Cyanide Pills – ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ (Damaged Goods) Another day another single lifted from the epic new long player from Leeds Leeds Leeds finest Cyanide Pills. ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ is from the album and the usual punchy power poppin snotty bop n roll dished up by these fine gentlemen this one comes on coloured wax and exclusive non album track B side in the shape of the raw riff-a-rama of ‘Don’t Tell Me Everythings Alright’ which is weird in a way because everythign is alright when there a new Cyanide Pills record to look out for but under Tory rule and the divvys who still vote for em then Cyanide Pills have always got material to write about and it keeps em honest and delivering quality tunes. Record of the week? Hell Yeah! I love Cyanide Pills even though they don’t play in south Wales. Buy it! / /

The Uppers – ‘Manic Melodies’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Spaghetty Town Records are amassing quite the catalogue of top notch records. The latest off the production line are St. Louis/U.S.A. rockers The UPPERS. Its their second record after their 2020 “Get down with…” 7″ (NO FRONT TEETH/BOULEVARD TRASH) release. This has four tracks kicking off with the superb hooky ‘Stimulation’ ITs snotty bedfellow to the likes of The Briefs, The Boys, Exploding Hearts and such likes. Sugar sweet melodies played quickly and full of memorable melodies all covered in sweet bubblegum guitar riffs n classic drum licks. Superb stuff. Can’t wait fo ra full length LP if this is what they’re capable of – Simply, Buy IT!

Jonesy – ‘Doppelgangbangers’ (Heavy Medication Records) Not to be confused with the 70’s UK proggers with the same name, this Jonesy hails from Montreal and plays dirty, hormone-driven, catchy-as-hell bubblegum punk. While the first album fell on the Ramones/Dictators/Real Kids side of the punk spectrum, these four new songs throw some Slade and 70’s riff rawk into the mix while retaining all the pervy fun and un-PC humor that’s an integral part of the band’s modus operandi. It’s ten inches of sleazy pleasure centered around girls, cats, rock & roll and girls. You might need penicillin after listening to it!

Black Spiders – ‘Destroyer’ (Spinefarm Records) Hard Rockin mofos who are currently on tour have released a video for the track ‘Destroyer’ with a heavy as hell riff that has a Bass rumble thats like a fuckin anvil being dragged through your speakers its that low slung and heavy.

The Dictators – ‘Thank You And Have A Nice Day’ (self Release) First new material from the handsomeless Dictators is a Rockin swaggering bit of boogie woogie with plenty of groove and predictably a really decent tune. Sadly thats it the other three songs might well be freakin classics from these proto punks but I was expecting a couple of new tunes at least. ‘Avenue A’ is a stone cold classic as is the ‘Savage Beat’ still with HDM vocals and ‘I live For Girls And Cars’ is sleazy Rock n Roll rounding off a decent reminder that The Dictators still have it.

Duff McKagan – Longfeather (The World Is Flat) After the mellow and dark corners of his last solo album this single from ‘Lighthouse’ is more uptempo and, well, rockin. Duff has turned into a really accomplished writer and his vocals have grown to be a real force in his own right. This is excellent rock n roll from the GnR four stringer and if this is a sign of whats to come the album should be another really impressive piece of work.

Safety Pins MAgazine split. UK Subs/The Mistakes (T&M Records) Always an enjoyable read and always giving away a cool seven inch vinyl record and this issue is the turn of a pair of UK Subs demos and one off the brand new Mistakes album which we reviewed a few weeks back. The Subs demos are of ‘Shes Not There’ and ‘Brand New Age’ two cracking songs and two well collectable versions. Two previously unheard rare Subs demo tracks rescued and restored from a Pete Davies tape then given to T&M. ‘She’s Not There’ has Charlie Harper sharing the singing duties with Paul Slack on this ultra-rare take…

OK, so the festive season is in the rearview mirror and the biz crawls back into life and the singles begin to trickle in. It might not be the bumper bag of 7″ delights quite yet but remember kids it’s quality, not quantity and boy have we got a bunch of top-notch tunes for you to delight in.

Sister Morphine – ‘Nothing Dirty In The Truth’ (Big Egg Records) Taken from the album, ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ ‘Nothing Dirty In The Truth’ came to life via a messaging app during the pandemic. Of the new tracks on the album that wasn’t written many moons ago, this is a brand new composition from the band leaning on a rougher, darker, and more menacing track. It bursts into life and races to the chorus where it’s met by bitter-sweet gang vocals before heading off into the underworld. It’s fist pumping and rockin’ and another quality reason to invest in this album that hits the street in mid Feb. It’s an earworm for sure hunkering down and tapping away making sure you hit the repeat button and dive back in for some more of that sweet, sweet Rock n Roll. Pre Order Here

The Hip Priests – ‘Shakin’ Aint Fakin’ (The Sign Records) Off like a speeding bullet Shit Islands favourite sons have released a brand new video and single ahead of their new album in what promises to be a good year for fans of the band. With a laser-like focus on the production and arrangement, this is a Priest’s banger with Von Cruz vocals front and center as he delivers his sermon and through the killer breakdown and rant that winds up the solo, this is indeed yet another banger and reason to get excited as to what’s coming down the track. All hail the mighty Hip Priests the time is coming! Bandcamp

Nancy Boys – Live At The Basement (Self Release) Woh! Nancy Boys are in the house and they’ve brought the glamour and feather boas and a trolly full of retro Rock n Roll n booze. Swinging their hips on ‘Bondage Love’ as they turn the clocks back to the 70s when Aerosmith could walk the walk and the Hollywood Brats were the cool kids. This four-track EP is so addictive with Rock n Roll, laid back and boogieing from their Paris HQ to the world this is superb.

They do a fine line in Dolls meets 70s Rockers with Riffs n cowbells n wooh hoos, its got plenty of swing and they can write banging tunes – which to be fair is all you need. Get on it kids and tell em RPM sent you. If you’re not at least dancing like Jagger as the boys knock out ‘The Nancy Boys Are Coming’ then Rock n Roll might not be for you. We need more bands like Nancy Boys they just get it and ooze grooves. Website

The Drowns / Plizzken – Split (Pirates Press Records) This limited edition oxblood vinyl highlights two exceptional new and unreleased songs from two bands gaining steam out of two different corners of the world, both with a ton of gas/petrol in the tank! Both also featured on the Cock Sparrer tribute album delivering the goods. The Drowns kick out the jams on the magnificent ‘The Lost Boys Of Suburbia’ a song that smarts and rocks like a beast from the opening note to the crashing finale. Excellent Rock and Roll like a long-lost Dictators proto-punk gem – except better!

Meanwhile, Plizzken delivers their own banger. Punching in some strong street punk on ‘One More Time’ it’ll have you clenching your fist and reaching for the air – a great feelgood slice of street punk for the new year – Get on it!

The Dahmers – ‘Black Widow’ (Spaghetty Town Records (USA) and Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain)) With the spooky keyboard run Sweden’s own horror punks the Dahmers rock and roll into 2023 with another infectious slice of Rock n Roll. with a great hook on the chorus let’s hope this second single from their upcoming “Ghouls In The Garage” EP from these spooktacular punks is what spurs on a new long player.

It’s got plenty of bite as it marries the Hellacopter’s echo-laden vocals to some horror keys not a million miles from The Fuzztones and with plenty of Rock n Roll. They always deliver catchy anthems with a twist of ghoul. when this gets released get right on it kids you won’t regret it.

Tramp – ‘Bleed’ (Self Release) Dont blush. These ladies are down in the dirt with Iggy and the Dolls and if you blink you might have missed what they’re dishing up. ‘Bleed’ doesn’t hide it hits you right between the eyes with its twelve-bar Johnny Thunders meets satan for a sleazy rip ride through the trash and I love it. But Hell, hang on a minute if that didn’t kick you square in the balls ‘She’s Fast’ adds a little Debbie Harry sneering to proceedings and whips down your strides before you can touch up your guyliner. Lyrics your nan would love and a backbeat you can throw your body around to just like Sylvain and Johnny used to do back in the day. Now gedoutayer you punk! Get it here or fuck off I guess

Local Drags – ‘Without Anbody Tellin’ Me’ (Bandcamp) One Man band Local Drags have been wowing us here at RPM Online for a while with his alt rock Americana picking at the bones of the likes of the Gin Blossoms and Replacements for starters has knocked out this digital four track EP.

‘Table For Glasses’ is a rag-tag Westerberg romp with an Evan Dando melody that adds some Teenage Fanclub for good measure. now there are four bands thrown into the mix for Local Drags to live up to. It’s four top tunes that are equal part dreamy melodies and ragged guitars for good measure. Take it from me it’s well worth checking out as is the whole back catalogue and any future recordings but this is a great place to start. Available Here

Slumlord Radio – ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off’ (White Elephant Records) These three Michigan Boys recently got in touch to tell us about their single and when we dropped the virtual needle we just had to enter it into our Club. With a taste for Action Rock fast motors and loud music it was a no-brainer. After diggin into their back catalogue and hearing their cover of Iggy and The Stooges, we just knew we’d found another band of brothers to help bring the noise. Sounding like Motorchrist meets Scandinavian punk rock via some motorhead and T Rex records whats not to like? Buy Here

Black Star Riders – ‘Catch Yourself On’ (Earache Records) The latest single from the forthcoming album sees the band with a straight rocker. More a grower and a track that is slowly burning with some great production building to the chorus adding another texture to the forthcoming album out next week. Catch the band headlining tour across the UK with a stellar line up in tow celebrating ten years of the band.

Fucked UP – ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ (Merge Records) Toronto’s Fucked Up present a new single/video, ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ from their forthcoming album ‘One Day’, out on January 27th on Merge Records. This single ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ finds the band blending hardcore with melodious classic rock featuring trilling violins. The surreal accompanying video, an ode to OCD is here for your viewing pleasure. the band head over to the UK in March for a tour – details are at the band’s website Here oh and the answer to the question is yup I think you might be as well but then again aren’t we all?

Pre-order One Day here:

Deadwolff – ‘Homeward bound’ (Golden Robot Records) They’re back swinging. Our favourite Ontario Metalheads Deadwolff are back with their amps turned to 11 and smashing out their brand of NWOHM. this is lifted from their debut full-length album that will no doubt be crammed full of Riffs and anthemic Hard Rockin tunes that will have us howling at the moon. This is the second single for the up-and-coming Canadian rockers following the 2022 release of their appropriately titled debut single ‘Heavy Rock n’ Roll.’ 

It’s a song about being bullied and trying to get in with the popular crowd while having to fight to prove your worth; a topic most people can relate to on some level. Play it loud and sing it proud. Deadwolff are here with the new wave of heavy rock n’ roll.

Pre-order/add/save ‘Homeward Bound HERE / Facebook

The Darts – ‘Love Tsunami’ (Dirty Water Records) Formed way back in 2016 to make some Garage Rock all girl noise they’ve toured with The Living End and The Longshots which in itself is impressive they had their last album released on Alternative Tentacles so why wouldn’t this three track 7″ blow you away? The lead track has that opening stab of organ mixed up with some groovy spooky backbeat and punchy bass it’s cool as fuck and that’ll do for us. The second offering is more of the same as ‘Shit Show’ is a swirling laid-back groove on the verse but when it hits the chorus it wigs out and that’s champion that is. Only leaving ‘Underground’ to pick up the tempo and fire up the engine as we head towards oblivion but with a jukebox full of top tunes. Pick this banger up Here

Wild Zeros – ‘Diggin It’ (Heavy Medication Records) France’s kings of fun, frantic rock’n’roll are back!
It’s been almost three years since we’ve heard from Wild Zeros with their 2019 singles compilation “Well Cooked!” (also released by Heavy Medication). Now, the gruesome threesome from Bordeaux celebrates 15 years of three-chord bashing with a KBD-styled three-song 7-incher titled “Diggin’ It”. Roaring guitars, galloping bass and heavy pounding skins join forces to deliver loud, trashy rock & roll that’ll please all fans of Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, and Infections as well as die-hard disciples of Crypt and Rip Off Records. ‘Dig The Dirt’ ticks all the right boxes as do the other two tracks with ‘Tough Job’ being more of a straight old school slice of punk rock with heads down and play that guitar until your fingers bleed. My fav on the single is ‘Did You Dig It?’ taking no prisoners with a dirty slab of garage punk rock. Nice! Buy Here

JOHNNY THUNDERS – ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Golden Robot Records) One of my favourite artists ever gets dug up for the umpteenth time and this live recording of the Nancy Sinatra tune that Johnny performed numerous times. Howling feedback and nothing more than a soundboard recording or a pretty decent bootleg. It’s lifted from a forthcoming Golden Robot live album it’s classic Thunders. It’s sloppy, cocky, howling with feedback just as I remember him. Often imitated but never bettered Rest In Peace Johnny you crazy fucker. Top tune from a top musician and performer.

Pre-order/add/save link

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders – ‘Down On 7Th Avenue’ (Heavy Medication Records) ‘Down on 7th Avenue’ is a classic balls-out rocker that Pat Todd has made his trademark. On top of that, he never drops in quality with his ever-present attitude it mixes up some country, punk n roll but always a good time. “I Will Give Up” is a slice of New Orleans-styled R&B about picking up the pieces and movin’ on that accompanies another cold beer and tough guys shedding a tear in the corner with the best bar band dishing out the soundtrack. Another day another quality Heavy Medication release but this one is a Co-release with Dangerhouse Skylab (France) Yee-Haw!

Buy Here

DAVID BIERMAN OVERDRIVE ‘She Don’t Love You’ (i94 Recordings) David’s band in the 80- 90s The Junk Monkeys were known for their straightforward rock and roll.  No metal overtones, no industrial edge, no rap hybrids.  Just straight-up rock n roll ala The Rolling Stones, The Replacements and Cheap Trick.

 The band toured relentlessly but David decided to leave the music business until now. After five years ‘She Don’t Love You’ shakes off any cobwebs and just Rocks and fuckin rolls period! It’s not reinvented punk n roll or any fad tune its just a subtle slow burner with a cool Westerberg vibe building into a cool chorus. The flip side is more of the same maybe coming in more on a Green on red rockin out tip mixed in with more of that cool Replacements vibe. Excellent offering check it out Here

Ming City Rockers Jill Was An Anarchist’ (Self Release) The first single from their upcoming album ‘LIME’ which will see the light of day on Jan 26th. It’s classic Ming City Rockers. A rattling garage indie masterclass it’ll burrow down into your ear and lodge inside your head and before you know it you’ll be shouting at randoms that Jill was An Anarchist. Great to have them back

Bob Vylan – ”The Delicate Nature’ ft Laurie Vincent of Slaves (Self Release) Another cracking slow burner from Vylan until the final furlong when he picks up the pace. OF the success of the first two albums Vylan shows no sign of letting up with this new track. Easily one of the UKs most exciting artists does it again.

Buy Here

Black Aces – ‘Show You How To Rock’ (Off yer rocka records) Whats that you say there hasn’t been a great DC-infatuated band kicking it for quite a while. Well, get an ear full of these boys. Aussie pub rockers Black Aces are also set to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their highly praised sophomore album release, ‘Anywhere But Here’. In honour of the occasion, album opener Show You How to Rock N Roll has been given a brand-new lyric video release featuring behind the scenes and previously un-released footage of the band from over the years. In the middle of a UK tour we recommend you turn it up and check em out! Buy it Here / Connect with Black Aces: Website / Facebook

DEADWOLFF ‘Heavy Rock N’ Roll’ (Golden Robot Records) Hold on a second, We’ve covered these hard rockin gods before and if you’re looking for a second opinion then ‘Heavy Rock and Roll’ is it. It’s a studded gauntlet double thumbs up from HQ Deadwolff take no prisoners and run on whisky fumes and a heavy dose of Witchery. If you don’t dig this bad boy then you clearly aren’t friends of ours. Absolute stone cold class. Old school motorhead meets warfare, meets Dianno, Girlschool and some grubby punk rock for attitude. Bring on the next release and make it an album packed full of the same just more! Love it!

There is an album on the way from this classic three-piece Canadian outfit in the can and we can’t wait. Get em over to the UK with Wolfspade so we can all windmill and headbang like possessed mother fuckers! Now!


Black Star Riders – ‘Crazy Horses’ (Earache Records) An audacious cover version of a 70s classic sees Black Star Riders’ cover of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” deliver the goods – the vocals are pretty spot on, an eyebrow-raising impressive and energetic take for sure. Lifted from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, out 20th January 2023. Pre-order now on signed CD, limited edition coloured vinyl, special collector’s sets and more at

Follow BSR on:
Website |Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Marc Valentine – ‘Death Is Overrated/Break My Heart Anyway’ (Arcane Wires Records)  ‘Death Is Overrated’ c/w ‘Break My Heart Anyway’ is out This is his third solo single, ‘Death Is Overrated’ features special guess Wreckless Eric which both tracks are lifted from the superb solo album ‘Future Obscure’.

Marc said he wanted to release two tracks as a perfect taster to the album and show how varied the record is. The opener is a dreamy retro slice of power pop balladeering from Valentine, Exactly what you’d expect but to be fair its of the highest quality. The AA Side is more a party on your stereo as the band go for a steady backbeat and a real slice of sunshine Rock n Roll over a backdrop of perfectly labeled Summer trash pop! Wonderful track – Record of the week? It certainly is!

The Gong Rats – (I Want Some) Cereal’ (Dragstrip Records) What a banger. Plain and simple this is bullshit-free Punk Rock n Roll, Its Motorhead meets the Ramones with some twisted synth added for good measure. It’ll make you hungry for punk n roll if you diet on nothing but this noise. Rapid, energetic, beautiful noise is what it is.

Regardless of the wacky lyrics its got a bucket load of energy and that’s the point Feast on this

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘All Your Bridges Are Burning’ (Bandcamp) A track that originally came out on their 7″ album – yeah? what of it? From sub-one minute to a full almost three minutes of hard rockin punk attitude loud rock and roll CNE are in the Club baby and they’ve brought their fleshed out big guns. It’s fair to say this ones is a banger, no-nonsense, Bullshit free Hard Rockin shit. CNE do it by the dozen. they simply don’t do bad records and one of our favourite Swedish exports are at it again. New music please gents you’ve had almost two years off now we want more loud guitars and we want them now and if they sound like this then play on! Now where did I leave my flame thrower? those Bridges aren’t going to burn themselves. Here

Dead Horse – ‘Hot Marty’ (Self Release) ‘Hot Martyr’ is the second EP from Dead Horse following up from their lockdown EP release ‘Dead Horse I’. It is also the first release featuring new Organ/Synth member Shallum Intonti. With its slow build-up before some cool horn honking it reminds me of Gallon Drunk in places with its brooding menacing undertones threatening to boil over but never quite breaking out. Excellent garage rock n roll now with added keys.

‘Choose’ adds a little psychosis to proceedings sounding a little unhinged is deffo a plus. ‘Snake Eyes’ adds some surf and is my pick of the pops on this splendid EP that gives it all in an exhausting five-song salvo of jittering, noisy, unhinged Garage Rock n Roll extravaganza. Play on please this is excellent. Pick it up off their Bandcamp page Here

As well as the digital release there is a limited edition run of 50 physical cassettes with four exclusive bonus tracks and a brand new Dead Horse Zine that has been specially created for the release

Gun – ‘Backstreet Brothers’ (Cherry Red Records) Glaswegian rockers GUN are back with a brand new album, ‘Calton Songs’ released on Cherry Red Records on 14 October 2022 and will be available on Cherry Red-coloured vinyl, CD, cassette and digital. ‘Calton Songs’ is a full-blooded celebration of the band’s career so far with enthusiastic and brand new acoustic reinterpretations of the songs that made their name and took GUN to the four corners of the world. These retooled classics are bolstered by the addition of the single ‘Backstreet Brothers’


The Recoils – ‘Breakdown EP’ (Coast Road Records) Sounding somewhere between a raw rough and ready Crazyhead and Early Nowhere League all wrapped up in a garage perfect sound this is something of a john peel wet dream as ‘Breakdown’ shows what its got right from the start – something of a banger from the barely “hanging on” verse. That raw guitar slashing away and the catchy punk rock n roll melody on the chorus is complete with the Diggle delicious guitar solo.

It’s old school and enjoyable just like it should be. Whilst the B side ‘Grifter’ rides the crest of a surf-like guitar lick. with some garage rockin vocals, this is a wicked tune with some synth fleshing out such a cool song. love how the guitar solo is hyper like a Cheetah Chrome lead break just because he can. As far as debut singles go this one is an absolute winner! Bandcamp / Website

The Special Bombs – ‘Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore’ (SBÄM Records) Is punk rock still cool? What was celebrated as a lifestyle by millions of kids back then has now become a small scene for the 30+ generation. You could say that it’s normal and that no generation has ever heard the songs of their parents. You could… You could also say that it is normal when people “grow up” their enthusiasm for music and subculture decreases. You could…You could also refuse to accept “the normal”

Mudfight – ‘Another Boy’ (SBÄM Records) Another Boy is the second single from Mudfight’s forthcoming debut album Time For Revolution. Anthemic Pop Punk leaning heavily on Green Day vibes makes for a pretty decent single – Don’t take my word for it hit the video link.

Black Star Riders – ‘Better Than Saturday Night’ (Earache Records) from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, this is an upbeat slice of dueling distorted 70s Rock with a fair dose of hard rockin’ power-pop with undertones of Suzi Quattro meets Sweet. It’s an Excellent single, full of that summer sunshine rock and roll but with a modern twist. Anthemic and Glittery stomping Rock n Roll (if there’s such a genre this is it) out 20th January 2023 from Here. At the same time you could book for one of the dates on their extensive jaunt around the UK and Ireland around the albums release.

Rebel Priest – ‘Lesson In Love’ (Batcave Records / Thundermoose Entertainment) I just had to include this because I don’t know if I secretly love it or am horrified. I think they might have been trapped in a Batcave since 1986 and only just escaped suck is their image and those post NWOBHM riffs and the finger tapping rapid solo it’s retro alright but is it ironic or are they ahead of the next curve? My brain is fried I know that much. Flesh, Facial hair, flash bombs (probably), booze, boobs, and battered eardrums. Bang your head and throw them horns in the air Rebel Preist are coming to a dive bar near you and they’re bringing the R-O-C-K.

It’s the season to be jolly… oh shit wrong season. Never mind this sitting of the singles club is choc-o-bloc with great songs for you to check out whilst you demolish your kids easter eggs so fill yer boots why doncha

Kurt Baker & Bebe Buell – ‘Blood & Roses’ (Wicked Cool Records) This is a cover of The Smithereens’ 1986 hit, ‘Blood & Roses’, which hit #14 on the US singles chart this time it’s given the Kurt Baker and Bebe Buell treatment.  This is their first musical collaboration between the pair with Buell complimenting Baker on his music. It’s fitting that this is a tribute to one of their mutual favorite bands, The Smithereens.  Baker says, “The Smithereens were an integral part of my rock n roll education growing up…without [their] music I wouldn’t be where I am today”  Both artists inject their unique musical styles into a track and the finished product is outstanding.  It’s a no-brainer for us here at RPM we love Kurt’s music and Wicked Cool doesn’t release bad records. Get on it kids – Here

The Sweet Things – ‘Brown Leather’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Wooh easy tiger the Sweet Things just turned up the heat on that sloppy exile on main st tip and flipped the Black Crowes the bird with this authentic sleazy barroom rocker ‘Brown Leather’. This is the real deal kids 100% kicking ass and taking names. from that honky tonk to the horns this is as exciting as you can get. Whilst the Quireboys implode The Sweet Things get back in the game and throw this bad boy boogie right in the ring and step to the top of the pile. Make no mistake kids this is the record of the month. The album is gonna slay.  Find more about THE SWEET THINGS online at: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Bitch Queen / Scumbag Millionaire – ‘Split’ (Lux Noise Records/JanML Records / Maja von Lobeck) As you know we do love ourselves a split and when it’s containing two-band we fucking love it’s always a win/win. With limited pressings on these they’ll sell out pretty damned quick so don’t muck about kids – you snooze you lose. Bitch Queens offers up ‘2000 & Late’ and as it builds like a forest fire into a thumping, raging mosh pit happy slice of death rock. It’s uncompromising and further proof that its an outrage that Bitch Queens aren’t on the cover of the alt press magazines and headlining festivals.

Teaming up with Swedens Scumbag Millionaires is a great pairing as they bring the rage of ‘Fast Bob’ and with that seal of Scandinavia Quality its a blistering song from the six-string licks that Chuck Berry would be proud of to the tempo in the engine room holding this rager together – it’s a single you need to hear. Now off you fuck and order it before they’re gone! Buy here:

ELECTRIC BOYS – ‘Into The Midnight Sun’ (Mighty Music)  ELECTRIC BOYS  decided to release a couple of new tracks. These are songs that the Swedish band recorded during the ‘Ups!de Down’ sessions. A classic, psychedelic Bloom-riff over a hard shuffle beat, not usually associated with the band. Martin (Thomander) and Andy (Christell) are singing lead in the verses. In 2018 the return to studio albums finally happened and since lockdown, the band has managed to record ‘Ups!de Down ‘ bringing different shades to the Electric Boys sound. The band adds plenty of swing to their classic rock roots and along with some big guitar solos, this makes for an excellent new sound and songs. If you don’t believe us check it out here

Dub War – ‘War Inna Babylon’ The rousing ragga-punk cover of the Max Romeo and the Upsetters’ classic “War Inna Babylon”, features guest vocals from the legendary Ranking Roger of The Beat in his last ever recording before his sad passing in 2019. The vivid reimagining of the track sees the band deliver angular guitars, frenetic rhythms, and powerful and uplifting vocals from the band’s frontman Benji. What you’d call a banger right there kids.

Snuff – ‘Green Glass Chippings’ (SBAM Records) the second SBAM offering this edition of the singles club sees punks Snuff deliver the goods via moped with a great chest-beating slab of punk rock that will have them singing along in the bars and mosh pits everywhere. Lifted from their upcoming album “Crepuscolo Dorato Della Bruschetta Borsetta Calzetta Cacchetta Trombetta Lambretta Giallo Ossido, Ooooooh Così Magnifico!” yeah go on you say it. Pick it up here

The Darts – ‘Love Sunami’ (Beluga Records co-released with Adrenalin Fix, Dirty Water Records, Ghost Highway Recordings). Fantastic keyboard twitching psyche garage rock and roll from The Darts. Man, this single has an attitude from the hypnotic beat to the mind-altering chorus this is a great single for sure. It doesn’t end there because ‘Shit Show’ is almost as good. A cooler backbeat yeah! this EP is freakin awesome and the more I play it the louder I want to hear it and those retro keys are superb. Then to twist your melon a little more the third track is a psychotic romp through some great fuzzy bass guitar and lead guitar and ‘Underground’ is bouncing with energy. I would have this at number one in this bunch of pop choons kids but the Sweet Things have it by the single thread of a molting afghan coat fringe but when the album drops from these ladies I’m all over that!

Bottlekids – ‘NOWT’ (SBÄM Records) Three mates from Chepstow, South Wales announcing their brand new EP ‘ZILCH!’ to be released by SBÄM Records on May 27th lead it with ‘Nowt’ a raging slab of punk rock with obvious influences from Stateside punk like Green Day and Bad Religion and why the fuck not? Its excellently delivered and a real contender. ITs got the vital ingredients to take them far and if the rest of the EP is as good as this then why not. Love the bass line and tone it sets this up to go for it and give the Anti Flag bands a real run for their money. Quality song.

Like a lot of music seeing the light of day it was written in lockdown it’s about kicking out the jams and all that pent-up aggression had to come out in the music and to my ears, Bottlekids made some great choices. With a sparkling production, this ‘Zilch’ EP could be time for the band to blow up!

Supersonic Deuces – ‘Bored & Stoked’ (Devil’s Beat Records) We’re all about the quality in the Singles Club and it’s often a great gateway into an album or EP that’s coming down the track. To celebrate the first year of activity, Supersonic Deuces just released the ‘Hey Now!’ ep. It includes the single “Hey Now!” plus the previously released singles “Haze the Hides” and “Bored & Stroked”, and “Strutter” from the upcoming Kiss tribute album on Devil’s Beat Records. If you don’t dig this slab of garage punk n roll then we won’t be friends for long. Banger no doubt about it and you can join the cool kids by checking out and tell em RPM sent you.

Sons – ‘Nothing’ (Pias) Having landed the support slot with Jack White the future looks bright for Belgium garage ragers Sons. Here’s their latest video for ‘Nothing’ taken from their album ‘Sweet Boy’ released in the week. It’s a loud, aggressive slice of post-punk garage rock, (if you like your pigeon holes) not a million miles from Idles, and ‘Fontains DC this is set to blow up everywhere.

KOMBI KILLERS -‘Sick World’ (Riot Records) Old school 82 fuck you punk rock from Kombi Killers. Pulling no punches a direct slice of social commentary about the pandemic and their succinct feelings about lockdowns and covid. Brisbane heat and lockdowns must have got to them because they make no bones about their feelings here and let the world know in an old-school assault. Batten down the hatches Kombi Killers are on the loose again spreading their disease – punk as fuck!

Stream/Buy ‘Sick World’ HERE

Continental Lovers – Really Doesn’t Matter’ (Snap Records) It’s been a while in the making but Joe has finally got round to dropping the first proper tune from the Continental Lovers and what a banger it is. A toe tapper, a ear worm, sweet baby jesus call it what you like but just check it out. Going back to his time as a Breakdown Joe knows what it takes to write a catchy ditty thats not up for debate, This has all the best elements of the songs from the mid 70s that had a bit of boogie woogie, a smash pop melody and the “worth its weight in gold” chorus. Joe knows all of that and can articulate it in a three minute pop song. Check it out in the lyric video and pre order the single as soon as and jump on board for what will no doubt be one of the best albums released this year. you Snooze – you looze innit! Record of the week? Bang on it is! You’ll be able to stream it in the next few weeks and Snap Records will have a limited 7″ soon. Can’t wait!

Facebook / Bandcamp

Moron’s Moron – ‘White Brothel Creepers’ (Wanda Records) Raised on a steady diet of ‘Methods’ by the Lords Of The New Church, The Humpers & a heap of other glamourous punk rock royalty this three-track single is an absolute blast. Raising all kinds of glorious, unbridled noise that is like ear candy at RPM HQ. All three tracks hack and slash a wonderful noise of sloppy, 77 punk rock with enough Roll to whet the appetite for a full-length album from these reprobates.  Lawless Dick Stingher, Turd Awesome, John Pauly Shore II and Philo Phuckphace (Best band names ever) are just about the single of the week around here no question about that. Absolute banger. Buy Here

Split System – ‘Split System’ (Legless Records) We all know there has been a plethora of talent tumbling out of the dirt of the Australian back street over the last few years – weened on a steady diet of The Saints, Radio Birdman, Cosmic Psychos and the hard-ons. Well Split System tap into that and turn it into something pretty special. Fronted by Jackson Reid Briggs and features current darlings of the scene Stiff Richards very own Arron Mawson on guitar this is four most excellent tracks ripping it up with some old school proto-punk style and a hefty slug of Garage rock just for good measure. Get on it kids before the prices go through the roof on Discogs. Here

Ryan Hamilton – ‘Free Falling’ (Wicked Cool Records) A pretty honest and true to the original cover of Tom Petty’s 1989 hit, Free Fallin, sees Ryan performed all instrumentation and vocals, also mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Of the track, Ryan says, “This song is hallowed ground, & I’m so proud of this version I’ve recorded. Plus, it got mastered at Abbey Road, which feels like magic.” The release is the first since Ryan’s ‘1221 project’, which hit #9 on the Indie Albums Breakers on the Official UK Charts and has been accepted into Record Store Day in April.

Tramp – ‘Jailbait’ (Wanda Records) Wow do you kiss yer grandma with that mouth? Tramp are kicking up a filthy sleazy Dolls meet Jayne County slice of Punk Rock n Roll and we like it. Of course we like it. Viki Venom, Suzi Sleeze and Joey Deuce from dreamy New Hampshire, USA kick up some Slut Rock (why wouldn’t it be slut rock?) It’s trashy it’s obnoxious and sleazy and these punks have turned the amps up and thump those cans and chew out the rhythm with their bubblegum vocals and it’s the first taste of Tramp and I hope not the last. Wanda has the 7″ records but it’s limited – Get on ya filthy rats! Here

Infamous Stiffs – The Lockdown EP (Riot Records) SoCal punk rockers, Infamous Stiffs, are back with a six song live EP, “Lockdown Live”, their second release on Riot Records/Golden Robot Records, available for pre-order/add/save, Made in 2021 at the height of the global Covid 19 pandemic at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, California, “Lockdown Live” is what happens after a year of…well, being locked down. Rife with pent-up energy and aggression, the results of this experiment speak for themselves. Catchy, hard and unforgiving, “Lockdown Live” offers a real-time perspective on the songs and of the current state of affairs. It’s a little something to chew on during these lean times of uncertainty and the doldrums we all face. 

Nashville Pussy – ‘Come On Come On’ (Bandcamp) Boogie on Brothers and Sisters Nashville Pussy style that is. As featured on PEacemaker this is causing a stir. James Gunn knows his Rock and Roll it would seem as he’s peppered the Peacemaker show with top-quality tunes from Hanoi Rocks, Quireboys and this bad boy Come On Fuck yeah! is just about this tune in a nut shell – Banging and right on the fuckin money – Kerching!!!!. Here

Placebo – ‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’ ( A very understated typically Placebo dreamy track. It’s about time we had a new release from Placebo, it’s been too long. ‘Happy Birthday’ builds to the chorus from a hushed muted and restrained verse then hits the chorus in typical Placebo fashion before it drops back into a very laid-back vibe.

I Always look forward to a new Placebo record and this does the job of piquing the interest. The album ‘Never Let Me Go’ is out March 25, 2022 – pre-order now here:

Soul Glo – ‘Driponomics’ feat. Mother Maryrose (Epitaph) Philly-based hardcore band Soul Glo release their latest single, Driponomics,” ahead of their fourth studio album ‘Diaspora Problems’ due out on March 25th. It’s a scathing commentary on capitalism and economic disparity. listing popular designers and brands in between a screeching distortion and a heavy bassline. The track also features a verse from fellow Philly native, rapper Mother Maryrose. Reminds me a bit of Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy – engaging and one that gets under your skin.

The Dirty Truckers – ‘I Feel Nothing’ (Rum Bar Records) Rock n Roll baby. Sweet as, The Dirty Truckers just cruise on by with their radio-friendly distorted beer-drinking brand of Rock and Roll. With a hummable melody and cool guitar licks they know they’re good at this power Poppin garage thang and your ears will be grateful for the introduction. Like Tom Baker says Turn it up it always sounds better when you block out everything else and just give yourself up to the Rock and Roll.

Join me in the singles bar dropping coins into the jukebox and hitting up another round of Dirty Truckers tunes before the album gets released. Like the seal of approval coming out on Rum Bar Records you know it’s gonna rule! Now bring on ‘The Tisbury Joneser’

Buy Here

Faz Waltz – ‘Hot Cold Fever’ (Snap Records Spaghetty Town Records/Surfin’ Ki) ITs Rock and Roll alright. Loud and proud this is a throw back with a wild back beat, honkingly good ivory tinkling and a trad howling good time in every aspect from Faz Waltz. A real hoot where these cats tip the hat to the original rollers from yesteryear. If you think the A side is a hoot then flip this bad boy over for ‘Lotta Lovin’ with its big bopper, jerry Lee thumper. Do yourself a favour though turn this fucker up! then turn it up some more. you deserve it and they deserve it. Get on it and just jive kids! Buy Here

Welcome to the singles club, we’ve not had many sittings recently probably due to the Christmas period but they’ve started to trickle in and when we had a few exciting tunes fly in we had to fire up the jukebox and get some 45″ RPM action going.

First up is a mighty fine 7” split for groups LJ & The Sleeze (Richmond, VA) and Killer Hearts (Houston, TX).

LJ & The Sleeze / Killer Hearts – Split (Eight Ball Record$) The 2 song split features the first new tune since Killer Hearts Debut LP was released last year (one we certainly championed here) ‘Skintight Electric’ was truly all killer and absolutely no filler. ‘High Temptress’ is more of the same with manic, rabid rock and roll resplendent with its chest-beating & frantic tempo, those Dead Boys inspired solos and catchy choruses that make you want to sling down a yard of ale before running through a brick wall – great stuff.

LJ & The Sleeze’s side of the split holds the newly redone ‘I’m Bad’, off of their LP ‘Stay Sleezy’, giving in-your-face punk attitude aplenty. It’s got a swagger and a hook that you won’t be able to free from your head, nor would you want to. Menacing and snotty with just enough snarling venom to make you want to root through your sister’s purse to fund this record. Exactly how a split should be done – Get on it Here it’s out in the middle of March so be sure to keep that link locked down – you won’t regret it.

Totally Slow – ‘The Lost Art of Shutting Up’ ( Refresh Records) Another new one on us comes out off their new album ‘Casual Drag’ its indie punk rock with a great hook and a foot in the past it’s got a tonne of energy like melodic punk of so-cal punks a really good earworm that just gets better the more you hear it.

I love the breakdown and want to hear more. Which is the whole original point of a 45″ single right? I dove into the back catalogue and am currently loving ‘Casual Drag’. Pick it up Here

These Arms Are Snakes – ‘Camera Shy’ (Suicide Squeeze Records) US hardcore/mathrock band These Arms Are Snakes have today announced a new rarities release called ‘Duct Tape & Shivering Crows’ which will be released April 15th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Formed from the ashes of legendary noise bands Botch and Killsadie, These Arms Are Snakes had a 7-year run in the early 2000s and released three albums and many Eps and splits, toured relentlessly, before splitting in 2009.

Described rather wonderfully as a ‘synth-infused noise rock, bad-trip psychedelia, flamboyant proto-metal boogie, and unhinged basement-show hardcore,’ These Arms Are Snakes reformed for some reunion gigs in 2021 and now have this rarities comp

The Good The Bad And The Zugly – ‘One Dimensional Man’ (Fysisk Format) Any day you get to head a new GBATZ tune is a great fucking day so today must be fanfuckingtastic seeing as two of them have shown up. The first earworms from their new Covid produced album is here. ‘Nostradumbass’ is a huge melodic masterclass. Sure it’s the B side but its got a poptastic lick and a chorus that could have been lifted from Abba.

Now the A-side is loud and has a thumping rhythm and the hook is classic Turbonegro-tastic to boot right out of that ballpark. It’ll take a while to properly burrow down and lay its musical explosions that will go off for weeks to come but you know they’re in there. Bring on that damn album and bring it on now. Essential purchase! Here

The Blue Carpet Band – The Slow Death Of Camden (Bomber Music) dealing with the gentrification and all the changes happening on the once rock n’ roll streets of Camden Town. Major brands taking over and the loss of iconic venues and drinking places have erased the edginess and excitement. The rock’n’roll bandits are all gone. Pretty much the same thing happened in Soho and Wardour St and I guess the LES of Manhattan and St Marks and Time Sq as well as a host of other places to boot. Mores the pitty but these times they are a-changing but Rock and Roll will never die don’t you go thinking otherwise.

The Blue Carpet Band are true Rock and Rollers and this is another slice of sleazy Rock n Roll. Check it out – you won’t regret it. With a new album on the way 2022 is shaping up nicely. Buy Here

Find The Blue Carpet Band Online at: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM BOMBER MUSIC

Electric Boys – ‘Favorite Hello, Worst Goodbye’ (Mighty Music) Another new song recorded by these hard rockin’ Swedes during the “Ups!de Down” sessions. The first one, “Favorite Hello, Worst Goodbye” is out on digital platforms now.

Claiming the song is made up using Cheap Tricks DNA is a big call but it isn’t a million miles from the mark. The Electric Boys play solid hard rock n roll and do it well. Conny Bloom rallies his troops through this meaty rocker and slides some neat fretwork. Fans will lick it up no doubt it’ll be interesting to hear more of this new material

Supera Morza – ‘I’m Working It Out’ (Bad Apple Music Group) The band’s third single sees Supera Morza, ‘Working It Out’ hailing from Manchester these spikey individuals play uncompromising punk rock. It’s possibly in the same ballpark as Blackwater and Cabbage in its gritty, angular post-punk attack with melody and aggression. Two-and-a-half minutes of uncompromising shit or bust anarchic grunge. Hailed as one of Manchester’s most exciting prospects expect to hear and see a lot more of these guys. The previous singles ‘Roadkill’ which had similarities to Nirvana pre ‘Nevermind’ (which isn’t a bad thing either) and my personal favourite the frantic Scrubber. Check them out via Facebook and Spotify


Fontains D.C – ‘I Love You’ (Partisan Records) Taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Skinty Fia’ due in April. A slow-burning, brooding and intense love song the track sees the band offer up a dark insight into what they’ve been up to during lockdown. It follows hot on the heels of ‘Jackie Down The Line’. Check out the video here.

Stacy Crowne had their single reviewed here last year but have since shot a video for the B side of their cover of Golden Earrings ‘Radar Love’ check out the lively ‘Dead Of Night’ Get it while it’s hot Here

Cyanide Pills ‘The Kids Can’t Be Trusted With Rock N Roll (Damaged Goods Records) Don’t know bout you but this pandemic seems to have gone on longer than expected and in its wake, it’s delayed the new Cyanide Pills album so for that reason alone it should fuck off pronto along with the Tory Government.

Two new tracks landed in the Singles Club jukebox and are like a breath of fresh air and right up to speed with the expected standard of tunage from these Yorkshire lads with the lead track. Mashing up The Beatles with the guitar break and some on-point cheeky lyrics all tacked down with a Ramones Undertones riff that doesn’t leave your head for days. But wait, ‘Do You Wanna Know’ is just as good as the A-side with an insanely catchy chorus. I love Cyanide Pills and on this evidence, the new album will rule, the only downside is it’s only two songs and not more. Still brilliant Record of the Month? Maybe. Buy Here

Steve E Nix & The Famous Lizards – ‘Motorcade EP’ (Damaged Goods Records) Holy Shit! I thought that Cyanide Pills having a new single out was a nailed on no brainer for record of the week, month, year and then This arrived! Steve E Nix has penned four new tunes (more is good) and they are trefuckinmendous. The lead track ‘Motorcade’ is an epic earworm and as it seeped into my brain I was grinning from ear to ear and punching the air like Rocky. What a stunning tune. It infectious, power pop with a bit of a rockin edge and the hook is to die for.

We all know who Steve E Nix is but the Lizards are bassist Kicks (also from The Briefs), guitarist Emi Pop and drummer Miles Freeborn and they deserve a tip of the hat because this band is awesome. ‘Hallways’ is slightly dreamy and very laid back almost Johnny Thunders meets Hanoi Rocks like in arrangement and delivery and that excites me big time. ‘Nite life’ is a retro thumper with a great riff and some top BV’s. Before this EP cuts and runs, there’s time for a bit of a rock and roller in the shape of ‘Avenue Child’. Cool hook and some punchy guitar licks all wrapped in some cool Chuck Berry twelve-bar not sounding a million miles from Toilet Boys. Nix and the band nail it and off the back of this, I hope there’s a long-player involved? because SEN&TFL are dredging some seriously good ground here.Record of the week/month? You bet! Buy Here

The Courettes – ‘Misfits & Freaks’ (Damaged Goods) What a hattrick this is from Damaged Goods or are they just showing off their roster of acts that are as diverse as this and yet still churn out banger after banger. ‘Misfits & Freaks’ is a brand new version of one of the standout tracks from the third killer album, Back In Mono. It comes backed with an exclusive new song ‘Killer Eyes‘.

‘Misfits & Freaks’ was penned after a bittersweet concert in France in 2020, on the last tour in the pre-pandemic world. They played at 9 pm then lockdown at midnight. What was a pandemic? and what the hell we were getting into, so people that day really partied as if there was no tomorrow. If you missed The Courettes latest album then you were well and truly locked down and in a bunker. It’s Rock and Roll baby and it’s got style and swing and is a fabulous song that really does sum up that bittersweet feeling the duo spoke of. On the B side its,- well more of the same really just a bit less focussed and perhaps a little hazy but a great arrangement and perfect delivery. another top single. Buy Here

Lammping – ‘Everlasting Moor’ (We Are Busy Bodies) purveyors of psych-rock, release the first single from their forthcoming album due out this March on We Are Busy Bodies. The highly anticipated EP Stars We Lost is a collection of 70’s soaked space-rock bangers that’ll surely win the hearts of fans of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Spacemen 3, Stereolab, De La Soul, Kraftwerk, and Eels. It’s an infectious track that burrows into the ear canal and takes hold as it swirls around your head. It’s a headfuck of sounds alright and this track is the lead off of this five-track EP ‘Stars We Lost’ Buy Here

Drug Church – ‘Detective Lieutenant’ (Pure Noise Records) Lifted from the new album ‘Hygiene’ it’s a quirky track that builds into a wall of noise before falling back into a dreamy riff with a pavement-like vocal leading the way. Its an understated lead track off the new album but it does take time and if you invest you’ll be rewarded big time from a band I’ve got a lot of time for. Buy Here

Split System – ‘Hit Me’ (Legless Records) Melbourne punks Split System had only one jam together before lockdowns kicked in in Melbourne in 2021. 5 songs were written and with rehearsals and gigs on the back foot once again the only option was to record remotely via email. Everyone recorded their parts at home and Split System’s self-titled EP was recorded, ‘Hit Me’ is the first released and what a banger it is.  The band is fronted by Jackson Reid Briggs on Vocals and members of Stiff Richards, Speed Week, No Zu and The Black Heart Death Cult.

Buy Here

Vulture Lord – ‘Hark! The Hymns Of War’ (Odium Records) We don’t get to cover some old-school black metal in the singles club very often but today’s our lucky day. Harking back to some Venom like Black MEtal Vulture Lord knock it out the park with this track lifted from their split (we love a split) with Black Altar ‘Deathiah Manifesto’. All Hail Vulture Lord because this is a banger. with four tracks each on the split, it’s VFM all day long. C’moooooooooooooon! As it stands I know fuck all about Vulture Lord but if there’s more like this then bring it on top-notch old-school black metal and the packaging is on point and extreme, brilliant. Hark! is almost as good as the stuff Midnight is knocking out and this is after an 18 year break. Welcome back Vulture Lord how can you not like a band that has a track called ‘Bloodstained Ritualknives’ – Brutal.

Buy Here

The Hollywood Stars -‘The Bottom’ (Golden Robot Records) After more than 40 years apart, they are performing together again and making new music and ‘The Bottom’ is the start of a new chapter as we move into 2022. It’s a rolling heavy distorted lick is akin to the likes of ZZ Top and tenuously Aerosmith (maybe) the band gets their groove on and jam out the tune.

It’s not the strongest track this session of the singles club but there are plenty of meaty notes beign bent out of shape on them there six strings.

Suicide Notes – ‘Trampstamp EP’ (Self Released) Opening this four track EP with the thumping bass line that signals a rollocking tune ‘Rolling With The Punches’ thats as good as anything the LA Guns street sleazy bands write. this Oxfordshire five piece kick up a shit storm on the opener with a really good tune that has all the chops and attitude youd expect. The only thing missing is some honking horns under the chorus but the breakdown is timely and I’d imagine this would go down a storm live. ‘Snake Skin Blues’ is more of the same with a more laid back less intense rhythm than the opener.

Theres time for a decent cover of ‘Dead Flowers’ that has some nice guitar breaks and a suitably sleazy tempo but if I’m being picky I’d rather have an original song than anothe rcover of this Stones classic even if it is very well executed. Wrapping things up with a very sweet acoustic song ‘Black Dog Howlin’, Suicide Notes offer plenty of variety in these four tracks on this here EP and three very varied original songs. the band shows they have talent aplenty and can craft some really good songs as well as being able to go through the gears if they need to. Very impressive EP indeed. I look forward to hearing more more more! Facebook

Feeder – ‘The Healing’ (Big Teeth) Nice to have the Welsh boys back making music this their first new music since 2019s ‘Tallulah’. Before the new album ‘Torpedo’ is released they offer up ‘The Healing’ via this rather cool video. the song is classic Feeder and builds as the three piece dish up an epic sounding slice of alternative rock.

Torpedo is released on March 18th and will be available on digital, CD and vinyl. Pre-order here.

Diplomatic Immunity – ‘The Hunt (Golden Robot Records), Hailing from Denmark they play big sounding rock’n’roll – and to be fair its catchy! The band successfully fuse the best elements of both U.S. and British rock to create one big sound. ‘The Hunt will be released on February 15th via Golden Robot Records on all digital platforms.  Facebook

X-Plicit – The Party Is Hot’ (Sneakout Records) Sounding like Cock Rock was never wiped out by Grunge this rocking four piece are defying time and partying like its 1998. throwing out shaes not seen since skid row toured with white lion and Diamond Dave. oh hang on, the eighties called and they want their party dancers and jack daniels back and yes there is a lot of cowbell happening and it is called ‘The Party Is Hot’. Wow! Cowboy boots on and lets rock! Facebook

Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders – ‘Tell Us All Story’ (I-94 Recordings) We had to end this sitting of the singles club on a high and what way to do that than with the most excellent PAt Todd & his rank Outsiders with ‘Tell Us All a Story’ an uptempo thigh slapping, harmonica honking slice of good times. It thunders along and leaves you wanting more. The guy simply doesn’t write bad songs so these two are most welcome with the B side ‘Prison Of Love’ being a smouldering rocker originally recorded by 60s band Frut.

Its not reinventing the wheel its just rolling along with plenty of rock to accompany that roll. Sounding as good as ever its in the vein on a cracking maincourse of Dave Edmunds meets Nick Lowe for some Rockpile with a side of Georgia Satellites – whats not to like? Always going to be a winner with those ingredients. pick it up Here

With Christmas fast aproaching we thought it was time to swing open the doors of the RPM Online singles Club and see who strolls in. We weren’t disappointed as the mixed bag of miscreants waltzed in. With out most diverse bunch yet theres plenty to ponder from our staple favs to some wide ranging inclusions check em out at your leisure…

DIRT BOX DISCO – ‘Fuck me it’s all Gone Wrong’ (AVENUE RECORDZ) Hey Hey it’s a Dirtbox Day, Fuck Me its only Dirtbox Disco damaging my ears with their Motorhead infused punk rock n roll.

Of course its a banger as it lodges in your head and you can’t get rid of the gang vocal chorus for days and you find yourself saying fuck me at every oportunity. Its got a catchy chorus of course it has, It’s to the point and its got guitars that are razor sharp and Maff is kicking the shit out of his tubs. Dirtbox are back in the ring and doing what they do better than anyone else. Loud and proud and right on the money! Its all gone right more like.


Available in the following formats -
Digital download and streaming.
split 7" with issue 13 of SAFETY PIN MAGAZINE

JOHNNY CASINO -‘Another Girl’ (Golden Robot Records) This is the first single from his February 2022 release ‘5×7 the Days of Wine and Cola‘Another Girl’ started out as a moody acoustic piece until it found its way into the recording studio on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Here, a fire had been lit underneath it, a couple of bottles of wine poured all over it and an inspired electric guitar burned into it by Johnny and his band. There is a san fran vibe about it as well maybe is in the vocals but whatever its a great tune and if the rest of the record is up to this standard then bring it on. The solo is blistering.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order ‘Another Girl’ HERE

Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music – ‘No Fun Anymore’ (Wicked Cool Records) A thumping good tune. Though Mickey Leigh has been making music for over five decades, 2022 sees his first solo full-length release under the name Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music.  Growing up the brother of Joey Ramone,   If this is the standard of what we can expect from his first solo album, ‘Variants of Vibe’, in February 2022 then bring it on. The first single, ‘No Fun Anymore’ is like the bastard child of Stiv Bators solo material and a real Rock and Roll tonic packed with energy and a strong hook get this on your new years wish list. hit it up here

Kurt Baker – Christmas In The Sand (Wicked Cool Records)  The first of two singles from Kurt Baker this round-up ‘Christmas in the sand’ was inspired by Kurt and his longtime collaborator and bandmate, Wyatt Funderburk’s, experience writing the song in the cold weather of Maine.  He said, “It’s a song about wanting to be at the beach during Christmas time! If only we lived in the southern hemisphere, haha!”  The original version of the song was released in 2012, but 2021 saw the band revisit the song and “kick it up a notch.” I’m sure you’ll agree it has all the hallmarks of a crimbo classic. Get it on the playlist at the office party and turn it up its got sleigh bells n everything – Check it out Here

Night Courts! ‘Fractions’ (Snappy Little Numbers /Debt Offensive Records) Second video/single by Vancouver lo-fi indie/punk trio NIGHT COURT from their debut release Nervous Birds! is a right little earworm as it burrows in and unsuspecting throughout the day week you want to hear it again and again. Infectious? sure is. Check it out in the video below. Get into them here

Edweena Banger – ‘Let’s Do It’ (self Release) Album number two on the horizon this first glimpse of what to expect is a right banger (no pun intended) sizzling Rock and Roll with a big hook is the order of the day and one we fully endorse here at RPM Online. Connect with Edweena Here

Kurt Baker – ‘Turn It Around’ (Wicked Cool Records) wow Kurt Baker is in da house and he’s burning it down with this banger of a tune. A rapid stab of powerpoppin punk rock oozing attitude with a thumping backbeat. Of course it’s got a bloomin’ great big hook on the chorus but it’s got a warm winter fuzz going on from the kickoff. Another day another thumping good song released from Kurt Baker

get it Here

Swedish Magazines – ‘Head On Ice’ (Rubber Records) If you know you simply know. Melbourne rockers Sweedish Magazines are dropping bombs off their new album ‘I Wish Life Could Be’ and this is the latest – full of barroom Malcolm Young fire it barrels along like a bouncing bomb with boundless energy before smashing in your ear with an explosive chorus that makes your toes tap and your head move back and fore. Fantastic tune and one that makes you want to hear more and on this track they hit a groove and ride the shit out of it. If you want a catagory for this then punk n boogie would be apt as they mix Bon era DC with some punk rock SLF style. Whats not to like – excellent stuff.

Check it out here

Buy it Here


Cheap Cassettes – ‘She Aint Nothing Like You’ (Rum Bar Records) Hell Yeah! the first glimpse under the hood of the new album from Candas Cheap Cassettes is a slow grooving rock and rolla and with great subtle gang harmonies these cats are back in the saddle and make this grooving rock and roll seem effortless from the clear melodic guitar break to the subtle late night overdrive they make great bedfellows with The Speedways from the UK and mixing up some Georgia Sattelites its such a cool tune that gets me excited for the album when it hits the shelves.

Check it out here

Chew Manga – ‘Listless’ (Stray Cat Records) full phat and fuzzy. This rocket-fueled slice of alternative rock is the first glimpse into the world of Chew Manga. Not heard these guys before but this Manchester mob has got some cool ideas and mix it up on single with a catchy hook and some great playing making for a most listenable tune and a pretty good introduction to the band. Check it out Here

Tony Iommi – ‘Scent Of Dark’ It might not be a crimbo single (Thank god) but this is the new release from Sabbath Guitar God Tony Iommi and as the video testifies it’s a slow brooding grinding beast of an instrumental combining those riffs and some lush cello playing. Of course, there isn’t any singing just riff after riff after mother fucking riff from the originator of all that is heavy and dark. Get it Here

Wax On Water – ‘The Drip -Part 1’ EP This Camden ensemble kicks off this EP with a dark-stringed intro before their electro attack creepy crawls into your ear. ‘Don’t Bore Us’ builds slowly with a dark brooding tempo before breaking out with a menacing riff before falling back into the electro grunge fused twist.

‘The Sting In The Raw’ is a raw as razor blades riff that meanders through the song slashing away with menace. ‘Seventh Son’ is more haunting but again breaks out with a big raw riff that’s dark and brooding. ‘For The Love Of Money’ is a twitching electronic beast as it moves slowly but purposefully to the chorus with all the dark frills of an electro pulsating gothic slap but the vocal add some softer texture to the track and its better for it.

Check them out here

Hearts and Rockets – ‘TV Is Boring (EP)’ (Psychichysteria) Following from their recent single and video ‘Square Eyes’ and single ‘On/Off’, Naarm (Melbourne)-based bratwave duo Hearts and Rockets’ 5-track EP, ‘TV is Boring’, is out on cassette and digitally today and is available via their Bandcamp, and on all digital and streaming services.

The EP features 4 new originals, including recent singles ‘On/Off‘ with its hypnotic guitar lick, ‘Square Eyes‘ however is like a pulsating bass line and synth hook twitching like a metronome, plus the band’s longest track to date the title track ‘TV Is Boring‘ – which clocks in at almost 13 minutes. PLUS there’s a bonus cover of Black Flag’s classic anthem ‘TV Party’ and Hearts and Rockets’ post-punk anthem ‘Buy It’. Melbourne is having some cool tunes poured out of its backstreets with this really good post punk scuzzed up down n dirty rock n roll noise and we like it baby! Check it out Here

Finnegans Hell – ‘Happy Christmas’ (Sound Pollution) The second best Christmas song ever written? In any case “Happy Christmas” by Finnegan’s Hell qualifies as the second-best Christmas song coming from a Celtic punk band.
– “Fairytale of New York” is still number one, but “Happy Christmas” contains enough social realism to make you reach for the bottle once the song is over, says lead singer Pabs Finnegan. His haunting whiskey voice takes the listener through three shades of black in a song that depicts anything but a happy Christmas. It might not be as good as The Pogues (Obviously) nor is it Slade or Wizzard but it shure as shit beats most of the insipid crimbo tunes we hear around this time.

Carrjam – 21 – ‘Can You Feel It’ (sound Pollution) A project started by Dregen to tip the hat to Kiss drummer Eric Carr who has passed 30 years ago! featuring Dregen (The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies), Gustav Kronfelt (video producer), Jolle Atlagic (Electric Boys, The Quill), Jesper Lindgren (Velvet Insane), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper/Slash’s Snakepit) Åge Sten Nielsen (WigWam), Philip Shouse (Accept, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons), Jesper Binzer (D-A-D) and Martin Ekelund (Bonafide). It must be cock rock o clock judging by the style of this slow grooving rock song. Together with some of the most well-known and KISS-inspired musicians, Dregen has recorded 2 songs written by Carr plus 2 KISS related bonus songs.

James Domestic – ‘Push On Through’ (KIBOU RECORDS) second single from James is an electronic departure from his day job with the Domestics. Lifted from James’ debut solo album ‘Carrion Repeating’, due out in April it’s a sparse ride that ends with a freak out of guitar noise broken down by a synth and the techo rhythm and drum beat. widescreen post punk for sure check out the video

Hanterhir – ‘Waiting For Bertie’ (Easy Action) Cornish alt.rockers HANTERHIR return with a brand new single and video ‘Waiting For Bertie’ An adventurous mix of post punk with psychedelic undertones as well as some flutey tones for good measure it seems like the time is right for the band to get back to releasing their album that is penned for early 2022 release Connect here

Christmas/Stacy Crowne – ‘Split’ (Self Release) Christmas kick off with ‘Generation Mild’ to go toe to toe with Stacy Crowne and their ‘Master Manchine’ and what a battle this is.  Energetic, uncompromising and thoroughly enjoyable.  Christmas have stepped up and have been regularly turning in some of Hardcores finest tunes globally and I genuinely believe that. So Stacy Crowne step up with a hard-rockin’ windmilling catchy slab of power.

There are 45 copies made. They are hand-cut vinyl, each copy was cut separately by Oslo Vinylfreseri, the small vinyl company of Howie B (Ex-Bloodlights).  The cover has been screen printed by Max Motherfucker and Annika Zech in two colours. Each record is hand-numbered, on the vinyl and on the sleeve. For those who like to go in deeper and have that little extra, they’ve made 12 wooden boxes with a screen-printed top. This release is 100% DIY and also 100% handmade! and you can get your mucky paws on a copy by clicking the link Here 



Slaves To Fashion – ‘Garden Of Chains ( Independent)  It can’t all be power pop and sweet singles. This the sixth single from the concept album “The History of Heavy Metal” celebrates GRUNGE from the early 1990’s – the genre that changed the world of heavy music almost overnight. Norwegian band SLAVES TO FASHION continues to honour 50 years of heavy metal. In 2020 the band is releasing a new song every month that is inspired by and pays tribute to the different time periods and subgenres of heavy metal. All the songs will become the concept album “The History of Heavy Metal”.


This is absolutely the sound of Grunge they’re tipping the hat to check out the video below.



PaulRonney Angel – ‘One Ghost Town’ (Gypsy Hotel Records)    Out on all digital platforms (as well as a limited-edition CD EP which has 3 tracks not available online) Whistling like prime time Rodger Whittaker Paul-Ronney rides up to this One Ghost Town with a gentle acoustic ode to modern times.  With his fine penchant for melodramatic landscape painting tunes this is up there with his best. Its got that last town knackered pit pony stroll into town mood but lyrically it’s not pretty, but what it is – is spot on and succinct with what’s going on on the COVID- 19 strewn street we walk upon, some haters intent on taking the piss out of everyone and the man on the street, the little man needing a hand up but is used as a stepping stone instead and Angel has got it spot on with his observations.  My advice, Get it! Get it now Here


The Hawkins – ‘Hilow’ (The Sign Records) Well if it’s not the single cover of the year then COVID -19 has taken my brain, trashed it and replaced it with a never-ending loop of Matt Handcocks, Boris and Trumps best bullshits.  Something alluring and fascinating going on here as well as repulsing and terrifying.  It’s got the energy of punk and the power to rock the press release says the song is great for the early morning workout but one look at the artwork and you will run faster and further than Forest Gump just keep running kids. All you hipsters out there can save the streaming links here.




Young Planetary –  ‘Locations I Can’t Place’ (Hidden Home Records) You can pick up the EP Here it features six new songs and the final track is featured in the video below. for fans of taking back Sunday, its got a top slick production for sure and as we always love a great cause we had to get behind this one so dig deep if you can.

All proceeds from the new single will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Supersuckers – ‘Coattail rider’ (Acetate Records)  Eddie has kept himself busy during the lockdown and has released a few class digital bits here and there and now this Countrified bad boy YeHaw! If that’s not good enough how about a good time cowpunk ‘Mudhead’.  It’s a full band shindig and its a fuckin’ banger! There’s never an excuse needed to promote some Supersuckers and this is proof that the world needs bands like this and people like Eddie making music regardless of the genre be it solo acoustic or full tilt punk rockin’ or this hybrid cowpunk country stuff the guys a master and this is a masterclass. Pick up a copy here 




Muck & The Mires – ‘Take Me Back To Planet Earth’ (Rum Bar Records) Fuzzed out full gonzo garage rock complete with the splendid organ wheeze but this has got a whole lot of balls in the mix as the guitar solo will testify Brothers & Sisters.  This has got swing as well as the ability to shake your action pronto!

from the upcoming EP by Muck and the Mires on Rumbar Records . The release will feature six fresh tracks all written and recorded while the band has been off the road self-isolating. Muck and the Mires anxiously await their next visit to your hometown, but in the meantime, the band cordially invites you to join them on a video rocket trip through their hometown of Boston and into the far reaches of the galaxy. “Take Me Back To Planet Earth” EP will be available in the fall so prepare for lift off! Pick it up here kids