleased stuff came out in 2008 and capped off the band’s initial run.

After 14 years, the band’s original lineup got together and recorded two new songs for a very limited single on No Balls Records appropriately titled 2021.

Knowing that all the original releases are long sold out and out of print, the band wanted to put together a career spanning collection. Here we have 13 tracks carefully selected from all those albums, EPs, and singles remastered just for this release.


Side A:
1. Remember
2. Oppose
3. Upcoming
4. 50 Miles
5. Schoolbus

Side B:
6. Going Into Red (featuring John Hermansen)
7. Red Goat
8. Tornado
9. Pride
10. Bad Luck
11. Dust Crusher

CD Bonus Tracks:
12. A Triangle In An Empty Room Without Any Windows
13. Calling

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LP – $20 + postage
CD – $10 + postage

200 LPs pressed

  • 100 beige through Savage Magic for North America
  • 100 red through Ozium (Sweden) and Daredevil (Germany) for Europe

200 CDs pressed

This is a limited pressing of only 200 LPs. 100 were pressed on beige vinyl and are available only here through Savage Magic Records. Another 100 were pressed on red vinyl and made available only through Ozium Records in Sweden or Daredevil Records in Germany. 200 digipak CDs containing two bonus tracks have been pressed and are available in limited amounts from each label.

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