OK, so the festive season is in the rearview mirror and the biz crawls back into life and the singles begin to trickle in. It might not be the bumper bag of 7″ delights quite yet but remember kids it’s quality, not quantity and boy have we got a bunch of top-notch tunes for you to delight in.

Sister Morphine – ‘Nothing Dirty In The Truth’ (Big Egg Records) Taken from the album, ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ ‘Nothing Dirty In The Truth’ came to life via a messaging app during the pandemic. Of the new tracks on the album that wasn’t written many moons ago, this is a brand new composition from the band leaning on a rougher, darker, and more menacing track. It bursts into life and races to the chorus where it’s met by bitter-sweet gang vocals before heading off into the underworld. It’s fist pumping and rockin’ and another quality reason to invest in this album that hits the street in mid Feb. It’s an earworm for sure hunkering down and tapping away making sure you hit the repeat button and dive back in for some more of that sweet, sweet Rock n Roll. Pre Order Here

The Hip Priests – ‘Shakin’ Aint Fakin’ (The Sign Records) Off like a speeding bullet Shit Islands favourite sons have released a brand new video and single ahead of their new album in what promises to be a good year for fans of the band. With a laser-like focus on the production and arrangement, this is a Priest’s banger with Von Cruz vocals front and center as he delivers his sermon and through the killer breakdown and rant that winds up the solo, this is indeed yet another banger and reason to get excited as to what’s coming down the track. All hail the mighty Hip Priests the time is coming! Bandcamp

Nancy Boys – Live At The Basement (Self Release) Woh! Nancy Boys are in the house and they’ve brought the glamour and feather boas and a trolly full of retro Rock n Roll n booze. Swinging their hips on ‘Bondage Love’ as they turn the clocks back to the 70s when Aerosmith could walk the walk and the Hollywood Brats were the cool kids. This four-track EP is so addictive with Rock n Roll, laid back and boogieing from their Paris HQ to the world this is superb.

They do a fine line in Dolls meets 70s Rockers with Riffs n cowbells n wooh hoos, its got plenty of swing and they can write banging tunes – which to be fair is all you need. Get on it kids and tell em RPM sent you. If you’re not at least dancing like Jagger as the boys knock out ‘The Nancy Boys Are Coming’ then Rock n Roll might not be for you. We need more bands like Nancy Boys they just get it and ooze grooves. Website

The Drowns / Plizzken – Split (Pirates Press Records) This limited edition oxblood vinyl highlights two exceptional new and unreleased songs from two bands gaining steam out of two different corners of the world, both with a ton of gas/petrol in the tank! Both also featured on the Cock Sparrer tribute album delivering the goods. The Drowns kick out the jams on the magnificent ‘The Lost Boys Of Suburbia’ a song that smarts and rocks like a beast from the opening note to the crashing finale. Excellent Rock and Roll like a long-lost Dictators proto-punk gem – except better!

Meanwhile, Plizzken delivers their own banger. Punching in some strong street punk on ‘One More Time’ it’ll have you clenching your fist and reaching for the air – a great feelgood slice of street punk for the new year – Get on it!

The Dahmers – ‘Black Widow’ (Spaghetty Town Records (USA) and Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain)) With the spooky keyboard run Sweden’s own horror punks the Dahmers rock and roll into 2023 with another infectious slice of Rock n Roll. with a great hook on the chorus let’s hope this second single from their upcoming “Ghouls In The Garage” EP from these spooktacular punks is what spurs on a new long player.

It’s got plenty of bite as it marries the Hellacopter’s echo-laden vocals to some horror keys not a million miles from The Fuzztones and with plenty of Rock n Roll. They always deliver catchy anthems with a twist of ghoul. when this gets released get right on it kids you won’t regret it.

Tramp – ‘Bleed’ (Self Release) Dont blush. These ladies are down in the dirt with Iggy and the Dolls and if you blink you might have missed what they’re dishing up. ‘Bleed’ doesn’t hide it hits you right between the eyes with its twelve-bar Johnny Thunders meets satan for a sleazy rip ride through the trash and I love it. But Hell, hang on a minute if that didn’t kick you square in the balls ‘She’s Fast’ adds a little Debbie Harry sneering to proceedings and whips down your strides before you can touch up your guyliner. Lyrics your nan would love and a backbeat you can throw your body around to just like Sylvain and Johnny used to do back in the day. Now gedoutayer you punk! Get it here or fuck off I guess

Local Drags – ‘Without Anbody Tellin’ Me’ (Bandcamp) One Man band Local Drags have been wowing us here at RPM Online for a while with his alt rock Americana picking at the bones of the likes of the Gin Blossoms and Replacements for starters has knocked out this digital four track EP.

‘Table For Glasses’ is a rag-tag Westerberg romp with an Evan Dando melody that adds some Teenage Fanclub for good measure. now there are four bands thrown into the mix for Local Drags to live up to. It’s four top tunes that are equal part dreamy melodies and ragged guitars for good measure. Take it from me it’s well worth checking out as is the whole back catalogue and any future recordings but this is a great place to start. Available Here

Slumlord Radio – ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off’ (White Elephant Records) These three Michigan Boys recently got in touch to tell us about their single and when we dropped the virtual needle we just had to enter it into our Club. With a taste for Action Rock fast motors and loud music it was a no-brainer. After diggin into their back catalogue and hearing their cover of Iggy and The Stooges, we just knew we’d found another band of brothers to help bring the noise. Sounding like Motorchrist meets Scandinavian punk rock via some motorhead and T Rex records whats not to like? Buy Here

Black Star Riders – ‘Catch Yourself On’ (Earache Records) The latest single from the forthcoming album sees the band with a straight rocker. More a grower and a track that is slowly burning with some great production building to the chorus adding another texture to the forthcoming album out next week. Catch the band headlining tour across the UK with a stellar line up in tow celebrating ten years of the band.

Fucked UP – ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ (Merge Records) Toronto’s Fucked Up present a new single/video, ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ from their forthcoming album ‘One Day’, out on January 27th on Merge Records. This single ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ finds the band blending hardcore with melodious classic rock featuring trilling violins. The surreal accompanying video, an ode to OCD is here for your viewing pleasure. the band head over to the UK in March for a tour – details are at the band’s website Here oh and the answer to the question is yup I think you might be as well but then again aren’t we all?

Pre-order One Day here: https://lnk.to/FUOneDay

Deadwolff – ‘Homeward bound’ (Golden Robot Records) They’re back swinging. Our favourite Ontario Metalheads Deadwolff are back with their amps turned to 11 and smashing out their brand of NWOHM. this is lifted from their debut full-length album that will no doubt be crammed full of Riffs and anthemic Hard Rockin tunes that will have us howling at the moon. This is the second single for the up-and-coming Canadian rockers following the 2022 release of their appropriately titled debut single ‘Heavy Rock n’ Roll.’ 

It’s a song about being bullied and trying to get in with the popular crowd while having to fight to prove your worth; a topic most people can relate to on some level. Play it loud and sing it proud. Deadwolff are here with the new wave of heavy rock n’ roll.

Pre-order/add/save ‘Homeward Bound HERE / Facebook