The band will be hitting the road with a clutch of dates in December to promote & celebrate the release of their new single ‘The NeverEnding Story’.

“Without a shred of tiresome irony, Slyder Smith and the Oblivion Kids boldly reimagine Giorgio Morodor’s 80s cult classic ‘NeverEnding Story’. Whilst staying true to the original, the power trio bring a dynamic commercial rock feel to Limahl’s electronic pop hit. The end result is another thrilling chapter in The NeverEnding Story worthy of chart success alongside the likes of 80s rock giants Def Leppard and Van Halen. The song features guest vocals from Nina Courson of Healthy Junkies.

The track will be accompanied by a promotional music video, with band performance filmed by Wills Audio at the famous Buckley Tivoli theatre and transformed into a fun concept video with additional footage & editing by producer Darren Stockford paying homage to the era of the original 80s hit.

The song will be available to stream plus released on Limited Edition numbered casssette which is FREE with ‘early bird. ticket sales for the special London Show! (See below).