Split System, the Aussie group featuring Jackson Reid Briggs (Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters) on vocals and Arron Mawson (Stiff Richards) on guitar, are something of a down-under super group to those in the know. I ordered this record before I’d heard a single song off the back of their debut release and the fact that the likes of Stiff Richards can do no wrong anyway it was what you and I would call a no-brainer.

Once the crystal clear guitar chimed in on the opening track a smug smile was drawn across my face knowing that I’d made another excellent choice. The beginning is entitled ‘The End’ (of course it is) and is a slice of fantastic sharp Aussie punk rock and the sum of its parts are welded together to make a most fantastic din.

the second track is a sprightly jaunt entitled ‘It Aint You’ and this record sounds as comfortable as a pair of well-worn slippers that these guys sport. The songs have melody, power and an air of excitement even if they’re flying by the seat of their pants it sounds deliberate and exciting. You just know that regardless of what mood you might be in prior to dropping the needle by the end of the album you’ll be on cloud nine. It exhilarating like ‘Demolition’ and the thrashing about on ‘Ringing In My Heart’ is so carefree and classic.

It’s all about the song and the moment for Split System With Jackson Reid Briggs possesses a warm punk rock vocal that is like the morning after the best night out and marries the like of The Saints and Radio Birdman from the old school with the bands currently ruling the world from the newer school of Aussie punk rock n roll.

The songs from the first EP fit in perfectly on this album that is a rollercoaster ride of the good and the great and a record that will just get better and better after each play , ‘Ringing In My Head’ is a real earworm with a lead hook that has barbs and will not be shaken once its burrowed into your ear.

Sometimes it sounds like these side projects are a bit thrown together just to pass the time whilst the day job bands piece their albums together or book a tour which if true makes you sick how fuckin good they are. You’ll slam dance for one song to the next and the quality is relentless ‘Hit Me’ is very different in sound and style to ‘Grip’ but they both have the same DNA and are both relentlessly good with the grunt on ‘Grip’ rattling along bouncing off the guitar lick – genius stuff and so so good.

Quite easily one of the finest albums I’ve had the pleasure of all year and that a lot of fuckin albums. Split System is indeed an essential purchase and will knock your socks off. Just buy the fuckin record!

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Author: Dom Daley