Of course its a loud glorious slab of punk n roll from Berlins finest. Wasting no time in getting on with the job at hand ‘Monsters Won’t Show’ is a rollicking good time with a good ole sing-a-long chorus and plenty of punch for an opener but it flys into ‘Useless Money People’ thats sharp as and right to the point Fuck em!

Lace up them creepers kids and get on the dance floor ‘The Cure’ is a hop, skip and a pogoing good time from the catchy hook and melody to the sanpaper raw riff that makes way for the solo and stabs as the band goes for it on a borrowed Clash Riff and some cool gang vocals. Album number four sees our heroes delivering the goods over their thirteen songs of punchy, tight, melodic punk n roll. they know what they’re good at and stick to their formula and over the albums thirty five minutes they knock out some pretty impressive tunes.

They even hand jive on the bouncy ‘420 o-rama’ and it has to be beer oclock becasue the party has started. They have settled into a rhythm and clearly know what it is they are good at and deliver time over strong melodies and cool riffage Berlin Blackouts are a great band and this is of the highest calibre in this genre. when they slow it down they smash the power pop Boys kinda vibe ‘I Go To Pieces’ is a fine example and delivers one of the albums high points. It may stand out more alongside the jitter riff of the Strummer like ‘My Name Is Stranger’ punching through my speakers its another quality tune and the duet works really well.

I think its the bands strongest bunch of songs so far and thats no mean feat considering how good their previous offerings were. Even though this one ends with a bizzare outro ‘420 Socialites’ its twelve of the best no doubt about it. If you haven’t let the Berlin Blackouts into your ears then this is a mighty fine place to start and work backwards. Excellent album, excellent band – Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley