During the pandemic downtime, Marino has been writing a lot. As sort of a little songwriting challenge every once in a while he’d write some Ramonescore tunes. Considering that, it is almost a concept album. Most of the songs were written in 2020/2021. However, a couple are some of his first attempts at songwriting circa 2004.

Brad Marino was originally going to release this under an alias but decided to just make it a Brad Marino album on the advice of some of his closest people. It’s different than “Looking for Trouble” and “Extra Credit,” but it’s all rock and roll. Brad Marino did vocals and all instruments on the LP, except for drums, which were handled by Beau-Beau Basement.

Hell, not enough bands are worshiping at the altar of Da Bruthers and knocking out the rhythms. I know times change and music evolves but every now and again its wonderful to hear that at least someone still gets it. From the brattish riff-a-rama of those downstrokes to the Joey drawl and those insanely catchy melodies Dee Dee wrote in his sleep. ‘Communist Creep’ being one of the finest tunes Dee Dee never wrote.

Man, Brad must have been gutted that only he and the drummer were in on this bad boy. Twelve tracks of unadulterated joy from the player to the listener this is a wonderful tip of the hat. there are times I have to stop myself from wondering what Ramones album this or that was left off haha! running the whole gambit of Ramones styles Marino nails it song after song and for a lockdown project I’m yet to hear anything come close to this bad boy. Take a bow Mr. Marino you’ve done yourself proud and you’ve done the Ramones legacy a huge tip of the hat and ‘Baby Doll’ is just a killer. I don’t want to jinx another lockdown on anyone but who else could possibly get the tip of the hat treatment? Maybe every year you could do an EP at the very least, just a thought.

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