After 16 years of curb crawling around Europe’s worst dive bars, The Hip Priests continue their stumble to world domination by unleashing “Roden House Blues” – album number six if you’re counting on both hands – and it’s a banger !!!

The press release tells me “Roden House Blues” consists of 11 low-fat, lean and mean banging tunes, and is a must listen for any fan of high-octane garage punk’n’roll and it ain’t wrong. After a few blasts of this 30-minute brain boiler, I’m sold and let me tell you, it may just beat “Black Denim Blitz” to the top of The Hip Priest pile.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s take 11 steps back and I’ll take you on a pleasure (booze) cruise through “Roden House Blues”, blow my mutha fuckin’ blow….

“Trojan Horseshit” is first out of the traps in all its puntastic, blast beat glory and let me tell you it’s a full on, no holds barred, fist pumping, head banging chokehold of filth and fury.

Next up, “Inaction Rocks” takes us to more familiar Priests territory but it’s not a safe place to be. Anger is still the order of the day.

Instant classic “Shakin’ ain’t Fakin’“takes up third spot, with a hook you could catch sharks on. The Priests in all their poptastic glory – I love it, you’ll love it, and the world should love it too. Check out the video, share the link and give your friends (and enemies) a treat.

“Pissed on Power” has the unenviable task of sitting between “Shakin’….” and the albums other stratospheric masterpiece “Can’t abide with me” but here it stands middle finger in the air and what it lacks in sugar it makes up for in spite.

I seem the have already hyped the next tune, but lock down classic “Can’t abide with me” deserves all the praise and more. Voted the albums most likely tune to get your toe tapping and brain thinking, check out the video and deliberate no further; pre-order the bastard now!!!

I must admit that “Chasing Death” scrambled my head a little bit when I first heard it. Despite the slinky posh promo video, it took me until hearing it in context of “Roden House Blues’” ten other tunes to get my blood pumping. Check out the video and question my sanity.

The funky “space invader” intro to “Sell my Soul” may throw your brain one way but I’d have raised the bar even further and wrapped it up in a ton of brass. Cool tune in tough company.

“Just to get by” takes things in a slightly more Hellacopters direction, a nice break in the ferocity while keeping the bile level at maximum.

“Persistence is Futile” also lends from the book of ‘copters but blends it into a perfect Priests cocktail. Certainly, one of my top tunes, with the breathing space to give the dynamic duo of Oz and Ben room to display their magic guitar wankery.

Penultimate track “Tiger in my Tank” is pure priests. Everything you want or will ever need in one place for two and a half minutes. Top tune!

So here we are at the end of the show and “The Best Revenge” does what it says on the tin. An anti-manifesto, a middle finger salute, or whatever you want to call it – it’s the polish on the turd, and great way to say thank you, fuck you and goodbye!

“Roden House Blues” is unleashed on May the 5th so grab it on record, old school CD or via all child friendly streaming platforms, and as the press blurb politely advises “Play Loud or just don’t fuckin’ bother”.

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Author: Fraser Munro

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