Sheffield-based hard rockers Black Spiders are ready to catch us all in their biggest web yet. It’s a big sticky one called ‘Can’t Die, Won’t Die’, and it’s guaranteed to get the party swinging. (That’s enough spider references…or is it?).

If you’ve heard Black Spiders before then you know what to expect from this latest release and you won’t be disappointed. The band’s influences are obvious, and you can hear elements of them all here. Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Kiss, and even a touch of grunge creeps into the band’s sound. The band are very capable musicians and put in some stellar performances here. Good production values also make the album a (mostly) enjoyable listen.

The album kicks off with a lengthy intro before we are thrown headfirst into ‘Hot Wheels’, a mid-paced head nodder with an annoyingly catchy chorus. Next up ‘Driving My Rooster’ (fnarr fnarr) is a full-on barnstormer with some Lizzyesque twin guitar motifs.  ‘Destroyer’ is a shameless tribute to Kiss. Lead single ‘Alright, Alright, Alright’ (a nod to Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey’s famous catchphrase) is a fun romp with some chunky, stabbing riffage. ‘Traitor’s Walk’ is another straight-ahead rocker with more fine guitar work. The album does begin to trail off a little at this stage, ‘It Is What It Is’ drifts into generic hard rock territory. ‘Strange’ is another throw away track with no real hooks to speak of. The band do manage to pull it back with ‘Another Weekend’ which has a cool swaggering riff. ‘Make Me Bleed’ has an extremely catchy chorus and more chugging riffs.

The album closes with the oddly titled ‘A Rat Is a Rat’ and ‘End of The World’, both tracks are a bit dissapointing and just about get the band over the finish line. Black Spiders are hardly reinventing the wheel and ‘Can’t Die, Won’t Die’ certainly has its moments, and if you’re already a fan then you will enjoy what’s on offer here its a safe pair of hard rockin’ hands.

Black Spiders stay in their comfort zone and deliver what they always do – solid hard rock, Safe and sound and building to that killer record I know they have in them.

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Author: Kenny Kendrick