Just Shy of 400 pages the follow-on book to ‘Salad Daze’ sees Wayne picks up his pen and writes his story from ’85 to ’90. A time when Rock bands who had hits and worked hard could reach the heady heights of playing at Wembley Arena and globe-trotting with all the trappings of success you know Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll and to be fair The Mission did all three in copious amounts it would seem. This isn’t a day-by-day or month-by-month diary entries but more in conversation with one of the finest frontmen of the time. Sure there is debauchery and boys together fun ‘n’ sun stories a plenty (why wouldn’t there be?) As part of one of the UK’s biggest Rock bands, Hussey was larger than life and was intent on living the dream to its fullest. However, amongst the larger-than-life stuff, you also find a man who is thoughtful, shy, caring, and humble and one who carries a sense of humor about who he is and where he is.

1985 to 1990, the time frame the book lives, The Mission had released the epic ‘God’s Own Medicine’, ‘Children’, and ‘Carved in Sand’. So it makes perfect sense that the time spent on the albums are laid out in vivid detail. Wayne is a colourful charachter and as he says himslef loumouthed, opinionated, arrogant, shameless, brazen Rock Star and to be fair credit where credit is due he bloodywell was. With the records being front and centre, you do get a real sense of pride in his and his bandmates work. Wayne was determined to enjoy the good times and deal with any bad that would come alongside. You do get the sense that the other side the shy, private (not that you’d think it) reflective side this is a man who appreciates with the power of hindsight everything his talent has afforded him. Prefacing the tome with the fact it might be a pack of made up wishfulthinking lies or the Gods Own Truth is everything and nothing and perhaps a little mischiefess or a riproaring giggle to the gentlemen in the band.

Wayne being the type of person who comits everything to a project or why bother also constructed a playlist to accompany the book all designed to enrich the reading experience of this here book (nice thoughtful guy) some bangers that indeed help to add a time and place to the story for the reader.

I did laugh out loud throughout the book at certain stories which all began at the descriptions in the prologue – Cast – Craig Adams – Lank, Manky Dark Hair, snub-nosed, skinny. and so it begins. I know some fans will then go and debate the fact that how dare Wayne call Craig he of Manky Dark Hair but it is what it is and I chose to laugh at his description of Lurch. He then goes on to explain himself as having a long Conk. and it begins in Leeds with a script of the two taking a bus ride it is neither romantic nor true probably even admitting to smoking Silk Cut has to be folly. but the anecdotes are amusing as are the tales however tall. It was a magical time to follow a band like the Mission let alone be in the band on the rise at a time when the decadence of excess was still full throttle.

The band had a close bond with the fans throughout their career maybe less so when they hit arena success but hey ho shit happens. Wayne does allude to that in the book and offers it up as one of his possible regrets. However, fans of the band and this particular period will have fond memories revisited of touring with U2 or the Cure recording with one of Led Zepplin, and hanging with the biggest stars in the business legitimately.

Throughout the book, you do get an insight into the man writing the book and a newfound fondness and respect for who he is – who he is. When writing a book his second as it goes and a third to follow bringing us up to date in Waynes World (there is a good title, no wait) he writes from the heart, and it’s like a chat over a few nights down the pub with a mate whos lived a little and that’s not something every book delivers. It’s weird I’ve interviewed Wayne and it was a highlight of doing what I do amongst all the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I still get a thrill watching them live now as I did pre ‘Gods Own Medicine’ so when Wayne alluded to the writing of these books I was excited and having read the first two I wasn’t disappointed at all, in fact, the opposite I have a greater respect for the man who wrote them and I found myself laughing out loud and shaking my head in disbelief in other parts but the overriding thought was doesn’t it make you sick with some of these people whatever they touch they make it look piss easy and are equally good at it be it writing music and performing or writing a book – fuckin show offs make me sick coming here with all that talent during their heady days when it would have been just as easy to bullshit and make believe instead of writing a bloody excellent book of a magical time, not many people get to experience and doing it so bloody well. Onto the most recent chapter in the trilogy, I can’t wait but I won’t say the final chapter because that would be a tragedy. Long live the Mission and long may Wayne continue to lead the band through the garden of delight in some very different times. A fantastic book for a fan of which I am, and a really enjoyable read that I couldn’t put down. Job done.

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Author: Dom Daley